Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy trails Vintage Plastic Horse Brooch


My Ode to the Pinterest Pest

So I made this E-card today for a certain person who doesn't like my pins but for some reason she thinks I value her opinion and tastes :)
And guess what....I'm not following her either so there NannyNanny NAH NAH hee-hee.... 
Funny Confession Ecard: That moment on Pinterest when someone says 'I'm not following your board'...and you say 'Who cares BEOTCHHH?!!.. No one died and made you the Pinterest PRINCESS!'

Someone ELSE can not see the stripes ? BUT Why do I ALWAYS see the stars and the Stripes???

Okay....I hope someone will chime in here and tell me.....did I really "fail" by posting this "stars and stripes" item on the Zibbet Picks stripes board?  (And I myself love all of the items that Karen from her shop in this link and all of the shops she has had since I first met her has to offer..this gal has some awesome items...(and my first reaction to this comment was that it pi$$ed me off that someone else was calling out an item that I had supposedly "failed" at pinning because Karen called it "stripes" in the description) and I supposedly wasn't discerning  enough in my quest for the striped thangs....Someone there called me a "fail" for doing so and I just wanted to share the conversation....not sure why this drama was created over this absolutely in my opinion FAB item on Zibbet.....but this was the crabfestnest that I somehow got into tonight for simply volunteering my time doing what I know is a good thing LOL...and please...can anyone chime in I the only one who sees stripes here??
Also...should I just shut my mouth and ignore people in a situation like this?   I really would appreciate any opinions on this matter....Zibbet has such a positive vibe and I hate to bring any negativity to that! ....I guess what gets me is that by doing something that I thought was good ....for some reason someone thought it was "bad"? And acts like I am on some huge payroll and should only pin things that agree with their all knowing perception of art crafts and creations???

Set of 3 Handkerchief Squares In Eco Friendly Denim Stars and Stripes #ThreeFrenchHens
5 comments 1 repin
Profile picture of Ketutar J. Ketutar J. I'm sorry, but... I can't see any stripes. I love stripes. But I want my stripes to be stripes. Have a little more discernment, please. This is supposed to be a showcase for striped items at Zibbet, not items labeled with "stripe".
Profile picture of spankyluvsvintage spankyluvsvintage @Ketutar J.uhm...I'm sorry as well that you do not see any stripes..but I guess people indeed see things differently? When I look at this I see stripes going horizontally and I also stripes going a lot of people would look at this and just see checks.....maybe? But I myself look at it and think I see what the artist may have seen when creating this print...a series of many stripes that later some might only see as checks..but in fact they were merely stripes when they were first placed upon the canvas...and that is simply how I see it....and not how it was labeled....sorry if you do not see it that way...but we all look at the world with different eyes....but I see stars and stripes here...LOL!
Profile picture of Ketutar J. Ketutar J. I see. So - by that logic I could be pinning a picture of a dog on a board of cats, because I see cats as four legged, mammals, furry and pets, and dogs are that too, so basically dogs are cats, except that some people might find the definition a bit too wide, but they are just being... what? Narrow-minded? And I could be pinning green items with one orange dot in "Orange" board, because - hey, there IS orange in the item! In my mind you have an agreement with Zibbet and your audience to pin truly striped items, and not anything that MIGHT with good imagination and very free interpretation to be considered as "striped", and you fail. I find it peculiar that you seem to find that amusing. - I love stripes. I hate squares, checkered and plaid. I am aware that you get the latter by having stripes "horizontally and vertically" in the same space, but that makes the whole difference. Star is not a triangle, even though it consist of triangles.
Profile picture of spankyluvsvintage spankyluvsvintage As I said we all see things differently and if you think I fail then are more than welcome to create your own stripe board as you see it here for Zibbet...which is simply a volunteer deal by the way because we at Zibbet think there are so many awesome finds here on the sight..there is no agreement other than to volunteer to pin items from Zibbeters to share here....and do you have a problem with the entire board of selections that I have chosen here or is it just particular drama over this one pin where you see check and I see stripes but now it is that you think it is also that someone might be pinning dogs as cats and also are color blinded in the orange category? Sorry If I somehow unknowingly pissed in your Cheerios here ..uhmmm I see piss as yellow (mine) but others might view as brown or even sometimes they might think it has a greener tint....but that has nothing to do with whatever your problem with me is here.:) go follow some more people besides me LOL
Profile picture of spankyluvsvintage spankyluvsvintage and as one last comment to you here..if by your logic you see dogs as cats.....then that is just how you see it :)...If I see stripes that you see as checks...then that is your opinion and my opinion and we are both entitled to them...if you say I failed then okay...whatever....your opinion matters somewhere....just not to me :) And Zibbet is a very positive place and I am sorry that we did not have a sing around the campfire experience here :) Can't wait for the 4th of July LOL! Whoo hooo!!!

I guess all that I can say is that here is one example that I can think of since she was talking about 4 legged animals.....hmmmm...if I call a turd a "piece of chit"....but you call it "something not to step on" we walk away and avoid it and act like it isn't there or do we talk to the turds and tell them what we think?
Help me out here LOL! 
as a post dated post on 07-01-2011---I see she has just joined the Zibbet community and I have no probs with anyone welcoming her

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ice cream Cones Are Way Better Than Sippy Cups

My little story for today is one that still makes me smile.....
On Daddy's Day....we went to Sizzler's....and hubby and I let Kev pick where he wanted to go (and I like the salad bar there and was glad he chose that destination)....I don't know if Sizzlers is nationwide or not but they have some pretty decent steak seafood and salad bar meals and the dining is casual......simply a....
shoes and shirt required kinda deal LOL!
So we had a nice meal....and Lexie was really really good.....(for the most part) and cracked me up as usual with her comments.....
so she already had a bowl of ice cream and strawberries that hubby had gotten for her after he was done eating ....
me---- I am slow-mo these days.....and I finish my meal and get up to go get a little after dinner dessert...and Lexie says..."Can you bring me another surprise?"......
So I go to the ice cream machine and grab a couple of cones and put some chocolate pudding in the bottom...I toss in a few chopped nuts...I add a dollop of whipped cream and top it off with some vanilla ice cream....and I also get a bit of vanilla ice cream in a bowl for myself lol!....
I head back to the table and give the first cone to Lexie...and she starts crunching....
I give the other one to Chloe....and she kind of looks at it....and isn't quite sure what to do with it.....Momma Sarah tells her it is food not something to play with....cuz she is just kind of "fondling" the cone and spinning it around and around in her hands...and finally...Chloe takes a "lick"......
and I am telling you...watching her devour...that cone was the high-light of my day...and it still makes me smile......she fondled that cone so lovingly....(after she knew what kind of "goodness" was inside of that thang.......LOL!)
And after we left the restaurant...we went outside to a water fountain and I noticed she was still "munching" on was the "nuts" that I had sprinkled on top of the pudding in the bottom of the cone LOL!
She knows now that ice cream cones are way better than sippy cups...... and it was such a joy to see her finding out how wonderful something as simple as an ice cream cone really is :)......
I don't remember my first ice-cream cone experience..but I think it must have been a good one LOL.....
Here's a pic that Sarah took of Chloe enjoying her first one that I made for her.....
And here is a random pic that sarah captured of Lexie enjoying the sprinklers recently :)
I think if I had one would be simply that we all could remember how life's simple pleasures bring us the greatest happiness when we are young..and myself included....when I am having a bad day...if I could only focus on ice cream cones and sprinklers and all of the smiles that those two simple things in my life have brought me..........
I think that nothing else should really matter when bad things are happening except to know that you also have so many good things to cling to :)
Sometimes I laugh too much....I am the woo-hoo silly one......but I am so happy that I have things like this to make me smile and laugh and hollah the "Whoo Hooo Hollahs" :)
Thank you life.....
I guess that is all that I have to say in this little story today.....

Friday, June 15, 2012

Distinctive Modern Art Original Paintings by Yogi Gray

White Flower Tree Painting Textured Original Painting on Canvas 16x20 Modern Contemporary Wall Art Painting Home Decor:)
Wanted to share this fabulous painting I purchased from a wonderful artisan Yogi Gray ...she is super multi-talented and I always smile when I see her art work!

She also surprised me with a cute charm necklace and she sells these and other neat pieces in her shop at
 Thanks again Yogi!  Spanky luvs ya!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Few of My thoughts on Comparing a Hobby To a Real Business a simple definition about a is one copied from Wikipedia
 "A hobby is a regular activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure, typically done during one's leisure time."

So yes I certainly agree that a hobbyist is indeed someone who does something mostly for pleasure....
but let's take this a step about people who SIMPLY say they are "serious" about business or simply for some unknown or unproven  reason they think that they are real business peeps???....compared to people who really  are serious about business??? LOL!
There is no way whatsoever to compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges on this one.
And here is only one example from this very huge equation from what I know is a fact very  very often with people that I know-----(in my own experience)......and I have been a part of retail sales and self employed business people for about 35 years now......but every situation is indeed different LOL! :)
In my family and large tent of acquaintances...
...I have a huge mix of "well moneyed" amongst those currently  "seeking money to pay their next bill"! Everyone I know indeed has a different situation and no one can really compare themselves to the other even in my own small circle of friends and acquaintances..
but in all of my years of business...and people who call themselves "business persons " etc.etc.-----
the biggest joke amongst those that I know 
are between the "well-moneyed" hubbies..who have wives who don't have to work at a real job...
Instead they basically spend their time getting bolt-ons, lipo,injections,shopping....yada-yada....and then oooops....what happens after so many things they buy themselves or do for themselves are no longer giving them any satisfaction ???? guessed it---hee-heee...jeepers creepers they get "bored" with all of their former "hobbies" and suddenly now have a need to so called "find themselves" and OF COURSE  their hubbies or partners simply humor them (if they have $) .....and go along with their "little" thoughts of "Oh gee...I am a business person now" LOL..When in fact..they are either losing money in the "serious business" they say they are running....or have never ever had to pay a bill in their life from any of the "profits" from the "serious business" they let themselves think they are running.
I myself call them "Barbie business wanna-beees"...
and it is pretty funny amongst the crowd I am associated with.....that these gals think they are running a serious business...when in fact the entire sales (not profits LOL)....from their entire time in business would not even cover one of the handbags or pair of shoes that their hubby provides them with :).....  But hubby and family humors them and lets them "think" they are running an actual business LOL
But hey every situation is indeed different.....
I just wish that those who try to judge others and try to put themselves on a higher pedestal because they simply call themselves "business" people...... and try to say they are different from so called "hobbyists" for example..simply because they call themselves "real business people" ?????
Hmnnnz  WTH is up with that is all I can say.....
because too many of these type of so called self claimed "business people" have never had to think about running a real genuine profitable business...and none of their monetary sales have ever come into consideration as to whether or not the electric bill will keep running...or even whether or not their kids will have food on the table this week.
I just really think that some of these people who call themselves "business" people...actually need a reality check......
because many of them have spouses who pay all of the bills and even pay for all of their "business" supplies....
One current example in my own "circle" is that I have a family member who has recently invested over 50K in a business for his GF..... just to "humor" her....and they have had actual losses for the past few months when all "overhead" is considered..but he lets her "brag" that she now owns and runs a business......even when the bottom line of this business she is is a huge "cash Cow".....and imo.....he would have been waaaaay better off if she would have simply considered herself a "hobbyist".....cuz this is gonna cost him a grip of money......just so that she can tell everyone that she "owns and is running a real business"
But this person has absolutely no "clue" that in the real business actually HAVE to make a profit in order for you to go out shopping and buy a new outfit or much more....for you to be able to feed your family LOL
And those are just a few of my thoughts about business here in America.... I support small business...I have best wishes for anyone who tries to go in business for themselves..but at the same time I have no patience for those who do not have to lift a single finger to help pay a bill either in the business or in their household...and yet....they think they are "running a business"
Guess what? The joke is indeed on them in my circle  at least LMFAO! :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Should I FEEL OVERWHELMED? Confessions from the edge

Okay..guess it's about time for another one of my confessions here....
hubby and I have a garage that is not attached to our home (that was built in the 50's)....needless to say we do not park our vehicles in said garage..even though I would think that parking your car in  a garage -- is what most garages are intended to do lol!
Anyhoo..this eve when I got home from work... we went out to my "outside closet"....(formerly known as part of the garage)..but seriously....hubby "owns " the entire area that was designed to park a 1954 car in...--so my "closet area" is not taking away too much from his "man cave"..... LOL! it is definitely time for me to start seriously going thru some of the "clutter".... and I actually sorted through 2 tubs that were in the doorway as you first walk in...and I confess right here and now that for a minute or two..I kind of felt "overwhelmed" with my options.....bottom line..two simple tubs have well over 1,000 items that need to be photographed and listed in order to try and I say who cares? And simply list the entire contents on eBay..and just give it away now give it away to speak?...Or do I take the time to sort and keep and make time to take pics of the things I think are not worth simply giving away?  And I have enjoyed going thru the tubs this eve..yes I have to confess that as well...yes indeeedy's like I'm a frickin kid at Christmas whenever I do this "tub diva divin chit" because there is no way in heck that I can "forever log" what is actually in there ---So do I just give it away----or take a bunch of photos and try to sell for what it is worth??? going through my mind over and over tonight....
I mean just in these 2 tubs alone----- I am holding in my hands for example --love letters from the 1800's.....Mongolian transcripts on old linen paper from who knows when? a 1960's Rod Stewart posing on the cover of the Rolling a recipe for pigeon pot pie.....and-----yes....the hoarder inside of my otherwise "business Brain" tells me...put them away....put them away Rhonda for another day.....but the aging realist inside of my head now....feels instead a bit overwhelmed....and yet..I know that I am simply going to still enjoy what I do...photograph and list what I can..and also feel blessed to know that I have a couple of nieces and a nephew who loves this old chit as much as I do...and whatever I do not get done here...I know that they will carry the torch after I am gone LOL..and I know that sharing it is better than keeping it stored away in plastic tubs......
and I confess---that one of my "Whoo hooo's"  for the evening was when hubby moved a tub and a shoe box was hiding behind the tub....I opened it up and found a pair of sandals that I bought 4 years ago that are amazingly "en vogue" right now LOL!..................And Yes!!!!!!!! I am SOOOO WEARING THEM TOMORROW that a sad attempt to make up for not wearing them one time since I bought them....nope not at all cuz I would have worn them a few times if they had not been hidden behind my tubs of "old" stuff  LMAO!!!!! Not a fan of hoarding but I must confess that the real advantage of hoarding things is that in my opinion most things almost always come back in style LOL!.....
I don't think I need to keep waiting on the resurgence of the avocado green shag carpet tho LOL

I solemnly pledge to keep living life on the edge

Thursday, June 7, 2012

If You Can Show Off Your Rose Buds

I got a good laugh today from this joke one of my cousins sent me :)

A teenage granddaughter comes downstairs for her date with this see-through blouse on and no bra.
 Her grandmother just pitched a fit, telling her not to dare go out like that! 
The teenager tells her 'Loosen up Grams. These are modern times.
 You gotta let your rose buds show!' And out she goes.
 The next day the teenager comes down stairs, 
and the grandmother is sitting there with no top on. 
The teenager wants to die.
 She explains to her grandmother That she has friends coming over 
and that it is just not appropriate... 
The grandmother says, 'Loosen up, Sweetie.
 If you can show off your rose buds, 
then I can display my hanging baskets.. 
Happy Gardening.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I think that is a swell sight :)

Being from Cali....I guess I am a little partial to certain types of styles :)  and  I'm really partial to  the sight ...I really like their catalogues and the bohemian vibe has always been such a big part of my style.  Of course I am getting too old to wear a lot of the things they have but I think it is a great place to shop for friends and family and the free shipping bit is also an added plus +  :)
Here's a link to their sight!rj9-FcN7d2Pdu8OhT0vwVg!/?utm_source=msn&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=brand&utm_campaign=Swell

And here is the catalogue I just received

Gee....I always manage to find items in their catalogues that I simply have to have LOL!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It Only Takes a Second... the E forums I see that someone I called out quite awhile ago---- for being "harsh" is still being checked in those forums by respected E forum posters as well it any sort of vindication to know that a lot of people know now what I knew upon first encountering this ones' true  character?   Not really...the fact that she is still there..that-----she runs in and takes the  back stab approach or sometimes even the head on kick but then jumps away and hides..she retreats to her lonely dungeon or so it seems LMAO!!!!....I just hope that more and more people will see her true nasty character in the posts she keeps making there.....
Yes...I like it when more people see what I saw..and I didn't even have to be there to comment LOL!   And the friends she has in her me also have the same type of M.O. and that of course is why they agree with one another LOL! :)

Here is a re-cap of the latest carp she stated and started by being so snarky and mean and imo unnecessarily hateful..but that's just how this big-un rolls me thinks LOL!----------------------------------

KxxxxxxxxxxFashions says Edited on Jun 4, 2012

Nice callout. If you want her to govern herself accordingly at least spell your legal threats correctly


That was uncalled for and mean. 



So I guess she is supposed to be fluent in English while she is born and lives in Italy, which probably means she speaks Italian!!!!


The spelling police are out early today. Anything to make you feel better.


It's bad enough to do this, but when you belittle someone from a non english speaking country, it's shameful. 


Also, whenever someone sees that there are a lot of typos in a post, it only takes a second to check their profile and see where they're from. It was a good guess that the OP was not a native English speaker. I'd like to see how many of us could write clearly in her language:-)

Uhmmmm hello..from my own experience with this IMHO overly negative poster....she is just trying to get any sort of back-links on her items and shop that she sells very little in---- that she can???? Negative or positive....she hits the buttons and loves to be involved in the negative stuff......and then says its' all about back-links or something to that effect :( are all just feeding into the web that she wants to get you in....yes she is a huge arse-hole imo.....but don't promote her seldom sold items by giving her any more!    Just glad that more people are noticing what I already knew tho LOL! But don't try to convo her and make any sense of her actions....she will only say you are harassing her...and then will go on harassing anyone she pleases in those forums.....God Forbid you ever try to ask her WTH were you thinking?????????? LMAO
But hey...what do I know.....I'm just a big fat jealous loser after all  :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Gee.....I Can Sort Of See How Some Riots Get Started :)

So my little "tale" for the day requires a bit of background information before I begin my main ramble :)
My hubby has this little "game" he plays with our dogs.  Whenever he comes home they all gather by the door and they all start yapping and yelping and bouncing off the walls and hubby gets them all wired up by hollering out "Ladies and Gentlemen Boys and Girls Children and Dogs of all ages.....get ready to start your engines for the greatest race in history!!!!"   So then he finally opens the screen door after saying "Ready Set Go!"....and the dogs run out and do a couple of "laps" around this concrete flower deal that we made on one side of the yard. Then they settle down and start sniffing and exploring and hiking their legs all over the place.  
So a few days ago hubby comes home and I'm back in my craft room (where else? LOL)  We commence with the Hi hunny how was your day yada-yada stuff .....and then he goes and starts the "dog game".  I hear a lot of yapping and barking which of course is natural and and all of a sudden I hear my husband screaming "Rhonda  Help Me! Get out here now!!!"
I go to the door and see hubby poking the end of a rake into some of the bushes and the dogs are just going dog balls nutzzzz..... I ask him what's going on and he tells me that Bill Dance Jr. has jumped the fence and has a cat cornered in the bushes.  I ask him how in the hell did Bill get over the fence???... He says he got a run at it and jumped.   And I am still thinking "impossible"...because Bill weighed over 35 lbs. the last time he was at the vet..... Yes----there is a reason I call him "Big Daddy" :)
So my hubby is screaming not "Who let the dogs out?" but instead---"Get the dogs in the house!!!!! I think the cat is hurting Bill!!!!!"  At this point I notice that one of the dogs is indeed screaming like a stuck pig and the rest of the pack are running around like a bunch of wild banshees.  And it makes me think about this documentary I saw once about how riots get started at sports venues and the theory is that pheromones play a big part in it.  Well believe you me....the dog pheromones were oooozing all over the place at this moment :) 
So I realize it is not Bill but instead it is Nugget who is screaming and yelping at the top of his little lungs.  Nugget is our dog whom I have talked about having the disc dysplasia operation and I really think that the operation did a thing or two to his brain.....(although he was never the sharpest tool in the shed to begin with).  And I see that the reason he is screaming is because he has gotten his head stuck in the fence trying to get in to where Bill is at....he can't go forward because he is too big and he can't back out because he keeps turning his head sideways.   (And it reminded me of a long long time ago when my dad was a Little League baseball coach and this kid out in right field started screaming and crying and they had to call a time out to see what in the heck was wrong with him.   Well..the problem was that his hand was "stuck" in his pocket......he had it balled up in a fist and forgot that he needed to open up his hand in order to slide it back out of his pocket.)
So I get the other dogs in the house.....and at this point I was telling hubby to relax because he was yelling louder than the dogs and creating even more dog drama LOL!   In the meantime thank goodness..the  cat got away and we got Nugget "un stuck"  and Bill out of the bush and back over into the side of the yard that he is supposed to be in.
We originally put up the lattice part of fencing a few years ago because the dadgum dogs kept digging up my new seeds and plantlings....but now it has become a "survival of the fittest" situation in that part of the yard because I over planted the area a bit. hee-hee.
So the next day when I let the dogs out..sure enough old Bill Dance still thinks he is trying out for some sort of weiner dog triathalon sports event or something because he made another attempt to clear the fence but this time he belly flopped and I told him "Be careful Big Daddy you're gonna bust a nut....ooops I forgot you don't have them any more."  But sometimes I swear I think these dogs understand what I am saying to them!
So here's a few pics I took today out in the yard......
here is the "circle track area" where the dog races happen every day
Here is Big Daddy Bill and the lattice fence he somehow managed to jump over....

Here is the back part of this fenced area where Nugget got stuck.....
Here is Nugget in the foreground....Brownie boy whom I call "The Instigator" is in the background
And here are a couple more pics of stuff growing and can you see the "snail invasion"?  I don't like putting out snail pellets because of the animals so hubby collects snails every eve and tosses them out in the street...I'm sure the neighbors love this LOL!

Hope ya'll have a great week!

Mash The Horn Monday.........

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A New Can Of Worms out of the old Can

A Lot of people have messaged me about this can of worms post (to follow)
....and because of that....
I think 
it deserves to be brought up to the top of my blog......
this person who IMHO
lied sooooo much....has a HUGE  habit of calling others out when they do not agree with her....and that is indeed a sad situation in my book ....but I don't have a need to be friends with everyone I meet..and no..we do not all need to get along even in a global economy.....we just need to learn how to co-exist....
and in this case I am very glad that I do not have to acclimate to anything this particular person says or does..... :)

Update Update 4/25.....The Rest of the story! A Big Can Of Worms on About.WHAT????? this morning I find out what  really happened with this situation and I wanted to post the update at the top of the page.  Now that I know the truth of this matter...I once again feel confident about voting on this venue and sharing the wonderful articles that are all over that site   So it turns out that DIYnever contacted the loser about their concerns that someone was abusing the voting system ...but it was in fact the loser who messaged DIY about her concerns that someone had taken advantage of the voting system to make her lose....and DIY responded that they don't have any way of controlling how it works so long story short....DIY did not contact her about the voting...but only responded to the losers' suspicions about the voting (after she contacted them!) ...... So once you know the rest of the story it is quite a different story indeed.........but I am really glad that what the loser insinuated is in fact not what really went down.........anyhoo  here is my original post on this matter but knowing the truth now anwers all of my questions about why would DIY do something like that?  Answer.....they didn't
It was brought to my attention yesterday that a recent loser in a "shop showdown" posted a statement on their FB page.....stating that someone from messaged them and told them that

quote"...they felt someone or a group of people were abusing the voting system. They felt badly because they cannot control the voting mechanism as it is set up by and have to rely on the honesty and integrity of their readers, but that obviously there was a lapse of judgment going on here..."

Seriously??? are some of my thoughts on this matter.......

#1........If the voting system on can in fact "be abused"......why would anyone ever bother voting for anything there from now on?  What a waste of time .....especially if they are in fact messaging someone that they "feel badly that they can not "control" the voting mechanism"   Wow! Just wow! I think most people would feel badly if voting mechanisms are somehow controlled .....
#2.......If the voting system could indeed be manipulated...wouldn't the loser in fact have also had  this same type of so called "manipulation" available to them?
#3.......If I were the winner of this shop show down I would be a bit upset that someone from the sight is messaging the loser and saying that " obviously there was a lapse of judgment going on here"..........
#4........If in fact an employee of this company is messaging these types of comments and having them publicly posted on FaceBook...(and basically in my opinion  seemingly "bad-mouthing" the integrity of their own venue by questioning the integrity of their readers)......why should anyone really spend much time reading what is written there?

I myself recently found the venue and have been enjoying a lot of the articles and telling people about the sight..but after hearing about this...I have to say that I am now going back and deleting the posts that I made linking to this venue.
I am still very very proud of the wonderful shops and people  I personally know of that have been mentioned in features on this venue.....but if one of their employees actually told someone that there was quote "a lapse of judgement"... why would they even have a show-down and tell the competitors to have all of their friends vote in the 1st place?  Why not just pick your own winner instead of posting the results of the voting and then later having the loser post on Facebook that someone from told them they felt badly that they quote..... "couldn't control the voting mechanism"?????
Now that's just about the biggest can of worms that I have seen in AWHILE   wOw WoW just WOW!.......hmnnnnnn???????

The Boid is The Woid........Decoupage cuff Bracelet Easy Peasy Handmade Jewelry


Several years ago I started using original vintage and antique ephemera advertisements stamps etc. on my decoupage jewelry and collage pieces. I hadn't actually made a piece out of craft paper or tissue paper in awhile :) But the other day I was taking a pic of another piece that I had made and in using the background "bird" paper..I kept looking at it and knew that it needed to be a decoupage cuff bracelet. So here is the little bird in a tree with a brown polka dot background bracelet :) I placed it on a 3" wide adjustable metal blank and I also added a bit of antique gold tone pigment to the surface before adding several layers of polyurethane. You will still not want to submerge this bracelet in water :)
I love decoupage because it is such an easy and forgiving medium to use !
Thanks for taking a peek!


bracelet blank,mod podge,craft paper,polyurethane,pigment

Got a question about this item?