Thursday, September 27, 2012

Paris Beret Baby

My grand baby and her sweet momma paid me a little visit this morning.....I was telling her "Par-levous-francais?"  Or however that deal goes LOL..Chloe was definitely my little Paris Beret Baby today :)

of course my heart smiles every time she smiles at me LOL :=)

I 2 Support Handmade..howzabout u?

I just wanted to share here how one of my meetings with a fantastic gal on another venue led to this "interview" that mentions  first and foremost my Zibbet shop.....(.even tho I met her on Etsy) me it just makes sense...and why I love so many of the hand made venues and the people that I have met on all of them :) Our eggs don't have to be in one basket....but we do have to "bond" with the good eggs who cross our paths..IMO....and also not worry about the "bad eggs" we might encounter along the way....they are minor "itches" and glitches and perhaps sometime witches hee-hee along the bumpy road LOL!
This is an "excerpt" from the interview
Today’s interview is with Rhonda from Spanky Luvs Vintage 2 Zibbet Shop. I met her through one of the many Craft Star threads on the Etsy forums. She conducted a great experiment about how easy it is to buy Facebook fans, and we’ve been chatting ever since. Her shops are full of a great mix of eclectic vintage and handmade items, and her descriptions are very entertaining. As you’ll soon see, she has a fun personality!
To clarify......Tracy and I  met after the "experiment" that I started about "buying facebook fans"....we met on Etsy....and yet....the interview clearly states "Rhonda from Spanky Luvs Vintage 2 Zibbet Shop."...pretty cool I think !   Thank you Tracy!   And thank you Zibbet as well..if I didn't have a shop here....obviously that wouldn't have been mentioned LOL!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rhonda from Spanky Luvs Vintage Interview

Photo above: Marvella Vintage Brooch and Earring Set Today’s interview is with Rhonda from Spanky Luvs Vintage 2 Zibbet Shop. I met her through one of the many Craft Star threads on the Etsy forums. She conducted a great experiment about how easy it is to buy Facebook fans, and we’ve been chatting ever since. Her shops are full of a great mix of eclectic vintage and handmade items, and her descriptions are very entertaining. As you’ll soon see, she has a fun personality!
Tell us about your store. What kind of items do you offer?
I try to offer a variety of things at different price points and would call it an “eclectic mix” of items. I have been collecting for over 40 years and have a wide variety of stuff but have listed mostly vintage costume jewelry and recycled vintage pieces.
Where do you find all your great vintage finds?
I am always looking everywhere because you never know where you might find the next item . Everytime we go to a new town, I am searching for the junque and antique shops because they are my favorite places to browse.
How long have you had an interest in vintage/antique items?
I think that since a very young age I have always felt a “connection” with things from the past. History was always my favorite subject in school. When I was 10, I started a “dog” collection of figurines and used to enter the collection each year at the local Fair. I have the collection stored in my garage and plan on giving it to my Grand babies, Chloe and Lexie, when they get older.

Photo above: Lord and Taylor “Onyx” Hosiery 1907 original antique ad Are there any particular vintage items that are your favorites?
Costume jewelry is the item that I have tubs and tubs full of so I guess that would obviously be my top of the list fave. But I really enjoy things like old paper dolls and imagining all of the little tiny hands that have held them and played with them and the smiles they have created. Also digging through an old can of buttons is my favorite way to “chill-ax.”
What do you like to do in your spare time?
I love reading, gardening, cooking, fishing, and mostly hanging out with the Grand kids. I have also become some what of a Pinterest addict. LOL!
What’s a question you wish I would’ve asked? And please answer that question. :) How did you meet Tracy?
I met her in the Etsy Forums and can’t thank her enough for the time she spends helping promote others. Thanks luv….you are a real treasure and I consider myself lucky that we crossed each others’ path :)

Photo above: Wood Boho Beads Long Vintage Necklace in Earthtones Please include ten fun facts about yourself. (Example, I like black jelly beans; I love “24;” etc).
#1.Thinks that ” Jolly Ranchers” Rock and loves to pucker up with garlic pickles
#2 My T.V. is often tuned to the “Food Network” and I am okay with “Chopped” re-runs because I can seldom remember who won anyway :)
#3 I once won a hog calling contest
#4 My mom once had a poodle that she named “Rocket” but I thought he should have been called “Harold” and I used to tease her about it that the poor dog had a complex because he knew he was really a “Harold”……imagine her surprise when she took him to the groomers one day and the lady said “Uhm Maaam…I’m afraid someone has been writing on your dog.” I had taken a black sharpie and written “Hi ! My name is Harold” with a winking smiley face on his little pink belly. Moms was pretty embarrassed about that one :)
#5 I used to have a mosaic in my kitchen that I made out of pasta, beans, rice, etc. and when we did a re-model and had to knock that wall down…I almost cried. My son used to make fun of me and say that when I ran out of room I would start gluing stuff to the ceiling…but regarding the “food” mosaic, I used to tell him that it was kind of like having our own “food shelter” on the wall in case of a nuclear attack :)
#6 I used to race go-karts and actually set a track record for fast time, but these days I am usually on time yet never in a hurry to get anywhere and travel at a slow and steady pace.
#7 One of my weiner dogs loves to have me cradle him in my arms and sing “Rock a bye Brownie” sung to the tune of “Rock a bye baby,” and he gloats and always looks around for our other dogs to make sure they know he is getting all of my attention.
#8 Last December I was a “Featured Zibbeter” on Zibbet
#9 Huge “Sons’ Of Anarchy” fan
#10 When I was in my teens my family had a grocery and tackle store, and my favorite pet at the time was “Wally the Waterdog”. At that time the salamanders were great for bass fishing but I thought they made even better pets.
Please list the urls to your website, blog, and/or online shop, social media, etc.
Spanky Luvs Vintage Etsy Shop
The Eclectic Kinetric Etsy Shop
Spanky Luvs Vintage 2 Zibbet Shop
Hanky Spanky on Pinterest
Spanky Luvs Vintage on Facebook
Spanky Luvs Vintage Blog

Photo above: Seafoam Serendipity Necklace with Vintage buttons mixed with glass beads and polished stones

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Great Kern County Fair 2012

So we have our booth at the Fair again this year and it is always really just a great time.   Seeing old friends....meeting new people...selling a bit of furniture :) and handing out those coupons that are good in the store until the next Fair date rolls around.   I admittedly tend to shop a bit too much in all of the booths and buildings..but what the heck... it only happens once a year right :)
Here's a couple of pics from last Nephew Larry...hubby Mike and I did the night shift.   We are of course a small family business and we have to get some what of a schedule figured out in advance because we still have to have the stores open during many of the same hours as well.   A bit tiring at times...but definitely worth it.  If you're from Bako and reading sure to stop by and say hi...we are in building # 2 :=)


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Okie Bowl Hardtops at Bakersfield Speedway Sept 22 2012 and Grandpa Larry Hood

Photo: With the announcement that "Grandpa" Larry Hood will be running an Okie Bowl Hardtops this weekend, I figured I'd put up a couple pictures we have. This one is from an old program we have. Maybe the family could chime in and say maybe what year this was. He sure looks a lot like Kevin Hood to me here.SOOOO all in all........A super fun week where a lot of stuff like this has been posted and talked about on the radio and shared here in Bakersfield home LOL
With the announcement that "Grandpa" Larry Hood will be running an Okie Bowl Hardtops this weekend, I figured I'd put up a couple pictures we have. This one is from an old program we have. Maybe the family could chime in and say maybe what year this was. He sure looks a lot like Kevin Hood to me here.^^^^^^
Photo: what a team! 
So this is my mom and the 1960's....
flash forward-----
and tonight in 2012....some awesome peeps----
they got this "race thing" together tonight for my dad to come out to the speedway and race in the "hardtops"....(because it would make 4 generations having been out there racing this 2012 season.....)
My dad...has already survived what the docs called "aggressive prostrate" cancer.....he had the first operation a couple of years ago...and at that time the Docs  told him they were lucky and got it all....and life will have came back last year...and so as a family...we had to "go at it again"...Pops  went thru a series of radiation treatments that made him very weak of course....but he came out of that doing quite well and he took off on another fishing trip......
I always EVEN to this day tell my dad that he still is in better shape than all of his kiddos :) is back in town now...and the race tonight and seeing him out there was such a blast....super duper blast....I honestly can remember when I was about 4 years old...and watching him race out there at the Bako Speedway.....
This is me and older bro and "Zippy the clown" at Bakersfield Speedway..way back then LOL!
And here are the pics I took tonight out there....we had a lot of fun....but the car dad and my baby bro Mikie ended up driving  was IMO seriously a tank of a turd that couldn't turn left and be fast at the same time ever...LOL! Okay so here are some pics from the  "4 generations celebration" tonight---and we had a nice celebration indeed :)....(thanks so much to Mike Mosier and Steve Hughes as well....your announcing about my family... and giving Pops his props.....was so awesome! I love Bako!)

 This is how we roll.   I  am thankful every day of my life that I still have my Pops in it.  My only wish is that Momma could have been there showing us all the "Shake and Bake" leg thingie that she had mastered so well in her life time. :)....But tonight I was happy for him that he has Martha there loud and proud in his corner....and knowing that My Momma had a seat way way way up there in the stands tonight watching her family and smiling down on us!    Icing icing icing...shake and bake baby :)


Friday, September 21, 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Experience....can we count on it.....mehbeeee NoT LOL! in my previous post I alluded to an incident I recently had at my last trip to the hospital.
And this really made me re-think my way of thinking that "Experience" is paramount in all of life's situations.
So my little story is about my "nurse"....her name starts with a "G" I'm just gonna refer to her from here on out as Gee------------
I meet Gee after being in the cubicle for over 2 hours-------
Gee pulls back the curtain and introduces herself as my "personal care nurse".....she comes in with a nice little smile.....and I tell myself I like her....I mean it was instant.   And I later had to tell myself that even though I am super big on first this case......I FAILED BIG TIME LOL! I ask her "How long have you been working here?"  And she says "I have been here almost 10 years but I have been a nurse for almost 40 years".   And I say "Fantastic!   Not only can I understand you when you speak...but have a ton of experience.....gosh Gee..this is my lucky day Whoo Hooo thank you Jesus!" (Hexed mahhhselfff...yes-ir-eeee on that one)
So as we are getting into the questions......(because of the fact that I am still having a menstrual cycle although somewhat sporadic and with a mind of it's own these days heh-heh)......they still have to perform a blood test and draw blood with the IV---- to make sure that I am not preggers............
So Gee starts with the needle......she pokes it into my left hand.......
now...I am a pretty strong person......I am not a baby.......I can handle a little pain every now and then..
okay....but this "Poke" immediately makes me cringe.......Gee starts twisting the needle and turning it and gyrating it around and freaking toes are curling up to the ceiling....I grab my hair...and finally say...."Did you miss a vein or something??????"........ I mean I have never had a problem before with anyone drawing blood or IV's for that matter
So then Gee says  "Oh I am so sorry......this should never ever hurt like this"....and I tell her "No worries.....maybe it is just because I am dehydrated since I haven't had anything to drink since 12 A.m."   I mean...this is just me....but when I am in a situation where you are depending on someone else to take care of you and you have absolutely no control over the can't be can't be an simply have to buck up and keep it NICE.....
So she yanks it out of my left hand and pokes into my right hand.....and "Hello Houston.....we have found an actual vein where blood will indeed come out P.T.L!!!!!" 
My freaking left hand at this point was toes were still curled.....but the tears in my eyes were almost dry....and at the base of where my hand meets my wrist....there was this HUGE bump that had cropped up.....I could only assume this was from Gee twisting and turning that needle.....but hey....the IV in my right hand was on point.  Whoo Hooo!
So she tells me..."Don't worry about all of the bubbles in the line....this is typical when the flow is high....I guess I could turn it down to stop that".   Uhmmm......okay......I wasn't worried until you brought that up Gee.....LOL!
So next she was having a lot of problems with the computer and entering the information.  And I told her that I was just there 3 weeks ago when the hospital had just switched over to a new system and the nurses were frantic and I was actually left in a room for 3 extra hours because I was not showing up on the proper screen.........and she affirmed what a night mare it had been.....and I tell her that I am old school and finally finally getting around to this "tech age" instead of logging everything on I know how she feels......
Then what happens?   My surgeon comes and he is ready for me but damn.....Gee has sent my blood test to the lab in the wrong page or section or whatever it was.....and now my surgery is delayed until someone can come and help Gee straighten this out.
Finally a young nurse comes in and shows her how to delete the wrong entry and to send it to the right place and I am kind of joking about "Do I have a bun in MY oven dilemma"......the young nurse asks Gee....."Did you place her compression socks?"  Or something like that.....and Gee says "Yes"..and I say....."Do you mean these blue socks with the grips on the feet?".....The young nurse pulls back the sheets and Gee then says " I could have sworn I put those on her".
She scrambles out of the curtain to go get those compression socks...and I see that when she brings them back...she walks by my "cubicle" #5....and I hear her walk into "cubicle" # 4 and she says....."Excuse me I'm sorry".......then she comes into me @ #5 and puts the gosh durn things on me.....
young nurse leaves...I tell her "Thank you from the bottom of my heart LOl!".....Gee then finishes up the "questions"  and gets to the question of "Do you have any wounds or open sores on your body?"   I say "Not that I am aware of".....When she leaves the cubicle I tell my hubby........"Damn....I started to tell her 'Other than the wound you created on my left hand...nope none'....."
and hubby says....."I was thinking the same thing" LOL!
So I am left with this......after this situation.....
I guess that sometimes experience and time spent at a job doesn't mean poo diddly caaaarp.   Maybe Gee who is ten years older than me was simply having a bad day......and then again...maybe Gee has been a crappy nurse every day of her career.   So much for experience.......
but hey! I survived LOL.....I rolled on out of there....and in the end...that is really all that matters :=)

A Lazy Lucky Sunday

So Cookie and I were feeling a bit lazy this morning and we slept in and then went out on the porch to hang out with the other dogs and watch hubby do a bit of yard work. :=)  I get a kick out of watching her kick back in the sun....she just enjoys it so really makes me smile. (I'm not sure if it shows up in the pics much because of the bright light.....but my hand is still pretty jacked up and bruised from where my "nurse with 40 years experience" screwed up my IV and after twisting and turning and making my toes curl she decided she needed to use my right hand...but that's a different story LOL!)

 Muffin is the wild little thang and she usually doesn't "lap sit" for extended periods of time but this morning she was pretty content to have me holding her.  

 Brownie is of course the instigator of the pack...always sniffing and looking for something good to mess with LOL.
So hubby asks if I feel like going to Bingo and it was running a bit late but I figured what the heck we haven't been in a while .    So long story short...we went and I won one game for $250 , I then split another game for $84, and then I won one of the specials for $1199.
So all in all it was a great lazy lucky day.  And I really believe in timing...our last minute decision to go to Bingo ended up paying off.  Whoo hooo!  We got home a while ago and I think there's more time to go catch a few more rays of sunshine out on the porch :=).  Hope ya'll have a great week!

The Hood's get er done tonight Whoo hooo!

So yes...I have been pretty sick for awhile....but today...2 days after returning to work after my latest procedure....I told my hubby that  I wanted to go out to Bako tonight  and be there....big time...(dad just got back from Trinidad...championship points deal going on etc.etc.)-----then what happens?  A super busy day at work...I get home this eve and hubby gives me a hand to "pull my arse" up the energy left whatsoever...and I tell him I am not feeling so good but feeling better than I have in a long long time....and yet at the same time...wanted to be out there and didn't get to see it happen in person.....
but dang.......
my older bro-----he has been dealing with some personal and medical issues....and still----helllzzzz yahhhh....gassed er up and won tonight even tho he only had to start the race to win the points championship....I was really worried about how he would do tonight after the problems with his legs and feet and the reaction involving the meds he is taking and what is going on with him....and what those dang chiggers added to his plate in Boone :)
my nephew Kyle Hood started from the back and took 2nd place tonight...and the best part of my BUSY day was when a customer of mine bought something today....I never met them..they shook my hand...and told me that my younger bro on their nephew's engines out at Bako:) and how much they think of him :)....
then the icing on top of the nephew Larry Hood winning 3 in a row....Hollah!  And then....also makes me smile.....his C-stas hubby...Lee Jensen....who finished 2nd...and to hear that the 2 of them drove a hell-uv-a-race.....
crappppppppp.....I wish I would have been there.....
but I am getting back to feeling better....and I guarangoshdarnteeya.....that I will be out there next year....I think and hope I can and will be out there to see it happen!!!!
So proud of ya'll..................
HOLLAH...and wish wish wish...I could have felt like being out there hollering.....but my heart smiles to know that you know my heart is there with you always :)

Larry Hood wins third IMCA feature at Speedway

BY MIKE GRIFFITH Californian staff writer
It took Larry Hood eight laps to edge past leader Lee Jensen in a dramatic side-by-side duel Saturday night at Bakersfield Speedway, but once he did there was no catching him.
After putting his bumper ahead of Jensen to start the 16th lap, Hood sailed clear on the following lap and pulled away for his third IMCA feature of the year.

Related Photos

Darrell Hood, Sports Mod driver at Bakersfield Speedway.
"First of all, Terry Henry -- what an awesome race car he put under me tonight," Hood said of the man who prepares his car. "I think me and Lee Jenson put on a heck of a race."
That they did in the 25-lap event.
Jensen, making his third start, took the lead on the third lap and had the car glued to the bottom of the track. Hood quickly moved into second, but did so using the high groove.
It took Hood a few laps to catch Jensen then the eight laps to get past him.
"I think the car is a little faster than I am at this point," said Jensen who finished second. "But we had a heck of a race with Larry."
Points leader Brad Pounds finished third, followed by Robby Sawyer and Kyle Heckman.
Right after the Modified feature, Lee Jensen jumped into a Hobby Stock, led most of the way, then had to settle for another runner-up finish.
Defending track champion Steven Johnson caught Jensen, who had led from the outset, with five laps to, tired then high side, then moved in right behind Jensen.
Johnson then gave Jensen a couple of bumps, which moved Jenson off the bottom groove and opened the door for Johnson to take the lead with three laps left in the 25-lap race.
Jensen battled back on the next lap, briefly moved inside Johnson, but slipped back and had to settle for second.
"He was fast," Johnson said of Jensen. "I tried the high side, it didn't work, so I moved down behind him. I tried to race him as clean as I could."
Chad Johnson finished third, Eric Cimental was fourth and Dylan Hagar fifth.
Darrel Hood had the IMCA Sports Mod championship locked up when the 25-lap feature started.
But he wanted to go out with a win.
He did just that, going past a spinning Joe Baker in turn three on the final lap for his fourth win. Baker led more than 24 ½ laps.
"It's time to celebrate," said Hood, father of Larry. "This is a great class."
Eric Brust was second and Nick Spainhoward fourth.
Dylan Baker led all 20 laps en route to his first Mini Stock feature win. Baker led by more than a full straight at one point and was never challenged.
Kyle Hood finished second, just holding off four-time winner Doug Shepherd, who moved into the points lead, four points ahead of Darren Sherman who placed sixth.
One race remains to decide the championship.
Andrew Orlando extended his points lead by driving to his second victory in the Junior Mini Dwarf feature. Orlando holds a commanding 16-point lead (eight positions on the track) with one race remaining. In Senior Mini Dwarf action, Anthony Balcazar raced to his series-leading sixth victory

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Learning to hunt :) ...Chloe's first Easter,,,Oh Happy Day.....

This one made me smile bigger than big LOL!...It is of course from last Easter old..but new smiles for me here LOL!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Boone Iowa Nationals 2012 ..Larry Hood had a pretty good week :)

So my nephew Larry and several friends and family members just returned from their trip to the Nationals @ Boone Iowa.  They really had a great time.   I watched the races on-line and it was great coverage and a lot of great racing!   Here is a pic of my Nephew from the Boone website. 
Everyone who goes to this race can not say enough about how much fun they have and how nice the people are at the track.  I'm sure 2013 will be another great trip!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The sun is still shining--- look on the bright side decoupage cuff bracelet

Sharing the latest  piece that I listed in my Etsy shop today.... :=)

Black and White Decoupage cuff Bracelet vintage rhinestone button fabric flower

Black and White Decoupage cuff Bracelet vintage rhinestone button fabric flower
Black and White Decoupage cuff Bracelet vintage rhinestone button fabric flower Black and White Decoupage cuff Bracelet vintage rhinestone button fabric flower Black and White Decoupage cuff Bracelet vintage rhinestone button fabric flower Black and White Decoupage cuff Bracelet vintage rhinestone button fabric flower Black and White Decoupage cuff Bracelet vintage rhinestone button fabric flower
This decoupage cuff bracelet is a one of a kind piece made using paper, ribbon, fabric flower pieces,a vintage rhinestone button and a piece of original ephemera from an antique music book. I love to mix black and white prints.

The piece of ephemera that I cut out from an antique music book is a refrain from a song about looking on the bright side. It says...
" Our sky may be dark,and our path may be drear,
Yet hope, like an angel of mercy, is near,
And softly she whispers, as onward we glide----
'The sun is still shining--- look on the bright side. '"
So naturally I thought that a flower should be the focal on top of the bracelet :=)
The old vintage rhinestone and black plastic button still shines brightly in the center of the flower.

The cuff is 2" wide and is finished with a few coats of polycrylic but you will still not want to immerse this in water.

Thank you for visiting :=)
If you like vintage items please check out my other shop

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Iced cocoa recipe From 1926 Watkins Booklet

I think I use my vintage recipe books and booklets more than my newer ones.  I actually like simply reading old recipe books as well.  I scanned this page today from a 1926 Watkins Recipe booklet.   I remember back in the day being at Mamaws' house when her Watkins Rep came to call.  I think it is wonderful that this company is still making products today :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Blush Vs. BBQ Chicken

So yes....I have been talking about getting older and about how being a Grandma is one of the biggest joys in my life these days.......
But I still get a bit upset at myself for starting to have the "forgetful" stuff enter my life on an almost every day basis LOL!
So I have recently discovered that "sleep apnea" is actually the cause of some of my forgetfulness so I do have a tiny bit of an  excuse hee-hee.    In the family business that I am involved in.....everyone still seems to depend on me to "remember" and to "know" and to "stay on top of everything"...simply because that has been the way we have rolled for many years  LOL!.....But one of these days and I know it is getting nearer and nearer....I am going to have to "pass that torch" to someone else in the family.  And at the same time that I feel really blessed when everyone I work with tells me and says that without me being there everything would simply fall apart.....but at the same many "days off from work" have I really had where no one called me to ask who this was or what that was or what needed to be done yada yada?......Uhmmmmm I would have to guess about Zero of those days in at least the past ten years hee-hee.
But it's okay....really's just a part of me and a part of my being here----to help my family and the friends who work for us .  
But when that "forgetful" factor starts creeping into your life...... you kind of step back and have to accept that this is just a new part of life that you were never accustomed to. LOL!
So this morning I got to work and a couple of hours later when I went into the restroom I was thinking there was a little something different about my face....but couldn't quite put my finger on it...until I realized that I had "forgotten" to apply blush on my cheeks this morning.  And I said "Note to self.....start sitting the blush in a more prominent place in the make-up cabinet..but not in front of the deodorant." LOL!
Then hubby called and asked me if I saw any "chicken" any where in the kitchen before I left.   (We had BBQ'd and the left-over chicken might have made a yummy little lunch for him today)  But nope.....he left it on the counter and didn't put it in his ice-chest this morning before heading out to work.
So I ended up thinking.....hey at least I had a great lunch today LOL!
But I had to drive to Pollo Loco at lunch time to grab my chicken. :)
Hope ya'll have a great rest of the week.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Who Owns Photos and Videos Posted on Facebook or Twitter?

Who Owns Photos and Videos Posted on Facebook or Twitter?

this is a great discussion I think!

16 Vintage Antique Optical Lenses in original box

16 Vintage Antique Optical Lenses in original box

16 Vintage Antique Optical Lenses in original box
16 Vintage Antique Optical Lenses in original box 16 Vintage Antique Optical Lenses in original box 16 Vintage Antique Optical Lenses in original box 16 Vintage Antique Optical Lenses in original box 16 Vintage Antique Optical Lenses in original box
Optical Mercy Company vintage antique lenses lot of 16 in original box.
I bought a huge lot of these lenses quite awhile ago and am sharing a box of them here. There are 16 lenses in the original box from the Optical Mercy Company. Kansas City,Des Moines, Dallas, Oklahoma City,Memphis, and Wichita are listed on the box and I am assuming these Cities were their outlets. The lenses are 1" by 1 1/2". I have not cleaned them and please note that the box is quite grungy. Some of them still have the stickers on them reading "175" and ".25".
I use them for craft projects, mixed media, pendants, etc. but also have a couple of boxes on display. A neat little blast from the past :)
Thank you for visiting :=)
If you like eclectic hand made vintage recycle and re purposed items please check out
my other shop