Thursday, October 31, 2013

Got Issues?

Issues Spoon necklace kitsch colorful one of a kind recycle

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Do you have issues? Do you know someone who has issues? In that case you might enjoy this "HAZZZ ISSUES" one of a kind fun necklace.
I used new and vintage findings including an old spoon and an old carved bone charm.
The little glass flowers were purchased here on Zibbet from the lovely Becca @
I placed it all on a vintage 26" silver tone chain.
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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Kolbe Hood Billingtons' family Baby Shower....awesome day!

Today was a wonderful Sunday for me.  What a wonderful journey it always becomes when a new baby is expected to carry on the family namesake...
here is a pic from today's festivities... and I look at momma "Barb" here and have many fond memories from back in the day when she was a young 16 year old "going steady" with my baby bro.  She still looks so beautiful today.... and this pic just made me smile even more and I think really radiates how happy and excited we all are to see and hold our little "Kolbe Bear" for the first time!
I know first hand at the wonderful job that Heather has done in offering a "mothering hand" to her younger siblings and family members.... and I have told her for so many years that I can not wait to see her become a Momma....
and that time is just around the corner.....
whoo hoo!
here's a couple of pics of a couple of things I recently recycled and made for Heather and gave her today....

and another gift I gave her today was a gift card from Etsy for her nautical bedding theme.  She found it on Etsy and has been decorating Kolbe's baby room around this quilt from an Etsy Artisan.   I was happy to be able to gift her something that is truly hand made from the Etsy venue.
I can also say that I also have huge hopes that some day soon --- Zibbet with the rebuild will also have the "gift card" capabilities as well :)..perhaps the next baby in our continually growing family will someday have a "blankie" purchased with a "gift card" from the Zibbet hand made venue :)
Hope ya'll had a great weekend!
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Saturday, October 26, 2013

I Got The Maker Made Blues.... a.k.a. Makermade Shade shock

The Maker made blues..... (Sung to the tune of "Honky Tonk Blues"..... Hank hands in the air hollah! )

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Can a new Small time Etsy Seller now have a chance in this new "handmade" world of collectives

The thing is.... I think we can all talk about this deal until we are blue in the face.....
but bottom line to me....
this is what is to me gives me a case of the sadszzzsss...
yes  indeedy.
All I can figure is that once the floodgates are opened to allow all of this so called "handmade collective designing and manufacturing"....
to me what eventually happens is this....
the small handmade talented artisans who once upon a time were indeed able to start out on Etsy and sell their wares and then branch out and outgrow the site......
seems like to me that these days....
newbies are gonna have to go in hard and strong  to have a chance at competing and making a living and if small from the get-go..I think they will never for a nano second ever have a reasonably transparent chance to ever quit their day jobs. Someday......
I tend to think that if you keep the competition on an even level where the underdog truly does have a chance to beat the odds.... they in fact will rise to the top time after time.
But it seems to me at least that a situation like this.... only promotes and supports the already bigguns..... and has nothing at all to do with trying to "help" those who want to some day branch out to the next level.
Because I would just be willing to bet that if you now start as a small hand made seller at the bottom of the Etsy feed chain ... you are just gonna be feeding the ones at the top. (If you purchase something from them whilst you are there trying to sell something)
I really hope I am wrong about this.
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eBay Etsy Amazon what comes around goes around big wheels keep on turning

So eBay is now promoting  their own new "Collections Followers and Seller Profiles".  Strange that they are getting back to a more personal intervention between buyers and sellers.  First they wanted to make like Amazon..... then Etsy seems to make like some eBay kind of emulations.... and peeps like  Ms. Fakes' made comments which seem to be Etsy denials that they are trying to be anything like eBay ......
then Oct 21st Holy Moley guacamole..... eBay sends out the announcements about the more user friendly "Collections Followers and Seller Profiles" roll-out. Is eBay trying to take some of the things that made Etsy more popular and use them to eBays'  advantage? ..... or is this just a taste of things to come from both venues... where the more they change the more alike they seem to be.
Seems like the big wheels will indeed keep on turning and sometimes indeed.... what comes around goes around. 
Very interesting to see how this all plays out.  Very interesting indeed.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

About Low Views and Sales and Yada Yada handmade kind of ramblings

just want to give some of ya'll a heads up here...
now I am one who does tend to believe in a few conspiracy theories... LOL!
All'z I am saying here...
is just a word of advice....
to those of ya'll hand makers who are out there depending on every cent and dollar you sell on line to bring extra food and clothes into your household.
Myself... (I have never had to depend on my online sales and this is why I am never afraid to speak up and say whatever I think in the forums that we all sell on....regardless of whether I am right or wrong.... my livelihood does not depend on the online forums that I sell on)
I have recently on one venue found that my views have considerably tanked at the same time frame that I have made some statements against the same said venue.
And Yes...Now... I really believe that my saying these things have indeed had a direct impact on my "views" and relevancy on that site...
and I guess that at the same time I am always here telling people to not be afraid to say what they feel and to stand up for what they believe in....
I can say now that I would caution those on that venue who do depend on that venue to pay their bills...
do not say any thing in the forums or on-line about them that they might deem is "against them".
I think you might get spanked and further tanked in them thar search engines there.
That's allzz I am saying.
Be careful if you depend on that venue.
And if you don't...
carry on!
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Disney Items On Etsy I'm going to Disneyland and am gonna skip the visit to their copyright office :)

Just wanted to post this as a test of how many of these "copyrighted" Disney items are now on Etsy... and how many more of them are going to show up after the new "handmade factory stuff" rolls into effect....

right now this is what I found

disney 127,644 items

now... I could be wrong... but as far as I know.... a person selling something vintage related to Disney might be okay as far as copyright is concerned.... but handmade and the rest might very well be violating the "copyright" deal