Saturday, June 28, 2014

#Zibbet where free speech is allowed only if you obey the like mindedness

The Twitter anti-Zibbet blasts last night certainly got the Ceo's britches bunched.  And it ended up with yet another unethical petty little rant in the Community Hub with the Ceo publicly naming recently banished Community members and bashing talk trashing them in a manner that has been witnessed before.  Why not just talk privately in the little huddles over there about those outcast members?  We've known them to be quite accomplished at that talent. Well it is just a certain matter of inexperience and perhaps inability to handle a "Boss" position that keeps them doing these silly little boy things over and over.
Many who have been warning sellers to make sure you also go to Pay Pal and cancel your auto-renew have gotten the message out quite successfully.  Others have recently been suggesting that when you close your Zibbet shop you should first and foremost go back in and change all of your "personal" information that you have provided these two with.  (Banking info, credit card #,name, phone number, street address etc.)  Who knows what type of unethical things could happen if this information is in the hands of "certain business" people who do things like public name calling and member bashing? Someone who ran a Dinars to Dollars scam certainly could have learned his lesson and saw the light by now.  But leaving any type of personal information in the hands of one who has exhibited this type of behavior might at this point be a not so wise thing to do.
Gheez... is it any wonder some are calling the BoyZZZ at HackerLabs "Talkin' Smack-er Labs"?
And for those in the Hub who may have their eyes burning at this point because the conversation reeks of so much bull shit....might be comforted with being told
"Oh gosh don't worry that's simply a new fabulous scent that Forum Correctness Sheriff Sweet and Shitty N0. 666 is wearing!"
And speaking of Bully Boy....
those wondering about fertilizer and plants might do themselves a favor on taking the refresher course from Pastor Andy on how to "Grow Disciples"
yep Children of The Zibbet Hub/Zorn
seems like there's a new crop of plants that need more fertilizer in Zibbet Hub town.
And you're it Sheeples.
Word on the street....
run as fast as your little hooves will carry you darlin'.
But cancel your Pay Pal auto renew before you bust a moooooove. 
Or in this case bust a BaAaAaAaA 
(that's sheep speak for OuT-IE)

Friday, June 27, 2014

#Zibbet Double Standards #Pretty Shitty Twitty Committee #Zibbet Fail

Oh for goodness sake
Sheeples ...
try to back away from the herd for an instant and consider the hypocrisy of this latest #Zibbet FAIL.
Remember when Pastor Andy made all of the Twitter "Whoopsie" tweets when he had his account linked to "CEO of Zibbet"?
Well dayum cookie if everyone wasn't asked to overlook his erroneous ways and forgive and forget.
Some in cyberville have been claiming for awhile that they were banned from the Z Hub for their actions outside of Zibbet.  And the message they sent Davey today pretty much wraps up the verified confirmation on that one.

Sheeples Sheeples Sheeples......
step back away from the herd.
Give this one a real hard thunk a dunk dunk.
You just couldn't make this chit up even if you tried.
And yep....that's what I'd call a Pretty Shitty Twitty Committee.
Holy Hypocrites Batman!
could this chit get any worse??????
Well who knows just how bat shit crazy things in that Sheeple Cave can possibly get (wink wink)

edited to add...........are you really ZZZerious?????
Jono posted this
"FYI @everyone, we've unfortunately had to remove Carla and David from our community. You just have to look at their social media profiles to see that they are not here for anything but to make unhelpful, deceitful and antagonistic comments.

So Zibbet reconfirms that they are looking at members social media profiles?
How in the Hell yes hell....
does Zibbet now plan on getting new people who find Zibbet because they are unhappy with the venue they are currently on.....
(means WTF????????? in Zibbet speak :=)
Zibbet is removing people from Zibbet because of their so called "Social Media profiles"?????
Well consider me cornfuzzzzzzzzzzed
once again here dearest #Zibbet.........
how do you intend to get more sellers who find your venue because they have questions or are upset and thinking about leaving whatever venue they are on....
only to see here straight from the CEO SPEAK------
that they will promptly be removed...........
the minute they start asking any questions?
Let's play a game...

How else does Zibbet get new people?
Well goodness gracious...
it is surely because people are not happy with said venue they are on and might perhaps look to Twitter to find a sight like Zibbet that still is looking to relaunch into something bigger....
And then
LO and BEHOLD!!!!!!!!!!
the CEO's there will end up kicking you out of their venue for the same reason you found them in the 1st place........
Don't waste yer time with this one!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

What some people think about "loose" and howz that Gerbil in yer butt feeling today? #Zibbet

You know that certain story about the certain actor who had a gerbil stuck up his butt and had to go to the emergency room to have it removed?...........................
well that's the certain kind of  uncomfortable feeling 
I would "picture"some of those Z handmaidens must feel every time another Zibbet truth comes out or every time they lose another one of their faithful forum followers.
Uncomfortable  indeed!
I can't imagine any other reason they would continue to enforce the farce that is right there if one simply chooses to connect the dots.
Many many sellers who have left that venue worked so gosh darn hard promoting it and their fellow sellers at the time there.
With little to no success.
Now some of the statements they (heavenly Handmaidens) are making about how Zibbet is now a vital marketplace and that Etsy is dying and has already seen it's hey day  is laughable to say the least.
I would think any one who cares to follow the dots
 (without even trying to connect them )
would first look at the founder of Etsy and his original mission which was to truly create an independent seller maker market.
The Zibbet founders?  Well one might look at all of the links and see that they pretty much like to create start-ups with the hopes of selling them to investors. Yes it is a fact that  Etsy did see huge growth and changes once the venture capitalists came into play..... but most have come to the realization that Zibbet will probably never get interesting enough to capture the investor interest.
Bottom line
(#Agent Gerbil whisperers)

They (Zibbet) already blew the chances of that.
And it would take a miracle to ever get the huge influx of sellers or "believers" that already came saw and left .
there are no other venues to draw disgruntled sellers from....and your pool of leapers from Etsy has already dried up.
I guess that is the only thing that has really died at Etsy.
Any type of enthusiasm for Zibbet whatsoever.
(And there never was much in the 1st place)
And people in those forums who want to talk about "Oh we have new members signing up and are growing"  certainly don't want to talk about that Elephant in the Zibbet room...........Namely~~~~
All of the people who left the venue in droves after flooding the site last Fall.
Why did they leave?
They were not selling enough to compensate for all of the time they were wasting there.
And of course there were those who did not want C-3 ties to their business.
And those who promptly left after they witnessed just how professional those in charge were when it came to handling any type of influx of sellers.
And those who finally simply heard enough excuses and back peddling.
Of course there are also those who had quite easily connected some of the dots and woke up one day and realized that it doesn't matter what may (or may not)  happen over there now.....
they have already seen enough of Zibbet past that they have no desire to be any part of whatever the future may bring.
Yes... there are still Some who think it may still actually happen one day .
(A true Zibbet Revival )
Baby steps.  Little Baby gerbil steps and all.
So I guess one of the questions for today would be
Would you rather ("quote" from another seller)
"loose your banner"?
or "quote" (from me mahself and moi......)
"Would you rather act like you had an uncomfortable gerbil running loose inside yer butt and you didn't quite know what your next slim shady sideways shift will be?"
Cheers to correct shifts and balances :=)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hey there Zibbet flashers....let's talk about views for one sec okay? LOL

I dunno
I'm old school and realistic at the same time.
I just wanted to share one thing about "views" that some of them Zibbet handmaidens are doing.
Posting and think the "thousands" views are so super special kind of thang/dealio/specialio
Now beans when sellers are helping and promoting like minded sellers.
Nothing wrong about that.
Promote the heck out of all get out and get er done.
But for some like me who have no clue about views and why so many views might not equate into sales of your items or make more followers on whatever site in question.......
I am offering up this own personal link here as an example of why some peeps out there should not get over excited about whatever "views" they think might bring them more sales.....
notice my Google+ link below....
notice how it says that I have 15 followers
but at the same time says that I have one million four hundred thousand plus views?
and from what I have seen...My Google views when compared to your Zibbet "bot" views.........
well..let's just say.........
mine seem to be more "REAL"
Food for #zibbetflash thought peeps
food for thought izzzz allzz I am saying :=)

15 followers|1,434,155 views

Dearest Zibbet handmaidens Andy's plants have seemingly sprouted and a bit more about some truly #badhumans

Yep yes sir ree...the Zibbet Circus snake oil Handmaiden side show  subject has about lost it's relevance.
But today I still find it quite interesting when original hidey hole members at Zibbet get cast away from the fold and start speaking their minds and true feelings about their overall Zibbet experience.
I mean... I still realize that for some of them thar die hard handmaidens....a SCANDAL occurs every time they even sense a bit of a whiff of wind underneath their skirts.
What I still to this very day fail to understand or even comprehend is why why why...must they make up chit and call others "bad" people/humans etc. etc. and make up lies about what has been going on for quite some time.??????
First and foremost.......
new people (if there are actually still any new Zibbeters who may be reading this today).............
come on let's face it.......
Zibbet has seemingly relied on collecting disgruntled sellers from other venues in hopes that they will eventually pay $ to become a premium seller on the Zibbet site. But the hard and sad fact today is that.............
Etsy seems to be the game in town where sellers can still actually sell some things......
and the talk about Zibbet in those forums is not at all very favorable. 
Bottom line....
not much hope of them ever getting any type of momentum like they had last Fall and essentially BLEW IT.
Been there did that.....
went on their vacation retreat
stuck a few " post its" up on the wall
and blew it.
Of course Jonos' past connection to Dinars to Dollars and Andys' connections with how to build C3 "plants" didn't actually help matters much.
But today.....
the perplexing thing to me is this...........
why do those who once were so called "friends" and so called "So welcoming" still continue to make up and create all of those lies about former members who flounced or were bounced?
A friend of mine made the statement that it has been quite a side show on seeing how the "most recently appointed"  handmaidens have stepped up into those forums and evolved into something we never thought they could have been.
Laughable to say the least.
I recently saw this post about one asking about a horror movie from the past and to me...there seem to be quite a few Zibbet correlations  here LOL!

Old horror movie where people are turned into monsters by machine

by Drenus
(Czech Republic)

I was very young when I saw this movie (late 90s). It was during a bus ride on a school trip (I do not know why did they show such thing to children like me anyway). I do not remember the movie name and it has been bugging me since that time.

I remember only few things:

1) There was a machine operating at night with something like a huge arm that was sucking in curious people around it (and then they were mashed up into pieces and throwed away from the machine - but I am not sure about this part` maybe it is from another movie or I just made it up somehow)

2) I am 100 % sure that this part was in the movie. There was an evil guy (probably in black?) that used his device that looked like a big chair (with some kind of a helmet) to transform people into monsters (with a dinosaur-like head or something like that) using electric discharges.

The monsters obeyed the evil guy.

3) I remember escaping a group of people (4 to 6) through tunnels using a pad or something that could ride very quickly. They were hunted by the monsters on another pad.

I think that they were jumping from one end of the tunnel to another where were icicles or stalactites at the opening.

One man from the group put a spanner during the ride on the pad in a hole in the tunnel to stop the monsters behind them.

Okay..... so from the above "post" that to me could really be a Zibbet difference story LOL!  anywhoo...the part where it said
The monsters obeyed the evil guy.
This to me is what I think about when I think of the remaining Zibbet Handmaidens.
ToTaLLy Fo Shizzle!
(and can I get an Amen!) ?
All I can say about this today....
is come on those of you in the Zibbet hubs still spreading the lies and denies............
you don't have to be the monsters that others are thinking you are now acting like.
For example...
simply calling someone a "Bad Human"
does not lift you out of the Monster Pool.
Consider that for a second and by the way.....
that wind under your handmaiden skirt might perhaps simply be a brain fart......
but no worries.....
the cure for Zibberts brain farts from what I have seen lately is evidently drinking some more of that tasty Kool-Aide  LOL!
carry on dear maidens........
carry on.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Reflections on a few issues regarding Zibbet because I used to care that much

So a friend of mine posted a link to a blog post that was just shared on Twitter from way back in February that I had missed and honestly would have never cared to look but what I find quite interesting today is that this Zibbeter has gone rather quiet about supporting Zibbet these days...and seems to be busier back at Etsy and on her own website.
And this is the thing
I understand.... I know that I myself used to be such a full blown Zibbet cheerleader.
Hard core and all in back then....perhaps 
Handmaiden? Never.
(key word N-e-v-e-r :D)
So recently on eBay when another Zibbet deflector and I were having conversations she very nicely reminded me that " were once a Zibbet cheerleader yourself."
Okay so that kind of put it all into perspective LOL!
The link to this blog post in February had some points that I am pretty certain those still supporting Zibbet may feel...
these are a few excerpts.....
What I do have issue with is people trying to drag my business down because they are unhappy with the venue. This kind of behavior is very unprofessional. I would not buy from someone who was constantly doing this.
What I have issue with is name calling on Twitter saying that because I sell on Zibbet that I’m a member of a cult.
What I have issue with is complaining that the website rebuild was not delivered ‘as promised’.
Something apparently happened in the Zibbet forums recently and people were booted. I’m not sure what the deal was but there are certain people who can’t seem to let it go. I’ve seen post after post on Twitter about it. Very mysterious posts without much detail because -you know 144 characters. I’ve never felt like asking because I don’t really care that much. 
Okay.... so I thought it might be a good idea at this point to answer to some of these thoughts...
the above blogger said
I would not buy from someone who was constantly doing this.
well news flash....
if people were buying from Zibbet sellers there wouldn't be so many frustrated people right now who wasted so much time there... I flash....dear obviously didn't buy from them before they got discontented with the venue so I hardly would think they give a care that you also would not buy from them now. 
The second topic....
that because I sell on Zibbet that I’m a member of a cult.
this is a pretty C3 centralized touchy subject. I understand that.
Many many sellers don't give a care if the Ceo's worship midgets wearing tutu's whilst prancing around in front of an alter.  Seriously....that was never the issue even though Andy made a huge mistake linking his twitter account to his personal tweets and we all know how that went down.  (Down being the operative word here) yep.  The problem with this whole situation for any out there who might be questioning this still is that Andy himself went on those Zibbet forums and actually stated that they would be watching what others were saying outside of Zibbet.  And then members started getting axed from the hub not for anything they had ever done on Zibbet but it seemed the only other reason was because of what they said or who they were suspected of being friends with on other social media.
So to make this more clear.  Here's an example.  I don't personally know Chad at Etsy.  I have never had a conversation with him. But the Ceo's at Zibbet made it all personal.  So it does make one talk more about their personal lives.  Heck....Andy even went in and announced the newborn on the thread where there was disappointment about sales or something. So if Andy wants to talk about personal stuff....then guess what?  OOpsie.....the personal door has been opened...and the last time I looked this is not a one way street.  Key phrase "not a one way street".
Why one earth would any seller trying to sell something say AnYtHiNg like----
What I have issue with is complaining that the website rebuild was not delivered ‘as promised’.
to me this would be a no-brainer.....if peeps feel they have been frauded or snookered.....or hustled or whatever......
of course they are gonna talk about it if the customer service at Zibbet has not taken it upon themselves to try and resolve whatever complaints they may have.
Businesses anywhere first and foremost do everything they can to take care of customer complaints.
That's how businesses tend to thrive out here in the real world.
Key word "thrive".
And last but certainly not least..the above blogger said this

Something apparently happened in the Zibbet forums recently and people were booted. I’m not sure what the deal was but there are certain people who can’t seem to let it go. I’ve seen post after post on Twitter about it. Very mysterious posts without much detail because -you know 144 characters. I’ve never felt like asking because I don’t really care that much. 

Okay.... I have said it a kazillion times....everyone makes mistakes.
But why can't certain people let it go?  Well..... my guess is that they simply feel like they were TOTALLY hosed.
Bottom line HOSED.
(And in recent light of certain closed-forum name calling a new Zibbet hashtag on Twitter could indeed be
 #badhumanhosed :D )
And when the blogger said
. I’ve never felt like asking because I don’t really care that much. 
Here's what most people might think upon reading your post....
gee obviously cared enough to write a dadgum blog post about said topic right?
And guess what else?  You might care a little bit more if you knew that what is said to have happened had actually happened to you.
I know that I use this example quite often simply because I think it is one that will make people think about their NON actions.
You know what happens when no one cares until it starts happening to them?
Well jeeps.....
the death camps at Auschwitz..for starters.
And for those still out there thinking OhmahGAWD.....
why won't these people just stop it?
more people are waking up
more people are really looking into the truth provided.
and more people are leaving the venue in droves.
Key phrase "droves"
And yep.... that dinars to dollahs and the C-3 hollahs and they way these boyzzz roll when you start asking the wrong questions might indeed have something to do about it.
And one last thing....
any of ya'll Zibbet flashing still there who keep thinking about how many views you are getting but oh or few sales????????.............
you might want to check into the deal about "Bot" views.
Keep yer eyes peeled and your heart real.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Have you hugged yer bad humanity today? #Zibbet #Zibbet ram rods #Zibbet false prophets

Well here goes another one of those "You just couldn't make this chit up even if you tried" # Zibbet. 
Once they "locked" those forums down it was pretty certain that more lies and supposed's were going to start taking place but the boldness of the statements being made are quite absurd even when you realize they are coming from Zibbet-ville. 
Here's the thing.  People are not perfect. Shitty things happen and you deal with them or don't deal with them or forgive people or get forgiven but the bottom line is that life is not perfect nor will it ever be.  People make mistakes and some people learn from them. Others just keep making them and blaming everyone else for things that could have turned out differently if they themselves had handled themselves or the situation better. And others tend to start rumors and lies in order to make excuses about what is happening.
One person in the Zibbet forums has recently made a statement regarding "Bad humans" and went on to make some sort of bull chit analysis about them wanting to hurt everyone and she found it frightening.

this is a bit of what she said....
Imagine if you worked in an office with someone like this and they were fired for their behavior. If you knew they were spending so much time of their daily lives blaming others, stalking, trashing others, plotting ways to cause damage and dwelling on the past. They eventually want to hurt everyone and anyone that even worked at the same place. That is the very type whom you would be concerned would come back into the building to hurt others. It is the very same personality. It is sad and it is also frightening. 

so according to her.....people who question the actions/non actions at Zibbet are suddenly being equated to Mass Murderers? Wow.....just wow!

Well let me tell you what I find frightening....(and I found it frightening when I was a member of the Zibbet Community).  The frightening thing to me is that people making statements like the one above do have a certain amount of education.  And to me it is down right scary that they could make such stupid accusations and false assumptions and then spread it around.  Now granted...there are not very many people left in those threads conversing with one another....
But for that certain Zibbeter to make the blanket statement that those questioning the actions/non-actions of the Zibbet head honchos somehow makes them all "bad humans"... is far more egregious than anything I have read on those Twitter #Zibbet feeds.  And people (like the one calling others "Bad Humans").. who spread those kinds of lies and assumptions to me are the ones who will be standing first in line at the gates of Hell when reckoning day rolls around. (You know that place where "Bad humans" are supposed to end up?)  :=)
Here's the thing that happens when bad rumors get started and then other people start repeating them or are afraid to speak up about it.
One rather extreme example of this is that Hitler said the Jews were bad humans. Hitler said that all Germany’s problems had been caused by the Jews. Many people believed him. And we all know how this one turned out when he used them for a scapegoat . 

And those left in the Zibbet Hub should do themselves a big favor and realize that they are not helping their businesses in any way shape or form by acting this way. (Spreading false rumors in vain attempts to justify the wrongdoings of the CEO's.)
Who knows?  Maybe the one talking about "bad humans" fell into a huge vat of Kool-Aide and hasn't been able to come up for air in order to supply a better amount of oxygen to her brain.  #someone certainly isn't thinking very clearly.

Peace ya'll... and no worries.... I believe there is a place in everyone's heart for "bad humans".  I am just losing patience with some of those handmaiden humans who think that wearing a grand poohbah hat and trying to ram rod the Zibbet Hub is their biggest calling in life.  (Oh and I guess they get a pat on the head every now and then from A and J and it makes it all worthwhile)  hee-hee

Saturday, June 14, 2014

#Zibbet Money makers and hackerlabs and buy your premium before it costs you mo money

Well apparently Zibbet Ceo Andrew Gray is busy hawking his money mastery advice

while Zibbet Ceo Jon Peacock has a fridge full of beer and is in hacker heaven whilst being a busy hustler at

you can see the so called "new" Zibbet swan logo on the chalkboard in the above hackerlab link as well as what appears to be an aborigine at the bottom of the board doing something upside down. (Which I guess gives a whole new meaning to "down under") Whatever is going on it is apparent that Jon is renting desk space at hacker labs for $400 a month.

In the meantime the Zibbet newsletters still keep encouraging you to jump in on that premium seller membership deal before it gets even higher and the logic they are parlaying is that it will save you some money.

At this point one might be wise not to spend any more of their hard earned money or time.  At least not until these guys roll out that rebuild and the main thing......
one has to keep in mind is that even if the new Zibbet venue turns out to be the prettiest thing since lipstick on a pig....
the venue still needs traffic and people are just not going to magically land on Zibbet if they do not know it exists.
Wouldn't it be nice if Jon and Andy spent some time promoting the venue in order to help their members sell something instead of promoting the selling of premium seller shops?

I have said many times before that if you have a built in market of can take them to a venue like Zibbet and save yourself some final value and listing fees in the long run.
But new sellers or few things sold sellers should in my opinion certainly think twice before spending any money before seeing what the Z boys have in store after all of the promises they have made.
It is indeed time for them to get this thing on blast.
One of their developers posted in a resume that the new rebuild was going to launch in early June.  It says right here that they renovated 
10,000 stores.
Wow....are there really that many active sellers on Zibbet now?
This must really be exciting for all of those 10,000 sellers there waiting for the earliest June possible :)

I'd have to say that I have always been quite fond of pistachios but last time I looked.....early June has come and gone and this whole thing seems to be getting more nutzzzzz as the years go by...but hey maybe Andy is gonna put out a new video soon on how to shake that money maker mo money mo money do the hustle.
step right up folks....don't ask up them thar pocket books and hand it over before the price gets even higher already okay. hee-hee.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Chloe knows a thing or 2 about relating and relationships

So I tease the hub a bunch.... we do things differently and often that is what makes us a wonderful combination.
Sometimes I tease him/get frustrated with him/ call him OCD yada yada.
One for instance....
loading the dishwasher.... he will drop in and turn all the silverware upright.... I just load it as it lands....lucky if they hit the slot the first time I aim kind of deal.....
but nope..... the hubster will jump in there and rearrange the entire dishwasher telling me what I am doing wrong and why it needs to be loaded "His way".
Sometimes I call him "Sargent  Stadanko"
Most of the time.... I just let him do it.  If it means that much to him if it is that important... go for it....make it however wonderful that you need it to be.
I think I am one who looks at the overall picture and he is one who concentrates on the small view in the overview and wants all of the details to be "right".
And honestly.... we don't argue that much or never really have.
But if I am gonna be honest here.... I will say that after having the small strokes....
I seem to take more offense with him "telling" me or "correcting" the things that I do and acting like I am not doing things right.....
I will say that most often I know that... I try to let the small things slide...........
because I normally am one to often not notice what is right in front of my face LOL.... I guess I am too busy looking at the sky maybe 
so long story (Rhonda Ramble) short.....
I just wanted to share a little relationship advice that my 3 year old grand baby taught me today.
I often say that if we as adults would just sit back and listen to the knowledge from our wee ones....
life could indeed be so much simpler.
So here's Chloe and her sis Lexie 
a few weeks ago when they spent the
night having some ice cream 
sittin' on the front porch

and then they were picking 
some flowers for Gamma

Finally got around to loading the pics on my camera and had to share those even if they are from a few weeks ago....anywhooo today.... Chloe awoke after spending the night and we were getting ready to go to Chuck E Cheese and also were going to stop at the antique mall before hand.
Needless to say.... hubby and I got in a rittle spat and Chloe with all of her 3 year old wisdom.....shook her little finger at us and said....

"Now need to know here that you are both the boss!"

she also followed hubby into the living room and told him

"Seriously you really need to calm down here"

and we weren't even really fighting... she had just never seen us having any type of arguments before and when she told Papa that he seriously needed to calm down

 I was busting up laughing
and the rest of my day was one
of the best days of my life so far.

A 3 year old kid had to once again teach me that life is 
so dad-gum simple
it really 
really is.
A dear friend of mine told me that Chloe has a great future as a Marriage counselor.
here's a few pics of our Chucky trip down memory lane today :)

Just remember

you are both the boss...................

sage advice
thank you Chloe Girl.
Gamma smiles..............