Monday, November 28, 2011

More Zibbet Items I Scored For Christmas From XquisitelyLadyM

Marge @


 has such a beautiful shop and lots of exquisite items.  I have been enamored with her creations since first visiting her Zibbet shop!  I want to share the awesome items I recently purchased and I know the recipients at Christmas will be very happy to receive these :)

  As you can see, she has a wide variety of items and specializes in chainmaille creations.  If you haven't seen her shop yet you really should check it out!!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Another Great Score On Zibbet Thanks SueStitches :)

Have you ever purchased a present for someone and then found yourself thinking "Gee..maybe I should keep this and give them something else"? recent purchase from Sue@
certainly had me thinking those thoughts hee-hee, but I know my girlfriend is going to love this hat so I will give the gift as I originally intended. I absolutely love the color! If you haven't checked out Sue's shop you certainly should asap...she has great gift items...she does wonderful work and has some fantastic prices! Zibbet is a great place to do some of your Christmas shopping....what are you waiting for? :)...Here's a pic of the hat-----
Thanks again Sue!


A Few Thoughts About Blogging

So I have never really considered myself delusional (at least not yet) hee-hee...and if I check my daily "stats" on my blog...most days there are less than 100 views. Sometimes there have been a few exceptions though especially on a few of the "controversial" subjects.  But I know for certain that my job here is not to enlighten or to educate anyone. The fact that my post 
(that yes is indeed a simple discussion about "farts" and yet it "outweighs" all of my over-all views by the thousands)....okay... that really tells me that I won't be in line for any Nobel Peace Prizes anytime soon LOL!
But why do we blog? For me it is a space to ramble,to tell what is on my mind,to share, and to joke and connect with other bloggers out there.  And I must say there are some pretty amazing bloggers out there...(I'm just not one of them hee-hee)
But every now and then when someone messages me and says "Hey thanks for sharing" or "Hey thanks for not being afraid to post that" or me this is better than the biggest Christmas Bonus that I have ever received.... and I guess is why I am still here taking up blank space that needs to be filled with new posts :)
I am just really glad that the blog world exists...because you really can tell the rest of the story and most importantly..your story.....thank you blog world----thank you for being here <3----
So my 6 yr. old nephew tells me the other day
"Why did the spider crawl across the computer screen?" ...."I don't know WHY?"... "To get to his web-site"....hee-hee...hope ya'll are having a great weekend!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Hooray!!! My First Sale On Artfire :)

So I talked about how I used the Artfire importer for my Etsy items last week...and without any self promotion..I had my first sale and also got one of my items listed in a "collection" that has had many views..... I couldn't be more pleased :) These little tea plate earrings are headed to Germany for a Christmas present...naturally I am already enjoying my move to Artfire <3!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Fantastic Five On Zibbet Whoo Hooo!

I always enjoy checking out the Fantastic 5 articles on Zibbet. Judy always has a way of finding some great items and themes and is very diversified with her picks.  Needless to say...I was pretty dog gone stoked when I saw one of my little ole items featured this week:) Thanks Judy !



Fantastic Five: A Very Merry Vintage Holiday

Some vintage items date back to when they were made at nearby factories and home cottage industries, when careful attention was paid to details and quality.
Sure you can go out and buy new things, but recycling items from the past that have been previously cherished is one of my favorite ways to shop and Zibbet has a fantastic variety of vintage holiday items.
You’ll find a great selection of vintage holiday jewelry, collectibles, clothingvintage toys and vintage Christmas items on Zibbet. After reading about today’s Fantastic Five, please use the share tools to help more holiday shoppers discover all the wonderful treasures on Zibbet.
1. Christmas Poinsettia Vintage Hostess Half Apron by By The Way $12.50: Start off your Vintage Christmas with this heavy cotton fabric apron. You’ll be a festive looking hostess decked in red and white poinsettias with earthy pine cones. Love the nice wide waistband and the double pocket.
2. Eisenberg Christmas Sleigh Vintage Brooch Signed by Artemis53 $25: Never been worn, this vintage pin is in flawless condition. It is unusual to find such a wonderful piece of jewelry to wear to that office party or any Christmas holiday event. You are sure to get many complements on this stunning pin. Need a dress to wear? Visit Artemis53 to find a bountiful selection.
3. Vintage Shiny Brite Box of 5 Glass Tree Ornaments by Modern Day Vintage $8: The sight of this box brought back memories of the 50s. I recall these Shiny Brite boxes of glass ornaments stacked near the Christmas tree as my father pointed out spaces on the tree that needed a certain color ball added. Almost 200 wonderful vintage items in this shop. Shiny Brite began in 1940s and were produced in the 40s and 50s.
4. Vintage Santa Figurines, Spelling NOEL, 1950 by Echo Art and Vintage $27: You gotta love this set of 4 vintage Santa Claus figurines spelling out NOEL. What a wonderful antique set this is dating back farther than I can guess, as you will see by the “Japan” mark on the bottom of each one. Echo Art and Vintage is stocked with gifts for the vintage lover on your list.
5. Hallmark 1977 Plastic Christmas Vintage Pins by Spanky Luvs Vintage 2 $5: Last but not least, more delightful memories for me as my mother worked in a Hallmark store for many years. I can picture her wearing these collectible Hallmark holiday pins. Always made in limited editions, these two pins would look so cute worn together or keep one and give the other to your daughter or best friend. Over 1,200 items to buy at Spanky Luvs Vintage.
Only 39 Shopping Days Until Christmas Eve! Shop NOW on Zibbet!
Judy writes the ‘Fantastic Five column where she features 5 Zibbet items every week. She is the owner of four Zibbet shops: Portable Graffiti Graphics, Portable Graffiti buttons, Proofreader, and Wild Goose Chase vintage, crafts and supplies. You can follow Judy on Facebook.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Kevs' Room is Now My Craft Room In Sight Not Out Of Mind

It's still kinda weird to me that I still call my "craft room"
"Kev's Room"..he has been gone from there for awhile and even his closet and bathroom are filled with all things of mine..but my mind still sees it as "his room" and I guess my things are just sharing the space formerly known as "his" LOL!---(my craft room used to be the kitchen table and the fact that I have a whole room to myself now is still a bit hard for me to get used to hee-hee.....)
I have a bunch of old stuff and a bunch of new stuff and really "too much stuff" but don't even think about calling me a "Hoarder" yet cuz I simply can't handle an "intervention" at this point in my life LOL!!!------(plus---we still have ample paths to walk thru and navigate in our venture in my little home :)---I guess I joke too much about being a hoarder instead of a collector these days but it makes me laugh and that is all that matters to me :)
Anyways- I AM GONNA  share some pics of the room---heavy sigh......My "work space" works for me is all I can say.
I have  favorite "displays" of things I want to someday include in my projects
I think my "displays" on my shelves are ones that I keep in my face LOL---- (not out of site and out of mind)
Then I try to keep my things categorized and organized so that I can find what I am looking for when I need to find it---
yes the walls in my craft room  have baggies stuck to them all over the place---hee-hee....
I still think there is indeed a method to my madness...I just haven't quite figured it out yet LOL!!!
Anyways alright already....I'm sharing some of my space here and here it goes-------My Haven AKA Kevs' Room :)......

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Flower Power Crayon Roll From MillionsOfStitches On Zibbet

A while back I did a post about some of the neat Fall finds that I had found on Zibbet and because of my search for "Fall" items-- I met a lovely gal named "Nancy" from Millions Of Stitches.  She has a great Zibbet shop with lots of nice handmade items.  I just purchased this crayon roll for my grandaughter.  What a great idea to keep one of these in your bag to always have something to keep the little ones occupied :) 
She has some cute Christmas items now listed in her shop and her items are very reasonably priced.
Here is the link to her shop

And here are a few more pics of some of her items that you will find there-----

If you haven't checked out the Zibbet site yet I'm telling simply don't know what you're missing out on :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Autumn Serendipity

One of my items was in this treasury on Etsy a while back called "autumn serendipity.  I love so many of the items in this treasury, especially those boots!  Here are a few pics of things from that treasury and the link to it. Hope you enjoy it :)

An Early Happy Birthday..JUST BREATHE..Thank You Sista For Doing That Today!

My sister-in-law had a very serious operation today involving her neck and spine----(any mistake could have led to possible paralysis)---and of course I said my prayers more than once not only because I love her but  because she is such a nice human being with kids who need her. :)
So I get stuck at work with no one there (where I could leave) and I get the call that "things aren't good".  That she was having problems post-surgery and it had to do with her lungs and breathing and it was very serious. So finally someone gets there so I can get to the hospital and THEN SUDDENLY on the drive there all I could think about was my mom and what happened to her when she went "code blue" and when she couldn't breathe. With my mom-----
I was right there in the room holding onto her hand amongst all of the medical experts who were there to help her--and the last thing she did before she lost all color in her face was to look at me and grasp my hand and she "mouthed" under her "mask"---"HELP ME!"
How scared is a person knowing that they can not breathe? 
And then her legs were flopping around and I was screaming "Mom please just BREATHE!!!" And then we lost her for many minutes (which seemed like hours) and then they brought her back and she came back to the ICU for a few days and I kept holding her hand and telling her not to worry because we would be taking her home very soon.  But she didn't get to come home.  We never got her out of ICU. . And for soooo many many months all I could picture was her saying "Help me!"  and knowing she was dead and gone and that I didn't help her.   And I am not stupid...I know that people get old and ill and die and I know my mom is not in pain anymore and is in a better place--but I really think it would have been easier if I wasn't the one there seeing my Momma look at me and saying "HELP me!" But I know it was not my fault and I have learned to deal with it and I still miss her soooo much....but I had gotten that "Help Me" picture MOSTLY out of my head FINALLY----until today happened.
The trip to the hospital after they told me there was a problem with my sis-in-law and her breathing felt like it took about a million years to get there..all I could hear in my head was "HELP ME HELP ME" and I am a goofy person but I am not crazy yet...but I'm telling you that ride up the elevator to where she was at wasn't a good one.
And then guess what? I get there and my sis-in-law is sitting up in bed and smiling...and I can't say how happy I am about that! I told her it was my early birthday present....and it truly is!
Hospitals suck...I hate them..I know that people there are doing good things and saving people..but I have always hated the way hospitals smell..and the noises in hospitals are dreadful....(except on the newborn ward----and that's a different story I guess :)
Anyways...thank you Leona! I luv you sista! Happy Birthday to me!
On my Birthday today all I wish is that you will have a very speedy recovery and will feel better very soon! And I thank God that he listened to you and let you "Just Breathe" ! :)