Friday, August 31, 2012

My opinion once again RE "stealing" vs "sharing"

It has been brought to my attention LOL!
yes once again that someone STILL keeps going on and on accusing SOMEONE of "stealing" her picture.
Once again....this is my way of thinking...
if someone posts their real pictures of themselves on the internet and other people then "share" those pictures....
I myself do not classify this as "stealing"  something but rather "re-sharing" something that has already been shared.
In my book..stealing is taking something from another in order to copy or make a profit from the said item.  And in this particular case..sharing a real pic of this particular person is in no way shape or form gonna make anyone a profit here...
My suggestion once again to anyone who posts pictures on line....if you do not want them shared on the internet....don't post them.  Very simple.
the term stealing would to me come into effect if someone chose to "steal" your identity....but in this case I am quite confident that this particular person has no worries whatsoever that someone else would choose to steal their real images and pretend to be them.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Glorious Morning Glories

One of my favorite times of year in my little garden are when the Morning Glories have pretty much taken over the place.  Right at the beginning of the School Year is when I really enjoy having that cup of coffee out on the porch and basking in the "GLOW" of the morning glories :)
Here's a couple of pics I took the other morning.  In one of them my dad's little thang "Cookie" that we are currently "dog sitting" managed to sneak into the pic :)

Uneeda Unicycle

My friend Judy posted a great album awhile back on Face Book of her sweet daughter Kelly and her group of unicycling friends.  Of course you can't pin directly from Face would assume that is because they don't have common share holders or perhaps because some interpret their terms of use state something about them owning the pics  :)  
Anywho....I wanted to add this pic to one of my pin boards and sharing it here on the blog at the same time is a great way to do that :)  
I was always a pretty dog gone good athlete....but I seriously had training wheels on my bicycle when I was a kid for waaaaaaayyyyy tooooooo looooooong heh-heh.  It took me a while to acquire a balancing act....and yep..some days I'm still learning LOL!  But unicyclists are quite impressive don't ya think? I sure do :)  Here's Kelly Younquest and her friends making it look amazingly easy :)

About fudge filled doughnuts and treadmills...

So it seems like my summer so far has been one doctors' appointment or procedure after another on each of my days off from work.  A follow up, a consultation, another procedure yada yada.  I was joking with one of my on-line buddies the other day and told her that after everything is done I'm going to be such a fine tuned puppy that I won't know what to do with myself :)
The weird thing about the whole deal for me is that my health insurance company purchased a large facility next to the hospital where you have all of the procedures at.  This is the same hospital where my momma died.  So every time I pull up there I have that thought in my head. "This is where momma died."  And yah...right up on the 2nd floor babies are born on a daily basis and most people go in through that revolving door and end up rolling out of there but we didn't get to take momma home from there and I'm not really sure how long that thought is going to be in my head every time I am near that hospital.  I myself have had a few procedures in there since momma passed away and obviously I made it out of those revolving doors each time :)  I think I need to be there when someone I know has a baby.  Then it might change to this thought process of "So and so was born here".  Until then it's just this eery creepy feeling every time I see the place.
So I have a family member who has recently gotten on this huge "health kick" and I say more power to them.  Good for them.  But it has reached a point where it is getting to seem a little obsessive .  They say things like "I want all of my family members to live long healthy lives with me."  And I get the healthy part..sincerely I do.  I believe that staying active and living a healthy lifestyle certainly improves your quality of life.  At the same time I also feel that mental health and feeling good about yourself and liking yourself have nothing to do with physical attributes.  No plastic surgery or work out regimen in the world will ever be the cure for people who do not like themselves or who are constantly insecure about themselves or are constantly looking for that happiness that they just can't seem to find. I believe that happiness comes from the inside not from what you have to offer on the outside.  But that's just how I feel.  And the way I feel certainly does not apply to everyone :)
And here's the deal.  Healthy beautiful people die every minute of every day.  Why?  Well..I would have to believe this is because it is in Gods' hands.  He will take you when your time is up. Staying healthy and making healthy life choices will definitely offer you a better quality of life while you are here.....but this alone is not your "Ticket to longevity".....when it's your time to doesn't matter if you're walking to the fridge to grab another fudge filled doughnut or if you're walking into the door of the gym.  When your time is up here your time is up. Let's try and make the most of it shall we ?   And that's just the way I see it. 
Hope ya'll are having a great week so far. :)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Handcrafted Jewelry has some seriously awesome items on Zibbet :)

So a very special family member celebrating a Birthday...definitely deserves this very special piece I just purchased from A lovely seller I met on Zibbet......thanks a bunch for being on this hand made venue and for being there to let me know that I didn't have to look 2 hard to find a unique wonderful handcrafted item for someone I love.  I am so glad I found you on that "shop show-down" link......your shop and items are such great gifts and so reasonably priced whoo hooo! Thanks again for being there so I could find you on this awesome handcrafted venue! Hollah!

This item was sold on August 26th, 2012
More items from HandcraftedJewelry

Handcrafted Dark Copper Knit Wire Bracelet for sale

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This gorgeous bracelet was handmade by knitting with a dark copper fine jewelry wire to construct an intricate wire mesh that is studded with an assortment of beautiful beads. There are sparkling Swarovski crystals, copper-colored freshwater pearls, semi-precious unakite beads and a variety of colored glass beads. This piece is finished with a magnetic closure so that it is extremely easy to put on. When people admire you wearing this stunning bracelet you can say that it was Handmade in Vermont!

This unique, one-of-a-kind bracelet measures 1.25" (3 cm) by 7.5" (19 cm), including the magnetic closure.

A great gift for someone special!

Quick shipping and low shipping fees!
Delivery confirmation is included on all US postage. First Class International shipping to anywhere in the world outside of the USA. Please see the Handcrafted Jewelry Shop Policies page for additional shipping information.

Thank you for shopping at the Handcrafted Jewelry shop, a division of Vermont Homespun.

A Wally World Situation

I have definitely been around the block a time or two heh-heh but the story I have to share today seriously blew me away.  I mean...I know that people will come up with just about anything to rip other people off but I just couldn't imagine how someone had the nerve to actually pull this one off............................... last Friday my printer at one of my work locations took a dump and wonkered out on me.  I only purchased this one about 6 months ago....and it was kind of buggy after the first few days of using it so I guess I just kind of got ahold of a lemon fax/printer on the last purchase. 
anyhoooo...the printer seemed to me like it had jumped the timing mechanism or had broken one of the plastic gears that pulls the paper through.  At first it was just making an irritating noise and then it got to the point where it sounded like a machine gun exploding and you literally wanted to hit the ground every time you heard it if you weren't expecting the noise. So yes that night after hubby and I had dinner nearby..we headed into Wally World to get another fax/printer.
And honestly...I don't even use the machine that much at work.  These youngsters and their smart phones can scan and send pics with a much better resolution than "copying" it out of one of the catalogs....and so many transactions are done through e-mail that faxing isn't used all that often.  But I do have some "hard copies" that have to be signed and faxed on the financing programs .  I guess the point I am seemingly rambling on about here is that a high dollar printer is not needed at my work.  I actually use a much nicer laser one at home for crafting yada yada. we find a printer that was on  Epson 545 series....and it looked to be just fine and dandy to serve my needs.  So there was only one of these puppies left on the shelf...but the box looked good.  When we checked out in the "self check-out lane"  I was going to pay for it separately on the business card...but told hubby "No it's quicker just to ring it up and I'll pay cash for everything and re-imburse later."  Easy peasy-in it right?
Flash forward to the next day at work I go to take the thing out of the box and have a bear of a time with it.  Jose my helper comes over to the desk to help and we are struggling like two chickens with our heads cut off and I'm all "Jesus Crimeny could they have packed this in there any tighter???"   Finally I tell Jose to heck with it...we'll just have to rip the box but to be sure and save it in case the thing doesn't work. 
So I am hooking it up and get to about step #7 which is installing the ink cartridges.  I look and look and then give it one more look inside of the box.  Have you ever done that?  Knowing something wasn't there when you originally looked but for some reason you look one more time because maybe the "replacement Fairy" might have bounced in and put it where it belongs
So isn't there.  And at this point I'm telling myself...."Just my luck I pick a machine that doesn't have the ink".   Then I really take a look at the machine because I am thinking maybe there is some sort of hidden compartment where the ink might be stashed.  Then I notice that the machine says "600" where it is supposed to say "545".  This model in front of me looks very similiar to the 545 series on the box---- but has a few differences. Then I walk around to the back again to read the serial # to see if it matches the serial # on my receipt and I notice a little dust in the cracks.  And this point I KNOW why the dad gum machine was so hard to get out of the box.....
Gee....someone purchased a 545 and then kept the 545 and put an old 600 series back in that box and took it back to Wally World and got themselves a nice little refund.
So I call customer service and after getting disconnected not once but twice LOL!  I send hubby back for a refund and they gave him quite a bit of a hassle of course seeing how it was a cash refund and an exchange could not be made because they had no more of these on their shelf at the time :)....but they ended up putting one on hold at another location....and this time he made the clerk open up the box (which she didn't want to do until he explained what had happened).  So I finally got the right machine and hooked it up and it works just fine :)
But the part about this that really slayed in the world does someone actually have the nerve to walk into a store and ask for a refund on a different item inside of the box and what do they THEN say if it is indeed discovered?
Maybe it was an inside job where the person who did this was in cahoots with the Wally world employee who gave them the refund .  I also can't believe that a store of this size does not check items over especially electronic items before placing them back on the shelf.
What's up with that Wally World?????

Another Honey Hoe Hoooh-hah :)

Okie dokie old news rehashed again here.....
skip this one if you are allergic to drama hee-hee.
this is what I find quite wishy washy.........yet again you say??? Imagine that hee-haw. :)
So the one in question has actually stated that it is not her but her lawyers who are visiting my page over and over and over.  And yet..the little message she sent me (Even though I have specifically asked her NOT to contact me anymore....)anyways.....she said to remove her picture immediately or her lawyers would be sending me a letter.  No I'm not some copy right expert or novice even.  One like me would just assume that if someone posts something in the public domain that it would naturally have a tendancy to be shared among people...and I will say this...I have read some stories where it is considered to be a bit of a grey area when you post pics on FaceBook....some would even argue that according to their TOU's  that Facebook actually owns the images posted there.  So like I I am not a copyright familiar person but in my mind I have to think that copyright laws were actually intended so that people wouldn't "copy" other peoples creations.  And posting a real photo of someone that was out there in the public domain...(and it is an older picture of someone who has a habit of posting photos and fibbing and saying that they are the real her) not exactly trying to copy something of hers.   So yes...I guess that my ideas of copyright and hers might be a bit different how in the world are sights like "Pinterest" continuing to grow so much and become so popular in this world of "sharing" ?  I would think it is because most people are rather pleased to have their items shared and admired :)  But hey...that's just lil ole dumbo not copyright schooled me Sylvster. :)
So back to your ranting and raving about me on your business page.....from the stats I saw.... goodness gracious.... there has not been one person from your rant on your Z business page who has clicked from your page and landed here....
but I do specifically remember your little snide remark that the venue had Zero traffic.  And yes it does seem quite evident that your little rant has indeed led to Zero traffic from your page to mine :)
But wow....remember when we first had our little e-mails and messages to one another?  Gee Sylvster.....for some strange reason the person from that particular link just keeps coming here again and again and again.
It seriously as I stated earlier seems to have become quite obsessive Sylvster.....and like I said....perhaps if you'll simply reach down and give tham thar wadded up knickers a much needed'll suddenly get a bigger air supply to your brain.....and will some day realize how silly you are making yourself look to keep spending so much time worrying about what I am doing.  Go away Sylvster......just get on down the road....and I am sure you will be a much calmer person instead of looking like some raging bull.
And yes...I really do believe what I am saying and it is indeed me who thinks that you old gal...are the one who needs a reality check.  I think the first step in the positive direction would be for you to get the heck out of my world....(and blog) ....... and just find something more positive to obsess about.  Rage does not become you my doesn't look that good on you .......but you and only you have the tools to fix it.  Sorry...I can't fix it for you....I have already offered all of the solutions that I can think of. :) 
Once again....I am seriously not worth all of the time you have been spending on me.....get over me Sylvster....just get over me and move on out of here.  Pretty puh-leeeeeeeezzzzzzzeeeeee with sugar on like sugar don't you? 
updated 08/27/12.......................................
Whoo hooooooooo breathing a somewhat "timid sigh of relief".......she removed all the caaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrppppp and even tho she says she made her point.......she states that she is not going to say anymore......................................................
oh happy day!   This would really be great......seriously wonderful news if that is indeed her true intentions.
Has she really moved on???????????????????????????? Will she really leave me alone??????????????
Only time will tell.  But I have my fingers crossed that she stays in this mind-set and will get outie laters from me :)
It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood...... and I seriously hope it stays that way :)
Thanks Sylvsters for coming to your business senses....a serious thank you for finally realizing that :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Beauty is in the eye

When Plato made reference to "beauty being in the eye of the beholder"..... I really think he was onto something LOL!  I think that there really is no such thing as an unflattering photo....we are simply our own worst critics...and yes...some images may end up looking better than others but most of them have been photo shopped :)  Don't be afraid to be who you really are....yes you can brighten up that barn a bit with a little paint here and there.....but at the end of the day it all comes off.....and the person below that facade and the person inside of you is in fact who you really are.   Just own it :)

The Real Old Deal Syl honey hoe that won't let go of me or so it seems

Okay.....I have honestly been nice here...but am just gonna give ya'll a bit of a real hint as to why I think that she truly hates me and continues to keep bringing on all of the false hoods against me....
hint hint......
she knows that I know.....what she really looks like
I don't have a problem about that....not at all....
I myself don't look anything like I did even 5 years ago...
After the age of my own experience...everything does indeed kind of go down hill from there....
but I could share a screen shot of  one of the "rants" she posted about me this past year...after  I called her "wishy washy" and she posted a very very old pic and again at that same time said quote "this is the real me".  Super sad. Because she is in my opinion a nice looking gal....even tho I have come to know from my own personal experience.... that her character is not very nice when it is directed towards me...LOL!
Anyhoo....I have tried to keep it as nice as I possibly can between us...
but since she has chosen to recently make such bold statements and judgements  against me.....
let me give you a little hint here as to why I feel that she hates me so much.....
Because I called her out on the truth of the matter....
here is a glimpse of her in 2010....
*(updated and removed 08/23)
and I am not so sure if she owns the copyright on this image since she has never posted it.....
(I am very sure that she will inform me of that tho...LOL!   )
hint hint once again.....
Leave me alone Sylvster....stop the madness (because you are so mad at me for not agreeing with you ....)
can we at least do that????????????
this is why you really hate me Sylvster.......because you know that I know.....that you have misrepresented yourself......and honestly......I don't care anymore....but the fact that you put such a "hater" attitude out there against what lead me to post an actual 2 year old image of you here..........
what part of leave me alone and stop talking about me do you not understand?
Just wondering??????
updated 08/23.....
So I just checked my e-mails and the sylvster has messaged me and asked me to remove the pic.  I was more than happy to do so :) .... I just wish  she would realize that if she would quit adding fuel to the fire that it would have simply gone out a looooooong time ago.  I mean seriously. :)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Best Giggle in Ages..thank you Muffin I really think Momma might have sent that 2 me LOL!

So yesterday the hot tub that I had ordered on-line arrived.....a Plug and Play Life Smart model that is advertised as "Smart for you....Smart for the planet".  
So yes my deal is I'm stubborn, I'm not all fancy smanchy.....I never wanted or needed any of so many of these sort of things that others consider necessities ...but I finally broke down and bought a hot tub....the docs have been telling me for years that it would be a great way to help relax my sore muscles and bones.....
And yah I have family that I can hop into one of those at any time (if I want to "borrow one")......but I am not an imposer on others...never have been never will be..... I am just wanting to say here that if anyone has been holding out on purchasing one of these things when you actually could benefit from them because of medical issues alone......Go For IT......this is the one I bought and I honestly think it has been one of my best purchases in about the past 5 years :)
I love it!  Seriously so relaxed right now and in my own Zen LOL!
But I have to also share one of my biggest laughs that I have had in the longest time!
If you know me or have read any of my "dog" pretty much know that me and hubster spoil our dogs and put them before ourselves a lot of times.  My Brownie Boy....he always wants to do everything with me.....he cries to get into the tanning bed with me....when I get out of the shower he is right there wagging his tail....when I am watering my lawn and my garden he is always trying to climb up my legs if I put him down because I simply need 2 hands---- but I "remedied" that issue after Chloe outgrew her baby carrier LOL! ...I carry him in Chloe's outgrown  "baby sling" and he is the happiest little camper in the doggy den......he looks around and makes sure that all of the other dogs know that he is with momma getting the most attention.....
I honestly can't bear to think what it would be like to lose this little devoted fan of mine.....he seriously is at my side or in my arms...almost every minute that I am at home :)  And yah....maybe I am one of those "Crazy dog ladies" LOL!....but I like to think that I am at one with my animals....I understand how much our animals love us and appreciate us...I can feel that every day....and I just try to reciprocate all of the joy they have brought into my life...we understand each other most of the time :) and a friend of mine who has a shop on Zibbet....perfectly called "Angels without wings".  To me that describes our doggies to a tee :)
So Brownie....yes...he first jumped up on the steps and dove into the hot tub before I could stop was practically before I even got set down inside of the thing...but once he was in....even tho the water temp was not that high yet...he wanted out and was content to simply sit on the outside wood benches that we placed surrounding it and of course he stayed there the whole time I was in there :)
My laugh of the night was my Momma's little precious "Muffin"....we are baby-sitting these dogs once again this summer cuz' dad is in Trinidad once again fishing away :)
My mom used to say that Muffin could understand what she was saying....she would sometimes get really mad at pops cuz he would tell her that little dogs don't have big brains.
And I have to admit here....Muffin and Cookie...bring me lots of smiles.....but they also make me think so much about my Momma that I still miss so much every day of my life.....
I am not sure when this goes away and if it ever does....but there is still such a sadness deep in my heart...that sometimes...even all of my smiles seem a bit "fake". 
And yet..when Muffin gives me "kisses" it really makes my heart sing....cuz I know this is my Momma's puppy....that she loved so much....and it's like still having a living part of her still here with me:)
So Muffin....she's a crazy little thang......sometimes Timid and other times fiercer than the mightiest dogs I have ever come into contact can see "daylight" thru her tiny little chicken legs....and I worry often that she might get hurt because her "boldness" is so much bigger than her size :)
hubby and I are relaxing.....
the steps to the hot-tub are 2 feet below the top of the tub
all of a sudden over the top of my head at least 2 feet into the air
here comes the Mighty Muffin FLYING over the top of my shoulders......
she makes what I would judge about a 9.9 landing......swims and kicks over to hubby....then makes a perfect turn in the water and swims back to me and then jumps out of the hot tub.
I was seriously laughing SOOOO HARD I had tears of JOY in my eyes.....has Muffin been watching the Olympics with us recently?
This gosh darn dog is crazy fearless and truly represents the spirit of my Momma.   I sent a high 5 up to heaven tonight.....thanks Momma for the laugh.....I can't help but feel that you were somehow behind it :)

Here's my Hollah to your little  miss "MUFF the TUFF" tonight Momma :)

Linda Darlene Hood

Only one of the reasons I still love doing the on line thing Most Of The TIME

Vintage Coral Branch two strand Necklace

I just wanted to share here one of my most recent Etsy experiences.....a while back I had worn one of my favorite vintage coral necklaces of all of my orange necklaces.....and I received several compliments on it through out the day at work.... but when I got back home and started to put it back in the bag and back into the drawer it had been in....
I realized that it had been over 2 years since I had previously worn this necklace.  So I decided to list it on Etsy and I was willing to part with it for a reasonable price.....
and the Etsy seller who saw the necklace and had me hold it on reserve for her....was another lovely Etsian who has crossed my path.....
The necklace went to Florida and she has since received it and told me how much she loves it :)
Long story short...I know that this piece that I have loved for many years fell into the hands of someone who will now take good care of it and continue to pass it on 
Thank you once again to the hand made and vintage venues that I am a part of.....
Sharing moments like these are moments that really make me smile and let me know that I am doing the best that I possibly can :) And knowing that another actual seller on this particular venue appreciates the fact that I was there to sell them something that they now love???
The reason why I am still there hollah!

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Wishy Washy Chronicles yesterday I made my little "kooky kitschy green gal" as a way to ----let off steam ----step back ----and take a laugh at my most recent situation with my "favorite" admirer.  I mean, there's really only so much you can take before you just get fed up with certain things.  And I really don't know if it is because I am getting older or the steroids or a combination of the 2.....I just seem to have a much lower tolerance for bull crap these days.  Bottom line.
     So "Marie" (real first name starts with an "M" imagine that yuk-yuk)....... anyhoo....I have talked about this before and I know it's starting to sound like a broken record yada yada yada bada bing bang ...but the fact of the matter is it all started when I became the featured seller on a venue and then she for some unknown reason went on her blog badmouthing me and the venue and had her knickers all bunched up in one hot pantie mess because they wouldn't listen to her disdain regarding lil ole me.  She fails to point out when she is ranting about me that in fact....she is the one who started this whole thing.  And why? I guess you'd have to ask her about that one.
    And it has become this deal where she says things and I respond to them.  She still can't wrap her head around that concept.  Very simply
    A)------She says or does something about me
    B)------I respond to what she does.
     It's not rocket science.
     So the pettiness got to the point where I put her on "ignore" because....on the one just isn't worth even caring what she at that point I stopped checking to see if she was still saying stuff about me.  It's like I don't care about her, I don't like her character, and why I should care about what she is doing I stay away from her pages but I do however  have a couple of peeps  who let me know when there is something she has done or said concerning me that they think I should know about.
    This leads us to the other night when someone tells me that she has "highlighted" my feedback and was using it in her "farewell" speech on her business page .  And why would she do that one might ask??????
    A)------Playing games.
    B)-----Pushing buttons.
    C)-----All of the above.
Hmnnn... I'll go with "C" on that one :)    So am I going to let her use my feedback to promote her product after all of the things that have gone on between us? Of course not. So I go and modify my feedback and say something to the effect of "Marie what a better place the world would be if you'd only put your pot stirring stick away for one day hee-hee".
     So then what happens????... 911-knicker knot alert........
She goes on her business page and puts this entire rant about me my name my shop name yada yada....and in my world that is some pretty gosh dern malicious behavior coming from the official pot kettle caller herself.  The way I see it is this.
     When I come to my blog or my twitter and say things regarding something she has said about me...those are my spaces where my friends and people hang out...not hers. And we all have screen shot capabilities.  I have said it before there is such a thing as a time line where the things I have said are reactions to what she has first said or done.  And the thing is that to me it has nothing to do about business. I think that her and I have completely different audiences.  Even though a few of the things that we make are similar items....we are in no way in competition with one another. So I can't understand why she keeps obsessing about me.  I just don't get it.
     To me the funniest part about her recent rant about me was when she said
 "It's amazing she has ANY time to maintain and promote her multiple shops AND work her day job, all the while spending so much time selflessly promoting others who have caught her eye."
One would think that if "Marie" spent less time obsessing about what I am doing on my own pages that she would have more time to spread all of that "positivity" she talks about :)
It's very simple Marie...let me break it down for you here
     A)----If you don't like my blog or twitter or other places....stay off of them.
     B)----If you don't like me saying anything about you then stop pushing buttons, stirring the pot     and saying things about me.
      Once again.....It's not rocket science.
      I also would have to think that if she could just clearly step back away from the situation for a bit...she might begin to realize how stupid it looks for her to be ranting about me on her business page.....(her being a business person and all)...but it only goes to further prove my point....that she is the one who can't let this go.   And I have to admit...even though I think I am pretty dog gone special Marie......I'm just a little ole country bumpkin here in Bako.   There really are bigger fish to fry out there.  I just think you would be so much happier if you would just get over me.
     Until then...I will try to just keep you on ignore....and yes old gal..even though you are still at the top of my list of wishy washy still have quite a knack at pushing buttons. I've gotta give you that. (Maybe you were an elevator operator in a former life)  Going up? heh-heh.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Green kook Oy Vey

The Green Kook Oy Vey Kitschy decoupage paper pendant necklace

The Green Kook Oy Vey Kitschy decoupage paper pendant necklace
The Green Kook Oy Vey Kitschy decoupage paper pendant necklace The Green Kook Oy Vey Kitschy decoupage paper pendant necklace The Green Kook Oy Vey Kitschy decoupage paper pendant necklace The Green Kook Oy Vey Kitschy decoupage paper pendant necklace
In celebration of my newest Etsy Venue...I made this piece today as an hommage to a certain stalker who seems to keep crossing my path LOL! To keep the piece as age appropriate and authentic as possible..I used a genuine cut out from a 1950's magazine. Man this little old lady's skin is curdling green ..yep I guess it's because stalks are green and do tend to get a bit crusty as they age. :) I stuck an eye on top of her forehead...cuz even when I'm not watching....there are still other eyes out there keeping it real...OY VEY! On the back of the piece I added the phrase..."Just say "NO" to stalkers".......they should really take a "walkers"...seriously :)
The pendant is decoupaged and made of paper. It is 5 1/2" tall and placed on a 22" green ball chain.
This kitschy little piece of carp is a little rough on the back side where the resin got a little oozy on me :) I didn't want to sand it because I knew it would mess up the paper . You will not want to get this piece wet.
Have any questions? Contact the shop owner.

Fabric Cuff Handmade OOAK Bracelet stars stripes and vintage buttons

Fabric Cuff Handmade OOAK Bracelet stars stripes and vintage buttons

Fabric Cuff Handmade OOAK Bracelet stars stripes and vintage buttons
Fabric Cuff Handmade OOAK Bracelet stars stripes and vintage buttons Fabric Cuff Handmade OOAK Bracelet stars stripes and vintage buttons Fabric Cuff Handmade OOAK Bracelet stars stripes and vintage buttons Fabric Cuff Handmade OOAK Bracelet stars stripes and vintage buttons Fabric Cuff Handmade OOAK Bracelet stars stripes and vintage buttons
I started out with some lovely stars and stripes fabric that I acquired from a wonderful seller:) I added an array if vintage red white and blue buttons and stitched them onto a 2" by 7" metal cuff. Lastly I used some cream thread to embroider a button hole stitch around the edges. The cuff is slightly adjustable.
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Yes I really do try to be as positive as possible imagine that LOL!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Red Grapes and Cherry Pie Fabric cuff Bracelet vintage recycle

Red Grapes and Cherry Pie Fabric cuff Bracelet vintage recycle

Red Grapes and Cherry Pie Fabric cuff Bracelet vintage recycle
Red Grapes and Cherry Pie Fabric cuff Bracelet vintage recycle Red Grapes and Cherry Pie Fabric cuff Bracelet vintage recycle Red Grapes and Cherry Pie Fabric cuff Bracelet vintage recycle Red Grapes and Cherry Pie Fabric cuff Bracelet vintage recycle Red Grapes and Cherry Pie Fabric cuff Bracelet vintage recycle
I recently acquired this fab bright vintage fabric that still had the old "JC Penney Remnant" tag attached. I took a piece of this fun fruity fabric and added a piece of vintage muslin to the back side. And old red vintage button and a new plastic pie charm with a cherry on top are the focals. I finished it off with some red button hole embroidery.
The cuff is 2" by 7" and slightly adjustable.
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A Polkadot Orange Decoupage Cuff Bracelet vintage recycle

A Polkadot Orange Decoupage Cuff Bracelet vintage recycle

A Polkadot Orange Decoupage Cuff Bracelet vintage recycle
A Polkadot Orange Decoupage Cuff Bracelet vintage recycle A Polkadot Orange Decoupage Cuff Bracelet vintage recycle A Polkadot Orange Decoupage Cuff Bracelet vintage recycle A Polkadot Orange Decoupage Cuff Bracelet vintage recycle A Polkadot Orange Decoupage Cuff Bracelet vintage recycle
A while back one of my favorite vintage metal bracelets broke...I was going to solder it and see if I could mend it without ruining the enamel surface but decided to make a new bracelet out of the broken piece instead. So I ended up having the other broken piece of the bracelet to make something else out of :)
I decoupaged some bright orange polka dot paper to an old vintage boho cuff bracelet. Then I added the orange green and yellow enameled piece from the broke bracelet as well as two old vintage green faceted plastic earrings and also a bit of vintage gold tone chain.
The bracelet is 1 " wide by 7" and is slightly adjustable.
I added some clear polyurethane to the surface but you will still not want to immerse this piece in water.
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Talk To The Hand vintage glove Pillow

I saw a pillow like this one on Pinterest awhile back and knew at that time that I had to make one of them for myself. :) Since I was putting it on my sofa..I used some left over fabric I had from my drapes. I added a cream colored vintage glove and also a couple of vintage buttons for a "ring".  Super simple and I think they are pretty cute.  


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Vintage Chinese Restaurant Napkin decoupage cuff bracelet

A Decoupage Cuff Bracelet red and gold from a vintage Chinese Restaurant Napkin

A Decoupage Cuff Bracelet red and gold from a vintage Chinese Restaurant Napkin
A Decoupage Cuff Bracelet red and gold from a vintage Chinese Restaurant Napkin A Decoupage Cuff Bracelet red and gold from a vintage Chinese Restaurant Napkin A Decoupage Cuff Bracelet red and gold from a vintage Chinese Restaurant Napkin A Decoupage Cuff Bracelet red and gold from a vintage Chinese Restaurant Napkin A Decoupage Cuff Bracelet red and gold from a vintage Chinese Restaurant Napkin
The surface of this decoupage cuff bracelet was a vintage napkin from a Chinese Restaurant (unused of course LOL!) I thought it would turn into something beautiful when I saved a few of them a long time ago.....but I was really surprised at how nice it looks on this cuff :)
On the inside of the cuff I used gold ink to hand stamp the paper.
The cuff is 3" wide.
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