Sunday, August 31, 2014

Holiday caves and a beautiful journey

The kiddos took off on a journey this weekend and ended up where they started...
this time Chloe was there to share the fun! Labor Day weekend since Momma died has indeed been a bittersweet journey.....I know how much her heart would swell seeing Kevin....and his new family ventures....

“Other things may change us, but we start and end with family”

Hope ya'll are having a wonderful weekend. :=)
RIP Linda Darlene....
we will never forget you.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A cottage shabby pink recycle situation.

I've been doing a bit of a Pasadena on the pink lately...was just doing too many recycled projects with pink hues of paint...and needed to add some other choices to what I was putting on my paint brush. But when hubby brought home this table the other day.... I knew it had to be pink in its' new life.  I really like the drop leaf feature.  The top was a bit chippy but I don't think anyone will notice that now :=)

Hope ya'll are having a bit of a rosy week so far.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Dear Jono would it be at all possible to keep some of your little #Zibbet #Zibbitches on a leash?

You know I guess some who frequent my blog might ask themselves why I take the time to write about a non-issue to most out there (a.k.a. Zibbet)  because obviously most out there have never heard of the site and never will. 
I guess if you are like me---one who spent a lot of time there and one who once believed in the venue and actively promoted the site..... you'd just have to put yourself in my position where I am still finding it so hard to see how much the site is imploding and just how bad things continually continue to get.
I have a group of friends who also once actively promoted the venue and we all still have convictions that there are still some very good and honest sellers there who simply don't seem to have a clue as to what is really going on behind the scenes.
I used to blame some of the "silly mistakes" on the simple fact and definite lack of the CEO's knowledge regarding experience in the business world. Yet--why have they not after this many years shown any type of growth or new knowledge on how to push forward in helping the site grow direction? Well I have come to see that they have no desire to learn anything as they somehow seem to keep thinking that they are doing everything right and everyone else is wrong.
It is a type of arrogance that very few can really understand or relate to.  Because at this point they continue to fail at so many many levels.
To see one of their silly zibbitches make a statement like this in the forum as recent as today...
"Darn, does that mean you do not want to go count Etsy shops with me this weekend?"
Yes the fact is that this one thought she was soooo funny being a bully and trying to Zibbitcher "powering" the topic into what she thought was another direction...
She may have thought she was acting Uber Forum Cool..
but seeing her act this way over and over pretty sad.
Stupid and sad all at the same time.
Man--- I used to like her and supported her and to see how dadgum stupid she acts when anyone in those forums asks a legitimate question-----
her attempts to discredit their truths just makes her look stupider and stupider and makes Zibbet look even more stupid and less credible than it already does.

honestly it just makes everyone there seem brain dead.
Including the management.

What ever happened to the fact that there is something right with telling the truth?
Whatever happened to a Community that really was a Community of diversified members?
Honestly at this point....
I think that the CEO's have hidden so many things and don't want to talk about much anyways.....
it would really be in their best interests to close the Hub.
Even though there are many nice people still left on that venue.....
the activity in the Hub is a very bad reflection of the site as a whole.
And even Jono answering questions he obviously does not want to address---he is just shooting himself in the foot practically every time he opens his mouth in that Hub.
Anyone who searches can clearly see how dad gum clannish the whole thing is now.
And unless Jono can put a leash on some of the remaining Zibbitches....the site will continue to fall further and further off of the cliff.
Now granted...that could or could not perhaps be some sort of an epiphany LOL!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

#Zibbet and the Limited lifetime 999 offer

The question some are wondering is just how many of these limited lifetime kind of offers does Jono have up his sleeve? Well the answer is obviously "That's for him to know and you to find out." dear faithful Zibbeters who still believe the site has a chance.
Most would think that him throwing this on the Community in the middle of a complete fiasco of a rebuild roll-out that has FAILED at this point.....after promising for years....that things were going to be fixed in the rebuild and yet..things are utterly broken in this rebuild and now it looks like they weren't really doing much work at all on the rebuild....they have moved on to other things that Jono is so excited about and he wants you to get on that "Oh so excited bandwagon" and ride along with him and the "Team".
My opinion is that handing over $999 or $499 or even $299 is worse than throwing good money after bad....

throw good money after bad
to spend more and more money on something that will never be successful

To give these guys any more money before they fix what they have broken is just plain stupid on all counts. There is no good sane reason why anyone would rush to give them any more $. I repeat "No Good Reason". If you have that kind of money to simply throw away or give away....why not approach the next homeless person you see and give it to them? Or donate it to your favorite Charity? Stop being scammed! Demand that they fix what they broke and demand that they deliver on the promises they made when they took your other money already! 
Wake up Sheeples!
And if you are in so deep that you can't at this point open your eyes and see what is really going on then sadly....
I would have to say that you deserve to keep getting scammed by these shysters. JMO.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

#Zibbet welcome to the new zibbet search they still haven't fixed

So I just went back there after seeing the $999 premium seller offer.  I did an all items search.......
how in the world do they expect sellers to fork over money when they can't even fix their search?
Or are there truly only 1,049 items currently for sale at Zibbet?
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Found 1,049 Items for "All Items"