Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Out of the cage birds for your ears

I listed these in my eclectic kinetric shop on Etsy yesterday. I love the colors on the glass bead birds :)

Birds Out Of The Cage Fly Away Handmade Earrings

Birds Out Of The Cage Fly Away Handmade Earrings
Birds Out Of The Cage Fly Away Handmade Earrings Birds Out Of The Cage Fly Away Handmade Earrings Birds Out Of The Cage Fly Away Handmade Earrings Birds Out Of The Cage Fly Away Handmade Earrings Birds Out Of The Cage Fly Away Handmade Earrings
White wooden bird cages blue glass bead birds yellow glass flowers green glass beads and a plastic blue flower are all hanging out on this bird nest fest.
They are 4" tall.
Thanks for looking!
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Sunday, July 29, 2012

A nice little pat on the head LOL!

I saw this on FB tonight and simply had to share it.....
 YESSSSS.......I busted out laughing <3

Shout out to my fab nephew...on hitting that stride and winning 2 straight IMCA Modified Mains

Luv ya and so goshdarn proud of ya little Larry!  Had to send a shout out here :) When I asked you the morning of the race....."How is your right foot feeling? Heavy or light?" Lead foot Larry Junior... hee-hee....I take great PRIDE in your stride young man.....Congrats dude...keep it up &  WHOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Hood wins 2nd straight IMCA Modified main

BY MIKE GRIFFITH Californian staff writer mgriffith@bakersfield.com
Larry Hood has hit his stride.
Hood powered into the lead on the sixth lap and led the rest of the way to win the 25-lap IMCA Modified feature on Saturday night at Bakersfield Speedway.

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It was the second straight victory at the third-mile clay oval for Hood, who had trouble just finishing races in the five previous events.
"We've had about a month and a half of bad luck, just racing stuff," Hood said. "This is awesome. Just awesome."
Hood started the season with three straight top-eight finishes. Then came five races where he placed 17th or worse.
"It's been a while since I've won two in a row," he said. "I love it. It's what we come here for, to win, but it doesn't always happen."
Hood pulled out to a 10-car length lead before a caution bunched the field on the 10th lap. He jumped out to a big lead on the restart only to have it evaporate with another caution on lap 14. One lap of racing produced another caution and the final yellow flew on lap 16.
Hood got a good jump on Gary Dutton on the final restart and held on over the final nine laps to win by two car lengths.
"Larry caught me asleep there on the last restart," said Dutton.
Jay Marks finished third, just ahead of Joey Yantis and points leader Brad Pounds.
David Childress pulled away over the final few laps to win his first Sports Mod race in just his third outing this season.
Childress took the lead midway through the 25-lap race then held off Randy Schweitzer to get the win.
Eric Cimental finished a close third with Loren De Armond and Robby Witwer right behind.
The American Stock feature was not completed at press time.
Cory Elliott of Bakersfield raced to an easy victory in the 20-lap USAC Ford Focus feature. It was just the third race in the division for the 12-year old, who finished runner-up in his first two outings. Elliott finished about a third of a track in front of Michael Steel.
Anthony Balcazar took the lead with five laps remaining and went on to win the 15-lap senior division Mini Dwarf feature. It was his second straight win and fourth of the year. Troy Morris III started on the front row and led every lap en route to his first victory in a caution-plagued 12-lap junior division race.

Do Some People In Valley, Nebraska Live On Another Planet?

Okay-sters..I must warn you in advance that this is going to be a bit of a long post... but I have to tell you why I came to the conclusion that some people from Valley Nebraska are obviously living on a different planet than the one I am standing on :) 
First off this story I guess is about "on-line feedback" but I think there might be a little bit more going on here...(I have often jokingly stated that I may be psycho at times yet I have never claimed to be a psychic heh-heh)
Okay....I first want to start out by saying that I have bought a lot of things on-line from the hand made venues and also on eBay....and never once in my entire "purchasing" time did I leave someone a negative feedback until after I tried to resolve whatever problem I may have had with the purchase...and even then...I can probably count the negs I gave someone on one hand... but it was NEVER done without first contacting the seller....and if I am really being honest here...I have occasionally left people a "positive feedback" even if I was disappointed with the quality of the item I received....I am a firm believer of caveat emptor....and if the seller didn't knowingly do something to deceive me...they get a pos...but that's just me---I think that if I didn't get a good deal....it's my bad and I will be more careful the next time in the same situation LOL and I guess that might make me a little different than others :)
I guess I may look at it a bit differently but HEY! maybe I'm weird or maybe I'm just Limited Edition :)...alzzz I can say is that  I myself am happy about all of the small businesses that are still in business and hand made shops that I have to choose from...and when I contact these people..I know I am not going to have to dial a 1-800 # ..get put on hold or transferred over and over...and FINALLY end up talking with someone that I can't understand who doesn't understand my problem....I guess the point I am getting at...is that if I have a problem with a purchase....I tell someone about it first...because maybe it won't be the problem I think it could be----and I hope that by spending my time writing this....that maybe someone out there will realize this and will think twice before "jumping the gun" because if you have a "REAL" problem...and dealing with a small business---the odds are definitely in your favor----you in my opinion will receive better customer service than anywhere else.  And of course that is just my opinion.  
For instance....not long ago I purchased an old sewing machine on eBay and I actually bid on it for the case....not the machine..these old sewing machines are easy and cheap to find..but with the case and in good condition.....not so easy.  I got it for a great price from a newer seller and guess what?  The package arrived and the case on the sewing machine had been shattered because the seller (being new and never had packaged a large heavy item) they didn't put enough padding or even write "fragile" on the box.  I have to tell you..I almost cried when I opened up that box...I was so excited about getting such a good deal yada-yada...and then to open it up and see it shattered.....huge bummer indeed....Let's see-- I could have given the seller a "negative feedback" and all 1's on the DSR rating (which would have smashed her ...chances of ever showing up higher in the views from her eBay debut)..I could have filed a claim with PayPal and received a full refund plus probably could have kept the damaged machine unless I was compensated for the return shipping....but instead...I talked to the newbie seller and gave her hints about how to package these sort of things...I even paid $35.00 out of my own pocket to return the machine to her after she refunded my purchase price.  Why?  She didn't do this maliciously...also--these new sellers are the REASON we get lucky and catch a good deal sometimes----because they don't know what they are doing yet HELLO?...chit happens sometimes...and she got stuck with a damaged machine.  Okay so that is my most recent example with the way I roll if I have a problem with an on-line purchase===and I do it because like I say...I am happy that there are small sellers out there where we can still find unique and different things....I like saving money at Wal-mart but if everything in my house came from China I think I might as well freaking move there maybe?
Okay....so here is where Valley,Nebraska rolls into the picture...and granted--this Lesa P. person is the only Person I have ever dealt with from Valley,Nebraska so maybe ya'll don't live on another planet....even tho I am left with the feeling that something SMELLS very fishy down in the Valley and no I am not down with that LOL..but totally serious....
Okay...so here's what happened and I am linking her responses as well and maybe someone will chime in and maybe not-----
This gal Lesa P. aka ManjisMate ........from Valley,Nebraska......
so she rolls into Zibbet the other day..joins the sight and buys a vintage tape dispenser from me.  I hear absolutely nothing from her until this....da-da-da-da a big fat red negative one my feedback that says

This product does not work....VERY DISAPPOINTED .. The tape does not cut, all it does is mess up the tape. Will not shop here again. Will tell the friends not to trust your item ManjisMate
so I say this
W-O-W just W-O-W..buyer has a "supposed" problem yet makes no attempt to contact me.... instead leaves negative feedback LOL! I do not trust this type of buyer W-O-W just W-O-W :( spankyluvsvintage2
so then I send her this message---

About your disappointment
Hi hun :) After googling you..I was indeed a bit surprised about how you seem to not have any problem reaching out to total strangers and asking totally mundane questions....so naturally I found it very odd that if you had a problem with your purchase that you wouldn't have simply tried to contact me about it before the feedback you left ....LOL But hey! I am a firm believer that this is America and we are all entitled to our opinions :).....Very odd that you joined Z to purchase only from me and left the FB without contacting me first tho???...and I think anyone with a lick of sense will figure that out :) Anywho.....best wishes in your future on-line purchases and I sincerely hope that your disappointment with the item you purchased from me will not leave your panties in a permanent wadded up bunch in your 1st Zibbet "buying" experience.... all I can say is THANK God for all of the people who love me locally and keep me very very busy when I am not working at my real job :)....and what happened here is really a great topic for my little ole blog.. with the topic---- ABOUT FEEDBACK.... but I will only post the facts :) and of course what I listed and said and what you said and what I said here in this message...and what you reply if you actually do :) However because I love sharing my old pieces with others....I have to share a bit about this one.... back in the early 70's my mom and I found an old desk at a swap meet...we painted it bright orange and I added a bunch of "flower" stickers to the drawers.....I loved it so much I knew I had to  keep adding some new desk "tools" and I found this "new old" vintage tape dispenser a few years later at the monthly Rose Bowl Pasadena California swap meet that I have been going to for many many years......I myself have pulled ripped and used many a piece of tape out of that dispenser until I graduated from High school and sold the desk....but this is the same tape dispenser that you ended up sending the haters towards me for LOL! It worked the last time I tossed it in a drawer over 30 years ago....and seriously....if you really had a problem with it....I would have refunded your money and just given it to you for free if it really brought you so much disappointment regarding it's "supposed" functionality. But I would have to think..that because you didn't contact me about a real issue when at the same time I see that you do indeed reach out to total strangers on-line----I can only assume that you had some sort of a "hidden" motivation here... but it's okay....like I said..we are all entitled to our own opinions and I am a firm believer that karma is entitled to interpret those actions <3 you spanxed me instead of thanxed me I could whip out a vintage hankie but instead....the duct tape over my mouth was a better go getter and I chose to laugh instead <3 xo the totally untrustworthy seller = me according 2 U :)
and lo-and -behold....we finally have this 1st actual real communication from her
Jul 28, 2012 8:51pm UTC
RE: About your disappointment
I tried and tried to get in touch with you. There was no way to tell you of my disappointment. Yes I did get it for use, had no idea it was like mine, worn out. Well I just wanted one that worked. No I have 2 that don't.. lol......Just my Luck I guess.... Thank you, Lesa
so I haven't had any messages whatsoever...her contact phone number has not called my contact phone number clearly on the invoice....and every person I have ever dealt with on Zibbet has had absolutely no problem contacting me and yet...I give her the benefit of the doubt....maybe something got "haywire"...she doesn't live in an area where cell phone reception works...she doesn't know how to simply click the "green link" that says "contact seller" and takes you DIRECTLY to a message window to send to the seller....okay..so I message her one more time with this.......
Jul 28, 2012 10:21pm UTC
RE: About your disappointment
Hi Lesa Sorry to bother you but may I ask how you tried and tried to get in touch with me? (As this is the first message I have received from you and I check my e-mails and messages here daily).....would just like to know what way you tried to get in touch with me and you were not able to. Thank you for your earlier response...I appreciate having your side of the story when I post about it and share on-line :) I won't post your entire name tho....I will only refer to you as Lesa P. Would you at this point consider returning it for a full refund including your return shipping costs? At this point I don't even care about the feedback you left as nothing is perfect in the real world and I am sure that you stating that I am not trustworthy somehow made you feel better :) It's just that after sharing with you how long I had used it....and knowing that it ended up with someone who is very dissapointed with it...I don't know....it's just that I like sharing my things with people who like them....not hate them LOL! If you haven't thrown it away I would be more than happy to have it back. Rhonda 
and now I just received this message from her
Jul 29, 2012 4:24am UTC
RE: About your disappointment
I had all to do to get out of the F.A.Q. area on the site. I tried under each heading to find a contact you area and again I was brought right into the F.A.Q. with everything I tried.Even if it was the contact us it still put me into the F.A.Q.'S. I was just so relieved when I got to leave feed back, I had a place to tell someone of my not being to happy about it not cutting. I was not trying to be a butt-head to you, I really thought it was a working item I was buying. I was given mine long ago and I used it till today to hold the tape, but as I mentioned, mine became so dull it would not cut anymore. I will remember your kindness in your first email when I let my friends know how low you think of people who are unsatisfied. To say I would throw it away just proves how little you truly think of your customers. Makes me want to trust people oh so much. 
okay....so help me out here because clearly I am not understanding something.......
she leaves a negative feedback and is so disappointed.....
and then says quote " but as I mentioned, mine became so dull it would not cut anymore" Uhhmmmm nope we never had this conversation in fact---....that's what you said about the item you bought from me....we never had a conversation about your own tape dispenser "not cutting"even though you CLAIM you tried and tried to contact me ..and then you say about your tape dispenser I was given mine long ago and I used it till today to hold the tape--so does that mean that now you are using the tape dispenser I sent you to hold the tape even tho you say it doesn't work properly ??? ...Why would you not still be using yours today that someone you actually know gave you? Maybe I just don't understand what you are trying to say but.... W-H-E-W-W--- I am exasperated trying to keep up with whatever problem you have with me here----damnnnnnnnn cookie...put me back in the oven to bake for awhile :)....
I offer her a complete refund and compensation for her costs in returning it...I also add the part about "If you haven't thrown it away yet"  
I mean heck..I am assuming that because she is supposedly so unhappy with the item that maybe she tossed it....
but spank me again...I am such a dummy for "thinking so low of my customers" that I offered a complete refund and compensation for returning the item.  WTF?????
Am I K-A-R-A-Z-Y for being left with the feeling that there is simply no rational way of dealing with this IMO -----------------quackadoodle????
So I realize now that there is no chance of being rational here..or trying to figure this one out........maybe ya'll in Valley Nebraska are drinking some weird water or something.....or maybe there is indeed some sort of hidden agenda or just one of those deals where you can never figure out what's really going on because none of it will ever make sense in your world that you live in. :)
All I CAN SAY HERE is that I tried....and sometimes that is indeed all that you can do and sometimes you just throw your hands in the air....take a deep breath in....and move on. 
C-ya later Lesa P.------I'd like to say it was nice meeting ya.....but no.....I'm just gonna step on the gas and get the hell out of Valley,Nebraska before they hang me at the stake :)
sorry about the ramble.....
but just want to end this with the thought once again......
small businesses here in America and through out the world are at the top of the list in my book....and I will continue to always shop @ small businesses and at the hand made venues before I hit the big box stores. 
Peace-ya'll :) 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

What Happens In The Woods...

A BIG Teetering TEDDY bear AKA Ted the BOBBLE HEAD vintage gold tone necklace

More Views:

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Teddy bear heart heart love going on here on this big vintage gold tone necklace. This guy reminds me of "Ted the movie" :) The teddy is a "bobble head" and his body does a little "swinging" as well (because what happens in the Woods Stays in the Woods) hee-hee. The pendant is 2" tall and the gold tone chain is 18".
Thanks for looking!
* Please keep in mind that vintage items are used and will not be in perfect condition unless otherwise stated. If you have any questions please simply hit the "contact spankyluvsvintage2" link directly below.... and ask away ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥



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Friday, July 27, 2012

More Doll plate Recycled Jewelry.....

Doll Plate Vintage button Pink Flower Recycled Earrings

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Blue flower ceramic doll plates were added to some white frosty 1" diameter vintage buttons. Then I added a new plastic pink flower and a gold tone post to the back.
Thanks for visiting my shop!


doll plate,vintage button,plastic cab,metal post

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Vintage charm photos in old metal frames

My latest Etsy listing............

This lot of original vintage photos placed inside of metal charms were once hanging on one of those "family tree" stands.......several years ago I re-purposed the tree stand and have had these charms in a craft drawer with intentions of using them someday. If someone else out there snags them up before I get around to using them :=) I'd be more than happy to pass them on :)
These are 1" diameter and the listing is for the lot of 5 pieces.

Vintage photos inside of metal charm frames lot of 5

Vintage photos inside of metal charm frames lot of 5
Vintage photos inside of metal charm frames lot of 5 Vintage photos inside of metal charm frames lot of 5 Vintage photos inside of metal charm frames lot of 5 Vintage photos inside of metal charm frames lot of 5

Poncho Vintage pom pom in black and white

poncho hollah<3

White Kid Gloves heart

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Boone Iowa All Star Race..Larry Hood is on the ballot :)

My Nephew Little Larry Hood is on this "All-Star" ballot for a special race at Boone Iowa this year.....would appreciate any of you out there who can take a minute to vote for him.....you can vote once a day ♥.....
Hood, Larry - California - Winter Challenge at Canyon Speedway Park
here is the link 

Props to my brotha Darrell Hood (the old man hee-hee) for Winning again

You go brotha!! There's no stopping U no matter what HOLLAH! "Hood was second by the fourth lap and went from third to first with a pass on the high side of turn three on lap 11. There was no catching Hood after that." Woo Hoo♥!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....
My bro is dealing with some personal issues..but that in no way got in the race car with him tonight LOL
 Way to go Darrell.....you are my older bro and I have always looked up to you for strength....not always guidance LOL.....but you are my rock now and I expect you to always be there for me:)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Hard Yard Reflections on those Missing Moments

It happens every now and then and this morning there it was....that moment when I forgot...and automatically picked up the phone and started to call mom's #.....she passed away in 2010 but I still have those moments when I still forget that fact.....I guess old habits are hard to break....anywho...I wrote this today and decided to share it here because maybe someone else out there has had these same type of moments and can relate :)

The Hard Yard

Spanky Luvs Vintage on Jul 21, 2012

About those missing you moments.

The Hard Yard
I’m not sure which is harder
calling you (because I forget)
you are no longer here
and that moment when
I push the red to end the call
in mid-ring
or is it the Holidays
when you are not there
it’s just the empty chair
staring at me
taunting me
because you are not in it.
But I can feel you here
I know you are still here
somewhere in my heart
and that is the hardest part
my hardened heart
so seemingly hollow after
you left
so different
and yet
it feels like it is getting
back to real.
What I wouldn’t do to be
able to touch you
to kiss you
to see your pretty
I miss you momma
and it is still
the hardest
in my life

Read more: http://authspot.com/poetry/the-hard-yard/#ixzz21JSITWlj

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Life Decoupage Cuff Bracelet Recycled Vintage Tie

Sharing my newest listing @ Zibbet...I love old ties :)


A Life Decoupage Cuff Bracelet Recycled Vintage Tie


A fab vintage tie was the starting point for this decoupage cuff bracelet. I cut out a piece of the front cover of a vintage "Life" magazine and stamped it and added it on top. The inside of the bracelet has some yellow polka dot ribbon and new paper. The cuff is 3" wide and has a few coats of polyurethane added but you will still not want to immerse this in water :)
The tie fabric is quite heavy and this was a little hard to work with but I think the end result looks like someone is living life large :)
Thanks for looking!


vintage tie,vintage magazine,stamps,ink,ribbon,paper,decoupage,polyurethane,metal bracelet blank

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Sunshine :)

I saw this on pinterest today and it made me smile :)

Blue Lunulae and Marie at nearly 57 musings

Okay...so as a post note to my not being concerned about a certain person anymore.....
We still exist in some of the same places so it is really quite difficult NOT to cross each others' paths :)
seriously....after seeing the real pics of her hands....the 'blue lunulae’ and really swollen looking finger
features that I could only assume were a sign of obesity or lack of oxygen....I mean even tho the pics
look obviously touched up....the blue lunulae is still so obvious.....I was just like telling myself..
"Okay...so now we are finally seeing the real person???"....And honestly...I started getting to like her
even though I came from a place of not ever thinking I would ever be able to say that :)  And I
also want to give her some props here even though she has often stated that she doesn't read anything
I write
.....she has finally started showing some newer images of herself...and IMO  she really looks more
beautiful in them than the false images that she thought she had to portray...
we do not have to be or look young to be hip...or looked up to..and I think she may have
finally realized that....I can only speculate on that as it looks as tho she is now more comfortable in her own skin......
I myself am dealing with medical issues that have contributed to the fact that I am not the same
"Hottie" that I was even 3 years ago but hey--that's just what happens when we pass the age of 50....! LOL!
but I know that my own self esteem value now in myself  is not for the way I once
....but for all of the wonderful things that I can still offer....if I live to be 80 and people in my life still
think I am "cool" and there are still a few friends left to help me remember the crazy thing so far that I call
my life....it's all good:)

And honestly..I have called the person out a few times after she said some things about me...but am
seriously happy to see that she is now more comfortable in her own true skin.  We will never be friends
but I truly wish her the best :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Presto Peace OOAK Statement Necklace Zibbet Trash To Treasure Challenge

Zibbet is having a summer trash to treasure challenge going on....here is what I made for the challenge.....hope you'll go and check it out!  I love seeing all of the entries in these challenges :)!

------------------------------------------------------ Presto Peace OOAK Statement Necklace Zibbet Trash To Treasure Challenge


My inspiration for this necklace was the yellow "peace" piece. It was on an empty tea can that I had been unable to simply throw in the trash...and thus it has been sitting on one of my craft shelves for a few months :). Yesterday I cut out the image and soldered it up a bit. Then I added some glitter and a bit of resin to the front surface. On the back I then decoupaged a piece of floral fabric from a recycled tee shirt. I added a vintage 3 cent stamp and a cut out from a Priority mail cardboard box that was sitting on the table. I also added an image from a vintage 1956 magazine of women working in the assembly plant @ Douglas California depicting what became known as "Rosie the riveters". The words about "Man's new way of life" also came from this 1956 Life magazine.
Next I cut out another piece of the iced tea can and added some hand dried flowers from my garden. I also added two vintage stamps and one of them came off of an air mail envelope that was sent from a soldier to the U.S. from Vietnam 1968...and the postmark attached is from this envelope. I also added a vintage cigar label depicting a soldier out there somewhere. Then I twisted up the foil packages from two of my packs of "Wrigleys" Doublemint gum ..and made a border as well as a few paper rosettes. I then glued some rhinestones on top from an old 1950's vintage broken necklace and then added some resin to seal the piece.
I then made a charm out of an old "Presto" key....and thus...the phrase "Presto Peace". LOL! If only it was that easy :)
I happen to love Converse tennies and bought a new pair yesterday....and the card board tag with the word "one star" seemed like it belonged on the piece I was creating because you must be a star in order to keep the peace some days LOL! I also added a star that I punched out from the tin can and poured more resin on this piece.
Next I created a piece using a sea fossil and some old vintage buttons and a vintage bead and some wire. I myself happen to find the greatest peace these days when I am at the ocean and also when digging thru things like an old can of buttons....so I had to add a bit of my own "peace" to the piece LOL!
I then opened up a drawer of my old vintage ink pens and made some links and charms from the springs inside of some of the "broken " pens and also the metal tubular pieces that are on the old pens where they screw together. On these pieces I added old beads and buttons and new wire.
Next I made some paper beads out of a "Carls Jr." fast food flyer because the "STAR" is their logo..(and it happened to be hanging on the fridge LOL ) I also added some vintage beads from broken necklaces to these paper beads.
I then hammered out a "Peace sign" and wire wrapped it onto a vintage beaded charm dangler and added this to a couple of other vintage charm danglers.
Next came a very old "milk tab" from inside of a bottle of milk back in the day when the milk man used to deliver to your door step. I thought that the word "Cream" was very fitting because the creams of the crop seem to indeed be the peace keepers in most given situations :) I added some vintage buttons and resin and then finally....
I attached the pieces to a vintage piece of gold tone chain.
This one of a kind statement necklace is 24" long and please keep in mind that all of the ephemera pieces on this necklace are original pieces...they are not photocopied images....
I had a lot of fun creating this necklace inspired by an empty ice tea can that I thought was simply too gosh darn cool to throw away in the trash can :)
I wish you peace wherever you may be...and I thank you for looking :)