Saturday, August 13, 2011

Compulsive Shopper Synonym

Today at work I had a customer who was telling me her story about how her husband is always complaining about her shopping habits and telling her she is a compulsive shopper.  So I told her "Girl you aren't a compulsive shopper---you are simply doing your part to stimulate the economy--you are doing what's right for America!"   LOL
So my synonym for the day .......
Compulsive shopper ~ Economy stimulator

Monday, August 8, 2011

Momma Sent Me Butterflies (My Latest Listing On Etsy)

Today I am sharing my latest listing on Etsy....these type of necklaces (although time consuming) are very easy to make :)

Handmade Statement Fairy One Of A Kind Necklace Momma Sent Me Butterflies

Flowers fairies and butterflies one of a kind handmade costume jewelry necklace from Spanky Luvs Vintage.

I made this statement necklace as a tribute to my mother... She passed away a little over a year ago but is still my biggest inspiration :)

I used a vintage hankie,vintage lace,vintage brooches,pins and baubles ,some handmade fabric flowers,and mixed in newer components. The bib piece is 8" long by 5" tall. I placed it on a recycled 18" gold tone vintage chain.


Momma Sent Me Butterflies

When momma died I cried and cried

I can not count the hours.

One nite

I dreamed of butterflies

Then soon

a fairy arrived

who said there

would be flowers.

She said that no one ever dies

If they touched your heart

so deep inside

that you never

forget the feeling


the laughter and the smiles

they gave you.


no one can ever take that away

in your heart it will always




is part of the healing.

I learned to smile again

in Spring

when my flowers started


and everytime

I saw butterflies

I knew my mom was


I can feel her

every now and then

her whisper and embrace.

I can not call her on the phone

or touch her lovely face.


I know she’s watching over me

and wants me to be free

from all the sadness that I feel

because she is not


here on Earth

with me.

And I know

the butterflies

and fairies

and flowers

are what she sent to me

in a dream one nite

so I could learn

how to begin


set the sorrow
Spanky Luvs Had A Dream ~2010


Thanks for looking!