Saturday, January 16, 2016

Dog Drama...AKA..the trouble with dogs..paths timing = everything yesterday had some crazy shit happen. And I hope that ya'll won't hate my dogs after hearing my rant/story but I had a nightmare last night picturing what happened and kind of feel the need to share.
I've posted several pics of our "dog family" here on the blog and yep they all look sweet and innocent. For those of ya who haven't read any of it----
We have 2 dachshunds...long story son was always allergic to pet dander so we never had pets when he was a kid after finding that out--and when he was in high school  he rescued a dachshund who was kind of hanging out at our family store...we brought him home and he named him "Bill Dance" cuz the son loves fishing....Bill Dance had a lot of health problems..(which is why I figured the former owners dumped him on the street)..and  in the meantime my hubs got me a baby weiner dog (Brownie Boy) for Mother's that bill dance would have someone to play with. WE loved old Bill and kept him as comfortable as possible...I'll still never forget the time when he was whining so I let him up on the bed and he puked all over the hubby's pillow and maybe got a bit in hubby's hair--hubs immediately wakes up and says in the Stedanko voice--"Oh Babe!"
 ( but he totally understood why I frequently put puking Bill up on the bed)---When we  had to put bill dance to sleep...son was so distraught....and I searched high and low and found a "mini me " Bill that he named "bill dance Jr."...then I inherited 2 of my mom's chihuahuas..(she said they were being too mean to her other dogs)...but Molly and Candy at this point were like family members to me so I told her "No way you can't give them away to strangers"...then flash forward to we end up with 2 chiwheenies  out of the first two litters and then got them fixed cuz I knew I would end up like that crazy animal lady with 80 something dogs in the house. And ever since moms died we have also been dogsitting Cookie and Muffin---her and pops dogs--when dad is traveling. SOOO--We often have 8 dogs in the house. :=)
In my's quite common for pit bulls to be all over the place tugging tires strung on a chain around their necks etc...and that being said we also have a lot of stray cats in the neighborhood and the dogs are always trying to catch them when I let them out in the front yard.
Yesterday...I let the dogs out (so to speak)....and was tidying up in the kitchen and all of a sudden I hear the dogs going crazy....
I run to the front door and see this orange fuzzy thing being attacked and immediately almost have a heart attack because I think the dogs are attacking our beloved "cookie"--(mom and dad's dog that I always call "cookie cat")..then I realize that it is an actual cat that they are attacking and they are all just in this total frenzy..and it was so surreal to see all of these little small dogs just going nuts and so out of control and I was slapping and hitting at them them and screaming "STOP IT!!!" and doing everything I could to save the cat. I finally got the cat away from them and all of a sudden hear someone say... "Are you okay?" and look up and see that a Sheriff is outside of the fence and when I look up I lose control of the cat and the dogs grab the cat again and I tell him "My dogs are trying to kill a cat" He says "I drove by and heard you screaming and wanted to make sure you are okay" And I said things like "This is someone's pet....even though it doesn't have a collar..I can't believe that they finally caught a cat"  Then he tells me to get the dogs inside of the house and comes inside of the gate before I do that but  -of course he's not afraid because he has these big Sheriff bite proof tall boots on  and is used to dealing with Pitts and bigger threats---- and the dogs immediately all come in the house (instead of barking at the stranger in the yard like they normally do)  with the exception of Nugget who kind of has brain damage since his disc dysplasia (I think)..Bill Dance JR. dropped the cat on the porch...I close the screen and coax Nugget to come inside and the Sheriff tells me he is gonna call animal control. I tell the Sheriff thru the screen door "Only in Oildale right?" And he kind of chuckles and says "Yep only in Oildale" And I'm thinking that this is probably the least of his problems that he has seen in Oildale today but dayum...major OMG for me as  I'm wiping blood off  of my hands and dogs and all--and can't keep thinking about the look that the cat had...kind of like cats from a horror movie story kind of thing. And it still is haunting me thinking about that poor cat.  I know that dacshunds were bred to be hunters but just so crazy when you see it happen. Today I have been calling Brownie (the dog who always has to sit on my lap or have me hold him even when I am standing up)--an "accessory to a crime" and saying things like "shame on you" but he still just wants to lick me with kisses. All I know is I must have looked like a crazy Oildalian out there screaming at the top of my lungs...and I am a firm believer in paths and timing. I really wish like hell that the dadgum cat had not been out in my front yard when I let the dogs out. That's all I know. And looking at all of these sweet loving dogs and realizing how vicious that any situation can become at any time when you are least expecting it makes me realize once again that nothing can ever be taken for granted, You really never know how mean something can get until you see it happening right in front of you...
Okay Rhonda rant over. :)
Peace ya'll
here's a pic of the "Cookie cat" that we love so much around here:)