Friday, January 31, 2014

Postal in Paris reclaimed there's always room for Junk in my trunk

So I finished this piece a few weeks ago and forgot that I hadn't made a post of the the finished piece.
I've had this trunk/crate sitting out under the patio for months..... I posted here awhile back and you can see it is in this stack of some of my "gone junkin'" stuff.....
and man..... I guess it depends on what you like to "find" but when you sit back and look at your stuff and are like just pattin' yourselves on the back and smiling that it was such a great day out there hunting for something that you wanted or could possibly use or make something out of or need... LOL
I can't tell yah how much it makes me smile even more when people walk by and say "Good Job"....or "I like your style"...etc.. etc.... those of you out there in treasure/junk land have been there and done it....
man what a rush when you are loading up your wares and heading home :=)
So 6 months later that box with the lid and handle on the end..... finally got some work done to it.
And it was a bit more work than usual.
Karen @TheGraphicsFairy has this fab tutorial link
and in the first one there is also a link on how to enlarge images for bigger pieces of furniture.
I had these awesome vintage postal pages from Paris that I had bought on Etsy..... and knew that was what I wanted to place on the top.
The enlarging is quite easy ..... but I first thought I would go the easy route and try a heat transfer because the surface seemed as if it might hold up.....
but the heat worked on some of the print and pulled up the paint in other places.....
and yep....good thing about paint..... you can always add another layer or two. :=)
I ended up using the gel transfer method..... and think it turned out pretty decent.
I'm just glad I finally finished it and got it out from under my patio LMAO!
And hubsters is pretty happy about that as well. :)

Hope ya'll have a great weekend!

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Ad Sense Nonsense thread @Z

So yah... I get a bit defensive when I feel that someone is being picked on for no reason.  And lately it seems that this little tiny group of inflamed fanooters have been stirring the pot and creating even more drama..... and fact is that the pot is getting emptier and emptier and pretty soon the spoon is gonna be clanking on an empty vessel cause ya'll have pretty much succeeded in running off a pretty fine group of people.  There was room in that community for everyone but some of ya still aren't satisfied... yah just keep starting more dissention amongst yourselves.
That thread was bottom line a "call-out".  When someone says things like 
  (Not that I would want that) -
Can premium shop owners monetize their Zibbet shops (not that I would want to...just trying to figure out how these fairly large and intrusive (to me) ads got there!)
Heavens to murgatroyd....  how could that be anything BUT a call out when one reads what was said?
And here's the thing.... if you really had a question or concern or curiosity.... why not just message the shop owner?
Or heck some of ya'll are so good about taking every little whiney problem you have to the head honcho....seems like yah might have dialed him up on the hot line and asked him about it....cuz well...that's just the way some of ya'll roll.
And something else to consider whilst you're concerning..... even if you are going to say only nice things about a shop that you have taken a screen shot of.... common courtesy would be to ask the shop owner permission to talk about them in those forums.
In case you haven't noticed...... lots and lots of folks are distancing themselves from those forums and might not want any association with any thing that some of ya'll represent.
Obviously nothing I am saying is going to change any of your actions as you have already appointed yourselves as the "Supreme Judgers"  Maybe I should list some grand Poo Bah hats...... bet I could sell about 10 of them there.  wink wink

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

About some fables vs. real life situations and a zibbet story

I have made some posts as to why I think it is horribly wrong to make your own views interlinked and connected with a venue or business view and so called "team views"
Many might prefer "fables" and what not for examples on how to learn something but honest to goodness I think the most times in my life that I have ever learned anything is from real experiences of my own  or from learning from real experiences that others have gone through and have thankfully  taken the time to tell others about them.
Warning.... although this story is not a fable but instead ..a take on my real life experiences.... it is a bit long and a bit of a Rhonda ramble and therefore.... some may find this nothing other than that. 
I am posting this as somewhat trying to say that there are people out there who do often try to see many different sides of many different situations.... and yes... there are also some out there who tend to think that anyone who does not feel like they do are simply "Heathens" ( for instance)
Okay so my not fable but ACTUAL REAL story starts out as this....
I started posting on the Z pick boards.... very enthusiastic... spent a lot of time doing it and yes... the picks boards do get members views and sales and it is because of the work that has voluntarily gone into that...
so on the "yikes stripes" board.... someone out there in another country once came to the board and was saying all kinds of stuff  "you don't have all stripes"..."you are doing a bad job" etc.etc
Okay.... so of course I take offense at that because I am donating every minute of the time I spend doing that trying to do something good.
I end up getting quite defensive....say something like "sorry you got your panties so bunched up" and talk about how do these people just seem to pop up and find me out of nowhere?
Then the person kind of starts "following me around" if you get my drift.... I had this new admirer out of nowhere that I would never have crossed paths with had I not been doing something that I received absolutely zero compensation for.  Then it comes to the point where a friend of mine clues me in on links from this person and it turns out that she has  Aspergers syndrome so it is suddenly CLEAR like someone turned on a light bulb so to speak-- as to why she was being such an ass about stripes and wasn't me... it was something that she personally had an obsession about. And on top of that she also claimed to be some sort of a witch... I ended up messaging her and telling her that I felt no ill will towards her and that if she ever needed to talk about anything that she could contact me.  And the "following" as far as I know it stopped after telling her that I was sorry for her.
But that is not the real story that I am trying to get to here...hee-hee Rhonda ramble....take it or leave it
Okay.... so to me.... at that time that those boards were started we kind of had this thing... where we would message someone and tell them that their items were just featured and if they were not on Pinterest they might want to join etc etc.
So I message a fellow Zibbet Pics member about featuring her item in one of my boards...
and she answers me with a somewhat frosty reply that she saw what I said on my board about "panties in a bunch" and that her religion or whatever did not take kindly to those type of comments and not much appreciated as I was representing Zibbet on those boards. And honest to pete....even though I clearly got the message that some there obviously viewed me as the site "Heathen" who clearly did not represent them.... I got that message.  I was representing an entire venue and while it was okay to say something on my own Pinterest pins or spaces like "Perhaps yah might want to reach down and give those bunched up panties a yank so ya can breathe a bit easier"
it was not okay to say things like that when I was posting on the Zibbet stuff.
Point well taken and removed the link and then re-posted the sellers "striped controversy some see checks" item to the stripes board.
Okay so lesson learned....
it is not okay to mouth off and say things like that when you are out there representing any sort of team because they are only your views.
And now it is a fact that even one of Zibbets CEO's linked their personal twitter views to the Zibbet venue in public places and many many lessons since then have been learned the hard way.
Me ---the lesson I learned from all of this is that sometimes.... the people who find you and post the most crazy out there things.... some of them are only looking for someone to say a kind word... and guess what?
When I figured that out.... this person who found me out there and was suddenly so obsessed with me.... suddenly forgot about me (after I connected and said I was sorry for what she was going through) --and she suddenly found other things to obsess about.... not because she was trying to do that... but just because she was born with a problem that makes her do that.
And there is a big difference there.
Some people who often exhibit these kinds of obsessive statements and actions do indeed  have a choice and not a mental problem and yet they choose to create problems.... and other people believe it or not simply can not help themselves and are looking for a kind word or for someone to say... "I am sorry I can not help you with that."
Live and learn.
And yes I am crass... okie panokie...I say what I mean... and often times might not fit into some groups out there..but I rest well at night knowing that I don't need to fit in. I am what I am.
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Monday, January 27, 2014

Sunday..twilight bowling rest and relaxation.

After taking more stuff to the little spot at Timeless yesterday
We went and joined Kev Sarah and Chloe at the bowling alley for a couple of hours.   Lexie had the weekend with her dad so missed having her there.  It was Chloe's first time bowling and she had so much fun and was so funny I laughed so much my face was hurting after awhile.  Great day !

Cheers to many more great days and hope ya'll have a wonderful week.

#bowlingkiddos #junkinmytimelesstrunk #makingfaces

Sunday, January 26, 2014

About that team Twitter tweeter and the Attack Of The Viper Wipers

Okay so there was only one person on that so called team for quite some time when it was being called a "Team" and also using the business name to back it up.  And since the one person took it upon herself to make false allegations and assumptions in the name of the "venue"...and undoubtedly 2 wrongs don't make a right but let's just say that I borrowed her crazy pants and bounced a bit of that back her way in an effort to make it clear that her tweets were in no way a representation of the sellers on that venue.
Flash forward to now there are in fact more people tweeting under the "team" name so I myself will no longer be directing tweets toward a group of people who have not acted in the crazy and childish and totally unprofessional manner that this one who said she was "representin'" did.
If a venue is already under the radar... what this one tweeter tweeted using the venue name was enough alone to drive away new buyers/sellers... and also some current sellers who are embarrassed to be associated with that kind of carp.
The key goal on that "team" should be to publicly promote a venue instead of to get on there and bash your fellow sellers.  And if the other "teamies" can put a sock in this one's mouth for awhile..... things should start looking up on that avenue of promotion.
And while speaking of false and rude things from some who have a story that it's "the others"... who are doing terrible things....
here's another little clue some might want to jot down for future reference.....
when some of ya'll have been in those chat rooms and have "popped up" and told fellow members "You don't belong here" "Go back to where you came from" "If you don't like it leave" .... kinda stuff..... there have been screen shots taken of what you said..... and those comments that some think they can make and then go back and delete them later...... well gee.....they have most certainly had screen shots as well.  They are out there being shared.... and it's no secret that what one described as "housecleaning"....a lot of folks out there are seeing it quite differently and are describing what has transpired so far as---"Salem Witch Hunt 2"  "Attack of the Viper Wipers" and also "The Jim Jone's Jamboree"....
so I'd think that in your next little private Pow-wow..... you might want to see if some of ya'll would start behavin' yourselves for awhile before this little Kumbaya collapse  passes the point of no return because there's a lot more than 20 or so people there who have worked so hard and will most certainly continue to be affected by some of your actions.
That's just a bit of advice from this little ole Country Bumpkin.
ooops gotta clear some frost off of the pumkin :=)
And if the little hints aren't quite clear enough..... let me sum it up in one sentence
"Perhaps some of you Z Zealots should consider pumping the brakes for awhile."  
Yep that would be a simple step in the might direction now wouldn't it? 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

#Zibbet...hazz I been bannded now? Hope it is only a site glitch :)

Sooo... I Put the shop on vacay sometimes one has to step back away think about it...or just has things they need to do....
because I brought up a topic and left the conversation in order not to be disrespectful...
just a few minutes ago...after talking to so many people with so many encouraging words....saying that I have indeed been a positive voice in this community with the best intentions
went back and tried to take the shop off of vacay....
keep getting the "will not load" message on 3 different computers by the way.
I am assuming that this is some sort of a glitch.... as I have had no messages (regarding shop removal) and am still able to post in the community.
If I am now banned and can not take the shop off of vacay.... a message or something would be nice ....I do need access to my items in the shop in order to copy and paste them if that is the case...
and some might say....
oh you should message site help or whatever.....
I find it very strange that this just occurred after posting something that did not bode well with a certain group here but in fact was stated in the most respectful manner.
just kind of twilight zone....not a conspiracy theory ...but it is what it is.
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Also have screen shots and please... I do not need some of ya'll with those messages that I need to go back to somewhere else :)


Friday, January 24, 2014

Some thoughts About Kool-aide and crap

Well.... here's the thing....
the last time I looked.... Kool-aide comes in many different colors and flavors.  There are also those who have many different preferences as far as how sweet or how tangy they like their Kool-aide.  Point being that even Kool-aide is as diversified with choices as anything else out there.

Bottom line---------

Whether you are standing in line at the next cult convention or whether you are simply very thirsty.....
there will never be just one kind of Kool-aide that everyone prefers to drink.... nor should there ever be.
It's all about choices and decisions and making your own decisions instead of having someone else tell you what your only choices are....
and when a situation arises where a once seemingly 2 way street just keeps getting narrower and narrower and the traffic is definitely getting stalled at that one way "Yield" sign....hmnnn. Just hmnnnnn.
and then.... here's another thing.
One might think that those who have been known to capitalize and cash in on the dissent of others would somehow have a better feel on how to handle types of dissent within their own community instead of just banishing them in an effort to keep a lid on things.
Some people (myself included) would certainly feel that pretty much bad things happen when only one way of thinking is allowed. Especially when the people who do speak up and voice other opinions are suddenly punished or grouped as "troublemakers or liars " and are being called "a group of those wanting to only bring harm to others " when in fact they might only be guilty of caring about it enough to say something in the first place
Yes there are always about 3 sides to every story.
And when I think of how bad things can get when people are afraid to speak up...well gee one word "Hitler" comes to mind....that's an extreme example of what happens when one view is the only view allowed at the time.
And here's another thing....trying to cover up crap and hoping it will just go away pretty much just makes a big ole huge crap pile kind of keep growing. Like the magically morphing pile of poo or something like that.
Because when you try to cover the crap up and sweep it under the rug without addressing it and being down right honest about it.... it doesn't take long for someone to come along and step in that not so hidden crap and start trampling around and spreading it all over the place.... and pretty soon more and more people are out there stepping in it and before you know it you have a big ole humongeous stinky pile of poo that would have probably just shriveled up and disintegrated had it been faced properly and head on.(And if you had the foresight to keep your friends close but your perceived enemies closer)
Guess there's a reason why most turds float...sometimes like cream they also rise to the top and no matter how many times you flush....they just seem to keep fighting and won't easily go away.
And that leads me to thinking....
is Kool-aide good for the digestive system? that's my ramble for the day.
Hope ya'll have a nice weekend!
#communitycrashers #koolaide #makesmenotthirsty

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Team Zibbet? What was that all about?

I know a lot of nice people at Zibbet and although I do not personally know the person behind the Team Zibbet Twitter account.....
I'm wondering if she is aware that many are comparing her posts to the melt down and the Cra Cra that happened at TCS.
To an outsider..reading "Team Zibbet" one would obviously think that Zibbet is the one talking there.
And getting involved in personal spats while using the Zibbet name is a bad reflection on all Zibbet sellers.
When I say something I am speaking for myself. But if I did it with an account using the Zibbet name..... then one would assume I was speaking for the whole community.
I believe in speaking your mind..... but perhaps doing those things under a personal account would serve a much better purpose business wise for all involved in the venue.
It makes no sense to be running off more potential buyers and sellers with these type of public displays....
especially now that almost every time you blink more drama keeps unfolding.
No wonder so many are avoiding those forums like the plague.
And for all of the people who have worked so hard setting up shops and promoting and doing everything they possibly can to make their shops successful is really sad to see what is unfolding day by day.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Okay so just call me the rainbow farter already okay why don't cha

So bottom line.... it's their site (Zibbet) and they can pretty much do what they want with their forums and venue...most have pretty much figured that out just like Etsy and eBay can do what they want and make whatever rules they want to apply.
I prefer to keep things simple and feel that too many rules just creates more problems...but that's just me.  I mean you take a thing like the Ten Commandments..... something that a lot of people try to live their lives by.   Throughout time many changes have occured since those commandments were written down but those basic rules are enough to try and follow.  If you mess up and break one....are you shunned or cast out ?  Nope.... you learn from your mistakes hopefully and try to be a better person.  Most people have a sense of right and wrong and those who are going to cause trouble and cross the line will do that no matter how many rules or regulations are in place.
There is nothing wrong with being positive or being a cup cake.  Heck I've been known to fart a few rainbows in my life time :=) .
The fall-out in the Zibbet forums to me had nothing to do with people being too positive..... but instead what seemed to happen is that a few people used the guise of being positive whilst they carried on some very negative snarky comments towards others...and yet would tell themselves.... "Oh they don't like me because I am too positive...or they are picking on me because I am a positive person".  And I didn't see it that way at all.  The problem was the people who were negative to others they didn't feel were being positive enough and in my opinion they created more negativity by their actions and words. You also had some people who feel it is okay to attack others with their words but cry wolf the minute they think someone might be saying something negative towards them.
The thing is that the majority of people on any selling venue do not hang out in the forums.  But they do check out the forums upon first arriving to the venue.... I would think they do at least....and many at this point might even base a decision on whether to stick around or whether or not to ever post anything upon their first impression of the forum.  And although I really like the fact that so far Jonathan and Andrew have the time and ability to be very hands on with Zibbeters... it seems that lately every time Andrew makes an announcement in the forums that he alienates more people... and as someone stated "They're damned if they do and damned if they don't."
One thing that does happen on any forum is that often the closed threads and the "muted" ones end up being the most vocal and garnering more attention.  The google searches on some closed threads show up way higher in the ranking than the most popular viewed threads that are still running.  It can not be an easy job for either of them trying to stay neutral in forum situations and to not take sides----- but to me the site will fare much better if they can find a way to stay out of these situations and to stop adding fuel to the fire.
The thing is... if you look back at places like Etsy and eBay....when they started out and were growing...what made them grow?  Basically it was the sellers meeting and forming relationships and buying from one another. If that had not occured neither site would have grown like they did.  So at this point... when new people come to Zibbet and list their items and if they are not selling much or haven't sold anything yet.... what is the one thing that would keep them hanging around?  Well... the forums for one just might do the trick if they were having fun or just feeling a bit of a connection.
And I would imagine that Andrew probably gets his feelings hurt when people don't agree with him. Being a pastor and all he's probably used to hearing "Amen!" and having total support when he speaks.  You would also have to think that they started this venue with the intentions of making $ and selling it someday to an interested venture company.  So people are not only looking at the sellers on Zibbet....they are also looking at the owners and the direction the site is headed. 
And the good thing about one step forward and two steps back is that you can still go forward.  I'm not sure if they will ever see a huge influx of people like the one that happened after that Town Hall meeting.....
but making the site more user friendly and sellers having sales there will surely be the thing that will make more sellers become more active in promoting the venue. Still have fingers crossed and waiting for the rebuild to roll-out.....and in the meantime I am hoping that a happy medium will be found in the fora land there =)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dear Zibbet let's Squash the Us Vs Them mentality in our quest for moving forward...shall we? Who is them if it isn't Us?

I am happy that Zibbet is taking the steps to move forward and get er done.....
as I just saw more forum changes for us to now expect.....
I felt I needed to re-post and expand on the comment I made below  ---
as a new post to start here....
I basically said this......
I am not ever sure which "us" I fall into as I like a lot of different people who apparently when they are all thrown in the same spot together.....some of them don't like each other.
But these type of things happen on any Forum or venue and no one with good intentions should ever take it upon themselves to figure it all out.
People are people....they make mistakes.....they say things that are taken in manner that they didn't originally intend.
Bottom line....
I don't need to get caught up in all of that.....I will not choose sides in other peoples' drama
my business is to keep track of who I have dealt with who treated me right and my business is that I can like people that other people don't like without being afraid that someone in a certain group will now not like me because I like someone that their group or team does not like.
We do not need forum police or us vs them ever.
No one knows who us or them is when you are accepting of the entire community.

dear Zibbet.....  most of the time sellers are smart enough to work these things out amongst themselves.....
one recent example that I found amusing and also made me smile.....
in a weekly "chat" one of the teams I am on there agreed to meet up and chat for an hour.... in the time we were there two sellers who were not on our team got in a very heated discussion where one ended up calling the other one a TWAT.... seriously.... we were like uhhhhhh....what was that all about.????
So a few weeks later imagine my smile....when I saw that these 2 sellers were wishing each other Merry Christmas or Happy New Year or one or the other....
bottom line....
they worked it out.
Most people are capable of doing that without a ton of rules in place.
And the ones who can't do this sort of thing.....
they don't tend to abide by anyone's rules other than their own to begin with.....
so why more rules?
Oh why oh why oh why????
Sometimes the more things change the more they seem to try and acclimate to everything else out there and the thing that seemed to make them different in the 1st place is the thing that they can not seem to hold onto and think it is worth it to make it better.
Just my opinion. 
#zibbet #forumcupcakes #usvsthem #whoisthem?


The Hook of Love Antique vintage Valentine

I can't tell you how much I love this little antique Valentine Postcard.
It is unused and in excellent condition and I haven't been able to part with it just yet :=)
I wanted to share the scan of it here for you to use in your craft projects. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have over the years.


I'll Always Protect you vintage valentine

Hope this vintage Valentine helps you bust a mooooove on having a great day :)

#bustamove  #oldcows  #valentinelove #vintagevalentine #spankyluvsvintage

Monday, January 20, 2014

Vintage Valentine... could you carrot all about me?

(have you hugged your white rabbit today? )

More Views:

click to view click to view


Fun veggy vintage Valentine from Forget Me Not Cards.
Two cute carrots cavorting and bringing a little fresh to the table.
The Valentine has a little tear at the bottom edge as it is the type that you hook the notches so it will stand up. Overall very bright and good condition.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Doctor joke

My sweet Cuz sent me this joke this morning and I thought it was pretty funny :)

A woman goes to the Doctor, worried about her husband's temper.

The Doctor asks: "What's the problem?

The woman says: "Doctor, I don't know what to do. Every day my husband
seems to lose his temper for no reason. It scares me

The Doctor says: "I have a cure for that. When it seems that your husband
is getting angry, just take a glass of water and start swishing it in your
mouth. Just swish and swish but don't swallow it until he either leaves
the room or calms down

Two weeks later the woman comes back to the doctor looking fresh and reborn

The woman says: "Doctor that was a brilliant idea! Every time my husband
started losing it, I swished with water. I swished and swished, and he
calmed right down! How does a glass of water do that

The Doctor says: "The water itself does nothing. It's keeping your mouth
shut that does the trick...."

Zibbet C3 Andrew the rebuild and the new vibe jibe

Okay so most of ya'll know that I have been here for quite some time posting the positives about all of the good vibes that I have always felt since I landed @ Zibbet.  And first and foremost I want to make this perfectly clear.... the connections with all of the wonderful people I have met on the Zibbet venue....far outweigh any monetary equation as I sit back and try to analyze the situation today.
It's kind of funny strange and surreal all at the same time when I think back to some of those posts I made that said something like "If Zibbet is a Cult.... we hazzz great kool-aid".... I remember saying things like that when people made references to the cult kind of things and at that time I simply felt that some had opinions because so many people in the forums were helpful friendly and supportive..... and that was the site I found and landed on a few years ago.  I called it "The Zibbet Zensation" "I'm Zonkers for Zibbet" yada yada. 
But let me explain why the site then and the forums now are a bit different and "odd" to me and I would have to say that if I landed in those forums and found the site now..... I seriously think I would have bounced after trying it out for maybe a couple of months.
When I found Zibbet... Jonathan was in the forums and was always so kind and supportive.  Jess the site tech was also there and honestly.... he kind of reminded me of a Cali surfer dude who might be sporting some Chronic in his pocket to share with those who chose to imbibe.....and I'm not at all saying that Jess was down with 420.... he just kind of looked the part and was so laid back and easy going.
Anywhoo.... that was the Zibbet I found and stuck around for..... and yep kept on waiting for the elusive "rebuild".
I kept thinking that the site had good intentions and was the next best thing and hoping hoping that it would and should take off and thrive one of these days.
I met many wonderful people  in the forums.
But let me tell you from personal experience as to what I think happens over and over there.
You get there.... find a good vibe... like the place and start listing like mad and sharing like mad and promoting yada yada............ and after awhile when you find that you are tired of spending so much time promoting and sharing and listing new items that are still not selling as quickly as you think they should after so much effort you put into a place that you truly believe in and want more than anything to be the next bestest venue to sell your wares.....
Well guess what?  You find out that it doesn't matter how much better the value is on final value fees.... if you are not selling much or nothing at all.  And that is to me what has happened so far.  You  end up sitting back and waiting and watching for the rebuild when things are gonna go to the next level.  And you want them to TAKE OFF ....yes you really do because by this time you have a lot of time invested in this venue and your listings there.
And somewhere along the way.... along came Andrew (who I never knew anything about) out into the open after Zibbet got "publicly NOTICED"....they got attention and it suddenly seemed like Andrew was needing some of that attention now that the site was getting noticed. Then when that C3 stuff came out....whew! I guess that phrase of don't call someone a preacher and expect them not to get all preachy on you might be applicable can still google his name with C3 and links to the Zibbet Venue are tied to his name and religious affiliations.  And it really makes some wonder why they are on a venue that has links to the C3 the sellers on Zibbet are not all affiliated with C3 but Andrew chose to link his affiliation with Zibbet to his C3 stuff and that's where it all gets very very messy. A first time buyer could potentially google  Zibbet and find Andrew on C3 and see his links to Zibbet and assume that all Zibbet sellers are affiliated with Andrews' Church.  And that is the problem ... a big problem that still exists as I am writing this.  And anyone who questions whether or not they are comfortable with being on Zibbet and also having the correlation to the C3 church...might in fact do themselves a favor and google the C3 and decide for themselves now that all of this is indeed tied into a Google search that links Zibbet to Andrew and to the C3.....
I am one who lives by the "to each his own" motto and "judge not lest ye be judged" deal.  Several years ago I belonged to a congregation that had a sign outside which said "No Perfect People Allowed"..... but you could bet your sweet arse that every Sunday a group of finger pointing tongue wagging judgers would be in the front of the pews discussing what everyone else was doing wrong or inappropriate .And in my own experience I would have to say that some of the most hypocritical and judgmental people I know are very very religious.
Okay.... so when Andrew got the C3 call out..... I feel that things on the Zibbet site went downhill in a hurry....and I still think that hopefully Jonathan can step back up to the plate and save the venue.
Because is anyone else hearing this???? "Hello!!!!!!!!!!!! The MOMENTUM is leaving the building.....
I now am almost feeling that this was their chance and it got kind of blown.....
who at the end of the day really cares about less than 20 forum cupcakes who are very sensitive .....when the bottom line for most sellers--- is sales?
And the recent announcement that the "rebuild" will mostly be to prepare for more growth....
I am just thinking.......... Wow...............
you can't keep telling people to list their items on this fabulous venue that supports HVAS....
after awhile the people will grow weary of listing listing and little to no sales to compensate for all of the time they spent there.
And lately...... because my views do not coincide with one of the Zibbets' co-founder views...........
howzzz that vibe working for me these days??
should I pray about it?
Or should I just wait and see if it all works out?
All I know is that I am very very lucky to have crossed paths with so many wonderful people I have met there....
and maybe I could sell more there if I start offering free packets of Kool-aid with every purchase......
hee-hee...yep I am kidding :=)

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Embellished mason jars

Here's a few of the mason jars I have done in the past couple of weeks.  I love mason Jars for storage and display and turning them into one of a kind pieces is also a lot of fun.  Spray painting and then adding chalk paint on the lids is what I have recently been doing to them and I still find that the E6000 glue holds up better than anything I have tried yet.

Now's your time ^^^^^^^^^

I found this little Napco Dachshund ^^^^^ at the Rose Bowl Swap meet over 40 years ago..... she used to have some little fuzzy stuff around her feet and because she had gotten a few nicks over the years and is no longer in great condition.... what better way to make her shine than to give her a new life on a mason Jar lid ? :)

I had these old Snow White characters ^^^^ hiding in a junk drawer ..... they look pretty happy to be out in the day light now :)

I hope this has given ya'll some ideas to make your own embellished Mason Jars or any jars for that matter.
The possibilities are endless.

Happy January and hope ya'll are staying safe and warm :)

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