Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Some #Zibbet rebuild reflections and cult connections kind of ramble

So we waited for the Zibbet rebuild and at this point I would have to say that I was honestly hoping for more. Jono had been saying that everyone was gonna love it and so far I'm not hearing that is happening much out in cyberspace. And for any of you clan members out there who are thinking "Oh she wouldn't have liked it if it was perfect"....hate to burst your thought bubble but that's just not true. All you really need to do is to listen to what the over all consensus is regarding this rebuild and so far people are not loving it...many of them are not even liking it.
What I found rather odd in my own case is that while so many people are complaining they can't get into their shops..can't get them to load....etc.
I am one who has had my shop at Zibbet on vacation for quite some time. Waiting to see if the rebuild is going to make it worthwhile to spend any more time trying to make it work. Waiting to see if any management type of changes will be happening. And who knows? The boyzz have been trying to shop this venue to investors since day some like me are out here still waiting and thinking that things could turn around and head in a positive direction....nothing is impossible right? With a lifetime membership...have had the shop on vacay and just waiting to see if the site gets better.
So imagine my surprise when a friend messages me and tells me that my Zibbet shop has suddenly opened back up and had almost 500 things listed in the new rebuild over there on the "other side" so to speak. She had noticed it because a link to my items were at the bottom of her shop. She sent me the link to my items at the bottom of her shop and the first thing I noticed was that Zibbet had re-listed a necklace that I had un-listed there a long time ago.  As a matter of fact...this same necklace sold at Etsy in August of last year..that's how long ago it had been unlisted at Zibbet. :=) So needless to say--- I re-set my password and went in to un-list everything that Zibbet had re-listed for me. I noticed that a lot of the ephemera items were so stretched out and pixelated that you could barely tell what they were... I also noticed that many of the items were listed in duplicates over and over as I went through the pages (even though they are one of a kind items). So I would have to say that I was one who instead of having magically disappearing items.... I actually had items that magically reappeared and even multiplied. 
Yes bugs happen and they certainly will need to do a lot of tinkering on these things but my observation so far is that some one in their tech department should have started a thread and given some at least basic pointers instead of just leaving all of those people stranded not having a clue what to do. In my opinion this all has to do with what I have been thinking for quite some time that they have proven over and over again that they are totally lacking in managerial skills.
So in seeing that Zibbet had made some sort of milestone got me to reminiscing about my Early Zibbet experience.
I still remember landing in that Community and being astounded at what a nice welcoming friendly bunch they seemed to be. I also was thinking about a couple of spats I got into with some gals whom I had seen badmouthing Zibbet on Etsy and then they were calling Zibbet a cult. I can remember my angst and frustration of "HOW DARE THEY??? How dare they call these nice friendly people Cult-like???"
And it's all so funny now and sometimes seems a bit surreal. 
The links and Zibbet experiences that people have since posted on the net were not out there back then. Nothing was really "out" there so to speak. But now all one would have to do is look at where the original 60,000 seed money for Zibbet came from and one would understand reasons why the Cult references often pop up.
And to look back and see how some of these people I had once defended and thought of as so caring and nice--- were actually members of "hidey holes" and their own little clans where they told lies and spread them about fellow Zibbeters, where they blindly went along and agreed with things they knew absolutely nothing about, where they would turn on people who had done absolutely nothing to them, where they would show their support for some of the most vindictive people I have ever seen....
well it's just all part of that live and learn I suppose.
Back then there were some of them that I knew were simply way different than me and we didn't have much if anything in common. I belonged to this sampler team and I remember being amused when some of them were not happy about how their most popular reviewer was constantly saying in the videos how much she loves me. And the reason for that is because the reviewer and I had a real connection and actually got to know one another and that is only one of the friendships I made as a result of being on Zibbet that I will always be thankful for. And there are indeed reasons why people are put into one another's paths...sometimes it might just be that the reason is so that you will find someone else along the way.
But I can honestly say that my Zibbet learning experience was seeing what many of these at first impression so called "welcoming friendly people" truly turn out to be like. They will definitely turn clannish at the drop of a dime if you happen to ask the wrong question or if they are friends with someone who starts rumors or lies or if you OHMAhGOD....happen to say something they think is bad about Jono. LOL!
At the end of the day...they've got a big problem in their meddling little hands here---
they are not exactly bringing in many new people from Twitter.....the naysayers are growing larger day by day.
There is no fan fare or excitement about the new Zibbet in the Etsy forums....
too many Etsians have been there tried that and speak up about it in the forums there.
So where are they going to find new people to hopefully one day make the venue grow?
Well the powers that be are going to have to start doing some sort of advertising or something. The only advertisement I have seen so far is a circus tent that asks you to sign up to be a Zibbet seller.
And the last I heard...
is that not many buyers are scrambling over there to enter items into their shopping baskets on the new Zibbet....heck....a lot of the sellers are still having a hard time getting the site to load.
Think buyers are gonna be as patient and stick around? Doubt it. Funny thing is they said they were going to gear the new site towards mobile devices but seems like those on mobile devices so far have the biggest complaints of how wonky the whole thing is.
Anyhoo.... at the end of the day this is one thing I hope some of ya'll out there reading this might reconsider. Because fact is that some of ya'll in that little clan are constantly reading what I have to say here..even though I am not seeking you out..LOL! But I want to reiterate that I've seen some very nice friendly people who have recently been hurt by your little group for no reason at all. They didn't do anything to you and in fact seemed quite supportive and stayed out of the drama.
And some of ya'll are not very nice at all even though you want to keep telling each other you are. There's a pretty big group of people who have compared notes at this point and not shocking at all to see that so many of ya'll claiming to be the so called "victims" are indeed the ones starting most of the dad gum trouble in the first place. More and more people out there are seeing that some of ya'll are indeed hypocritical meddling fibbing little troublemakers and you are not acting in a very Christian manner at all! I guess what I am trying to say is that next time some of ya'll want to go on another "Witch Hunt" should save yourself some time.  Just stop and look in the mirror.
In the meantime let's hope this team at Hackerlabs can get the Zibbet De-build headed back into a real Re-build direction.
The hard working sellers there deserve exactly that. Bottom line. They have waited long enough. It's that simple!

Peace ya'll and remember there's always time to go back and connect some of those dots and follow the bouncing ball.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

#Zibbet and some thoughts about why the "Zibbet difference" doesn't make much sense to many and why most people don't even care anymore

I posted this tweet on Twitter this eve
"The longer I live it seems I figure out more that there is less I understand about a lot of things ".
And the past few days I have been feeling this about a lot of things .
I have friends who are dealing with some difficult times. In my family alone this past week one family member has an Aunt who is going to be removed from life support in intensive care due to an unexpected brain aneurysm at the age of 45. Another family member attended a funeral yesterday for her girlfriends' 3 month old precious baby who was born premature and suddenly stopped breathing one day for reasons that have still not been determined. Certainly the things that life unexpectedly throws at us will never be able to be explained. And I think I stopped trying to figure out that kind of stuff a long time ago.
The kind of things I do still often wonder about are the things that indeed could and can be prevented.
But often the 1st step in that is trying to find some common ground and trying to understand where the other person is coming from.
The past couple of days on Twitter I have witnessed the "Zibbet difference" grow to a whole new level.
Bottom is way bigger than all of the Zibbets of the universe....Zibbet is one tiny dot on a canvas of kabillions of circles. And these days most people have never heard of Zibbet and never will hear of Zibbet....and a lot of people who have experienced Zibbet are not excited and never again will be about anything to do with this down under venue.
I'm going to give this as one example of how people fail to communicate from ground zero.
(Especially when they are coming from the opposite sides of "Them" that Pastor Andy and his side kicks did such a good job of creating in that Community.)
Okay....there is this uber peaceful gal in my timeline and we follow one another. Someone tweeted something in response to her original tweet....and that led to other people who follow one another tweeting back. Suddenly the gal who tweeted to the uber peaceful one did not want to be in the conversation as she didn't like where it headed.
She messaged to "please remove her from the conversation" and I told her I believed she got herself in the conversation and could remove herself the last time I looked.
Then I wrote about the exchange in one of my posts below saying that if you respond to someone else that other people are following or who follow one another you will then indeed be in a conversation with everyone. And it seems quite obvious that a lot of these gals have no clue about this.
She then proceeds to private message me 
( like 3 maybe 4 in a row I'll have to go back and check that screen shot to be for certain ) and says something like please have the courtesy not to mention my words on your blog or elsewhere.
So I message her back and say that I obviously missed something because I never mentioned her name and wasn't sure what she was talking about...and poking fun at her said "You're not stalking my blog are you" :=D I mean she is obviously more concerned with what I am saying than I am about what she is saying....but I can not for the life of me begin to understand why these gals keep playing up that phony "Victim" card.
Bottom line....she involved herself in a conversation on Twitter that was in the feeds of everyone who follows one another. It's that simple. Why try to make it so complicated and make such a big deal about it?
Don't know. then there was this angry spice gal who responded to a former Zibbeters' tweet. Yes he tweeted something that in no way shape or form mentioned her
and then she jumped into his conversation all angry and rude and very strange to some looking at this thing go down. (It was almost like someone sent her there to try and create some sort of havoc. ) She was tweeting about how she just made this sale on zibbet and had sold many things those past couple of days on zibbet---yada yada....and someone else then said that it wasn't showing in her Zibbet sold items. And I did go and look to see if that was the case and took a screenshot that in showed her last sold item showing was from a couple of weeks before she posted that she just sold something and had just made many sales there. And once again need I remind you that the original tweeter never mentioned her?...she IN FACT---found him.
So then the gal goes what most would describe as bat shit crazy talking about trolls stalking her yada yada....and anyone who cared to look could clearly see that she was the one who in fact popped into that tweet and was saying some really rude stuff. But no....from her eyes and her side of the "others"...she felt that she was the one who had been trolled and attacked. And it just made no sense at all to a matter of fact I have had some previous interaction with this person and have never witnessed this type of behavior.... I was shocked to say the least.
But once again in the land of the Zibbet Difference....she was tweeting over and over about how Trolls were picking on her and she was supposedly some sort of a victim here.
All one had to do to see the truth of this matter was to start at the top of the tweets. But I'm sure most of those in her "them" group probably just added to the hate she was spreading and went along with her version without even looking at what really happened.
To me a classic example of how things get so easily misconstrued and believed over there in Zibbet land....
I have seen screen shots where the "CHOSEN CHEERLEADER" gal (who was supposedly banished) but is still burning up the Hot Line so to speak...
once upon a time someone in the Zibbet forums got booted and muted.
Hella told her sheeples that the person had spewed filth and terrible language in the forums and that she had personally seen it and that THIS was THE REASON why this particular person felt the wrath of Andy and Co and got booted from the community.
Well....word on the street and key phrase is once again
"WAKE up sheeples" guess what really happened?
Did the Booted Zibbeter actually do much cussin and fussin? Well evidently it appears that if you care to look at the rest of the story...
She had made the statement in her private team...KEY NOTES----
Next thing yah know it
and rumors and lies spread among that community about all of the terrible obscenities that had been spewed.
Fact is that P Andy was probably the only one who did the spewing over this situation---when seeing that someone knew he was an arsehole for trolling social media and monitoring folks.
And oh the stories and yes pictures but in this case screen shots are worth thousands of words.
I guess what I am Rhonda rambling tonight trying to say is that after the absolute venom and stupidity that I have witnessed from some of these folks lately.....
I have realized that there is no figuring them out.
You will never understand why someone does things and says things and acts in a way that you would never do.
I tried to figure out why some of them were such hypocrites.
I tried to figure out who I should still trust in the land of Zibbet. And I think the only thing I have really figured out as I am writing this tonight is that it seems as though very few of them(in that little inner circle that is thinning out day by day).....the only thing really Clear and undeniable is that not many of them left in that inner circle really trust one another.
I do hope their rebuild launch ends well for the good ones still left over there.
I do understand at this point that the venue growing and becoming well known which would mean lots of sales for the sellers... is still only going to happen if they build up a united community .
(Instead of tearing up the Community that they have left after what? 5 years of promoting one another?)
And maybe one of these days they might figure out that the Community never for one second had to be
they simply had to "Like Zibbet" and promote it to the best of their ability.....
Because the last time I looked---the hackerlab crew is definitely busy doing other things these days (wink wink)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Todays' Doins

Feels like I actually got a bit accomplished dogs are sure barking both literally and figuratively hah!
Got some new stuff painted and finished up some recycled projects to take to the Mall.
First I finished this old beauty shop chair...quite comfy actually. Today I finished the last layer of paint. Wish I had gotten a before pic of this.  It was an ugly dirty white which had turned beige in places vinyl. So I shot it with some sky blue spray paint.  Then cut out circles from some sticker paper and painted black on top of that. Today I added the white design using a filigree stamp. Then a couple of coats of clear....and I kind of like how it turned out.

I had bought this old Lane end table from a church bazaar awhile back and the bottom brown part was really dinged up but I like the faux alligator turquoise top.
I think I have mentioned a few times how much I like orange and blue together :)
From that same Church bazaar I had purchased this old school desk
The bottom of the legs were rusty and the top was pretty dinged up .I had started painting yellow on the top and remembered to stop and take a before pic.
So I sanded the top after waxing it because I wanted it to kind of look like a chalk board....

Hubby painted this old oak stand for me....I took this pic while he was painting the shelves
My favorite and actually easiest project of the day was this awesome mid century table that hubby bought yesterday at an estate sale for $3. A light sanding on the top and then a bit of stain and a bit of wax and now it looks like something Don Draper might be happy to sit an ashtray on :)

Here's a couple more random pics that I took simply because they made me smile. I can't keep everything that makes me smile house is tiny :) I racked my brain trying to remember who Huckleberry Hounds' side kick was.  I finally had to google it to remember Quick Draw McGraw.
I wonder how many cups of tea this little pink pig has poured?
There are so many neat little "shops" at the antique are a couple of things I was drooling over this afternoon

Hope ya'll had a beautiful day and cheers to a Mahhhhvelous Monday up ahead :=)

Saturday, July 19, 2014

There's a sucker born every minute :) Sucker fish and back yard carnivals

Yep  P.T. Barnum certainly knew a thing or two about suckers
One of his quotes that I like in particular is 
"Men who drive sharp bargains with their customers, acting as if they never expected to see them again, will not be mistaken. They will never see them again as customers. People don’t like to pay and get kicked also."
Yes he was quite the showman and knew how to run a growing business.
He wanted to keep people coming back and to be excited by what they might find.
Some businesses certainly do not follow this way of thinking LOL!
We had a little carnival/camp out of our own in the back yard last weekend. The girls had lots of fun and gamma was sweating buckets but laughing the whole time :)
They really enjoyed the little make-shift fishing game....we simply tied a clothes pin on the end of one of our old  fishing poles ....and they were reeling them in.
Here was our version of "Sucker Fish"

Soon the carnival barkers were suited up in mustaches.....
And finally our little mermaids were cooling off in the hot tub 
Yep...keep your eye out for suckers....sometimes some of them make for good eatin's .
Hope ya'll are having a great weekend!

Friday, July 18, 2014

#Zibbet “Hypocrites get offended by the truth.” some of the rest of the story

So I saw this quote today and it reminded me of Zibbet. 

  “Hypocrites get offended by the truth.” ― Jess C. Scott, Bad Romance: Seven Deadly Sins Anthology

The problem with Zibbet is that there are a lot of different truths and of course many different sides to all of the stories out there. A big problem as well is that there they tend to have "Groups within groups" so to speak.....certain people in certain groups have their own little groups and are doing things that people who belong to the groups are not aware of. (Until they are given proof and even then some of them have this undying devotion and refuse to discuss or believe that any one there has done what the "bad humans" are saying.)  They also have this uncanny way of reaching out to members who are starting to sway and are beginning to ask the wrong questions. If you are on Zibbet they will send you these private little messages asking you to remove whatever you have said and reminding you that what you are saying might somehow hurt all of the good people there and may even have a hurtful effect on some of your friends. If you don't listen to their little hints and suggestions they will then start stalking you on social media and that is where things get very ugly unless they are able to convince you to retract what you actually felt. Yes some of them will actually STALK YOU on social media... try to create havoc and then if unsuccessful will turn the story around and say that you have stalked them. WJW? They often prey upon the fact that you do have a conscience and do have friends there. These are the people they have the most control over when or if they ever begin to question some of the stuff going on behind the scenes. Then once they become convinced that you have fallen out of the Zibbet graces.... they will turn on you call you crazy hateful and equate you to being a so called "Mass murderer". 
Some in that hub have played up the "Victim" card in that hub quite well. Saying things like "Oh they take what we say and use it against us." Well here's a clue....if something you have said could be used against you...perhaps it shouldn't be said? Perhaps it was wrong to say it and that is what keeps pouring kerosene into the flames so to speak.
For chick there constantly blows her fuse mouths off calls people crazy tells them to leave screams at them with CAPS and foul language abbreviations and then will act like everyone else is picking on her and they are the crazy ones. She has made up stories about people in the hub she knows nothing about and then has spoken them and people in her group believe them but she doesn't know how people in the little chosen group are happy to have her look like an ass and take one for the team so to speak. Another one who hates the so called "Haters" and makes up little stories about them is also pretty good at making up stories about herself.  Little does she know that every time she says she makes lots of custom orders even though it doesn't show that in her shop sales....(she has been making this statement for years) and doesn't realize that the people in her little group are snickering and laughing behind her back about her "fibbing regarding all of those custom orders" and yet they are happy to propagandize the lies she tells about the "others". Sound hypocritical much LOL!
Then there are the ones who simply don't understand how Twitter works....myself not an expert...I replied to a conversation last nite to someone above me and later saw that the reply linked to an entire conversation that I had not seen. Sometimes even when you click on "view" conversation you are not seeing all of it but one thing for sure....when you comment in the conversation you are now a part of it. Last night someone from Zibbet sent a tweet that said "Please remove me from this conversation". I mean the last time I looked you are in that conversation because you tweeted something and if the conversation turns into something you were not planning it to be....Well the way it works is that you remove yourself and delete the comment and that if you don't want to be in the conversation then perhaps don't comment? 
Fact from my side of the street is that there are a few bad people there starting up a lot of trouble that could have easily been avoided but problem is that the fish rots from the head down and in this case...the biggest problem is right at the top of the food chain here peeps. Some in that circle continue to say things about the haters and all of the negativity they are spreading. But from the other side of the street those so called "Haters" are doing a positive thing by trying to warn new sellers to not buy into what has so far been a huge farce and waste of "Premium" money.
No one out there is saying "Don't buy from Zibbet sellers " (the last time I looked) What they are saying is do not waste your money buying a premium seller account until the CEO's deliver on the promises that they have been promising for years. Yes it really is that simple to understand. Many of those so called haters are in fact still promoting other Zibbeters and their items in their shops.
But you see that is some of the rest of the story that they don't want to talk about and that they don't want people to hear.  Instead they have to keep their stories going about how the haters are trying to hurt good Zibbet sellers and are just a terrible negative bunch.
In fact many of them are very positive indeed. 
I honestly feel that what the Hub people call as a group of haters should actually be personally thanked by all of them who fend offended. The last time I looked those so called "Haters" have finally forced and shamed those CEO's to get off of their arse wave a red rag and actually try to produce some sort of rebuild that they have been stalling and pumping the brakes on year after year. Newsflash....had none of this so called negativity ever happened..I'd be willing to bet the boys would be busy scheduling more Poker tournaments instead of scheduling down time for Zibbet migration to the new venue.
And something else to ponder.....some in the Hub running to the defense of the venue when asked about advertising will say YES! YES! I have seen the Zibbet Circus tent ad...they are Advertising! Well sorry to pop your bubble but the last time we looked that ad was advertising for people to sell on Zibbet which of course leads to those $89 dollar premium deals in the pockets of the Ceo's. Was there something there about buying on Zibbet that we may have missed :D
So yes there are many many layers and sides and stories going on here. Sad fact is that so few even care anymore. My wish is that the good sellers who have been working so hard for so long to try and sell their wares will finally get the benefit of all that time they have spent. At the same time we will keep spreading the news about what we have experienced. Thank goodness for screenshots. And yes...the last time I looked every business in business does need to be held accountable for their actions.
Carry on lovers and haters in the universe.....
there's room for everyone in this wonderful world of ours.
Happy weekend peeps!
Stay safe and sound :D

eta...some interesting things to do if you have some spare time....look at the ones calling the "others" haters...look at their Zibbet feedback and follow many of the links how so many of them are attached at the hip so to speak. The proof is in the puddin' yep yep yep

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

#Zibbet would you just walk away if...........

Yep well known fact that many people out there who have tried Zibbet give up after awhile and either abandon their shops or just walk away.  I get that. If the site never touched you or if you never felt any type of connection at all...or if you knew the venue was something you in no way shape or form wanted your business or name to be associated with..... I can totally understand how someone could just pack it up and simply walk away.
If you had been publicly lied about on a forum where you could not defend yourself would you just keep quiet and walk away?
If one of the Ceo's had called you a "TROLL" in his hidey hole when you at the time were actually a bonafide Zibbet Cheerleader...would you just walk away?
If the CEO's lied and made statements about members that are absolutely untrue...would you just walk away?
If a certain beast who heads up the hidey hole was telling lies about things that supposedly really happened and people were believing this person....would you just walk away?
If this certain bandicoot of a beast was FINALLY banished from the HUB  basically because the CEO's were caught with their screen shot pants down---had EGG on their face for ignoring her behavior YES the Ceo's still SUPPORT her every BAD action ....would you just walk away?
If you knew this BEAST and Pastor Andy were having personal chats daily and anyone the BEAST was jealous of was somehow suspiciously getting banned and lied about in the Hidey holes....would you just walk away?
If you knew this big ole BANDICOOT of a BEASTMASTER was still calling the shots and coaching a group of the original "hideys"  from another Headquarter....would you just walk away?
If you knew that the CEO's were wrongly banning people from the HUB because someone was monitoring their social media comments....would you just walk away?
If you knew that some had been banned NOT for their SOCIAL media comments but instead....because they were associated with anyone the Bandicoot Beast and her cohort Pastor Andy did not like or was jealous of......
would you just walk away?
If you knew that certain people who had laughably grown some "Queen BEE britches" were calling people things like BAD HUMANS and equating them to MASS MURDERERS for things as simple as asking why a rebuild keeps getting delayed with more and more excuses for more than 4 years.....would you just walk away?
If you knew that the group of people behind this were still stalking others and making "threats" and trying to cover up their wrong doings...
would you just walk away?
If you knew that these people were still  using bullying tactics to harass any one who called out the truths of their wrong doings....would you just walk away?
If you had seen screen shots of very questionable behavior and knew that even worse ones still have yet to be shared about that behavior on Social Media....would you just walk away?
If you saw a horrendous caricature making fun of the Aborigine race on a blackboard that Zibbet headquarters places on You Tube and is apparently quite proud of....would you just walk away?
If you knew that the questions above were only a few of the "Would Yous?" would you just walk away?
I am hoping that the Zibbet sellers still left on Zibbet who have ever asked themselves.....why would some people not just quit and walk away and leave Zibbet alone?  Well you must be in the same place I was a couple of years ago....when I felt that same way....when I was oblivious to how Pastor Andy and some of his minions like to roll behind the scenes. There comes a day for everyone when they have eye opening moments....and believe you me....when I saw and witnessed the behavior that I have seen against people who CLEARLY in no way shape or form deserved to be treated the way that ZIBBET has treated them.....
well all I can say is I can understand why this is the reason that some have  not yet walked away in silence but have taken a stand to speak out about what has happened and to warn new people who might consider going there. 
I am not speaking out to hurt any of you good people that I met along my path in the Zibbet experience. I still speak out because I know of people who got hurt at Zibbet for no reason of their own doings.....and the directions and plans and actions to hurt them and cast a bad light upon them came from the top down. FACT.
SCREEN SHOTS and facts. Hard to believe at first but facts.
And if you are one who is suddenly upset because the rebuild hasn't happened yet...or if you are one who saw Pastor Andy's Homophobic tweets and decided the venue was something you simply did not want to be associated with....or if you are someone who simply got tired of all the time you have spent on the venue working ~listing~ promoting ~with few(or no sales)...... I totally get why you could just leave...take a so called higher road and simply move on.
But if you have not walked in the shoes of the ones out there who are not ready to move on and do find it in themselves to speak out and warn others about their own personal Zibbet Experience....
then you are not capable of judging what they have personally gone through..... all in the name of Zibbet Love.
And this is the thing.....
the venue that is known as Zibbet..... is not currently being seen out there anyways. That is why at this point when you google it.....that small group of what Zibbet calls " bad humans and haters " seem to currently hold a front page on Google. Zibbet is not known or a place that many people are seeking at this point. And when NEWBIES  do find it...the few people (out of the supposed 40,000 members) who have written about their negative experiences are showing up in the limelight. You would think that a venue who has been around this long would have done some sort of promotion or advertising or something so that whatever they have done up to this point would show up higher in the internet rankings.  But no... some random blog post about Zibbet will actually reach the top page of searches these days? Why?   Zibbet is so MEH to most people who have been there that it might some day just wind up as an adjective of MEH LOL!
I wish you people left in that hub still had the power to turn it around.
My opinion is that Andy and his side kick and her buddy have just about broken any chance of that ever happening.
Carry on sheeples
carry on.
But I must say at the end of this Rhonda ramble.....
when I view an injustice I will not simply keep quiet and walk away...and if that makes me a bad human.... 
so be it.

Monday, July 14, 2014

PTL I saw the light the they hand out flash lights for their hidey holes?

One might think that one who has the absence of light would mean that there is only darkness to be found.
I however tend to believe that simply because one does not share your beliefs does not a dark person make of them.
Yes...there are sadly those at Zibbet who promote the message of "Get thee away from me person of darkness....anything you say can not be believed for you do not share the light we are casting out among our members" And yes it has been proven that maybe some of them don't come right out and say it to your face....but they are in their little hidden groups being told how to act and what to say. Pastor Andy at the helm of the hidey holes and even the one who was "supposedly" cast from her throne in the Z Hub is still calling the shots and directing a certain group of them on what to do and say.
A friend messaged me once about the Zibbet Hub and described the overall bunch as a "harmless group of Christian women sitting around knitting while paying games and supporting one another." And that's all fine and dandy if that were only the case.
I really believe that the reason the venue continues to lose more and more of it's long time supporters is because of the darkness that goes on behind the scenes. And we're not talking about some simple shady shit here we are talking about some serious darkness folks and in my opinion some of the most un-Christian like behavior that I have ever seen.
Some of them make it a point to go on public boards and adamantly proclaim that their Christian affiliations have absolutely nothing to do with the C3 church. And folks I strongly believe in the freedom of religion and the freedom to believe in whatever you want to believe in. Some would say..."Oh don't believe anything she says....she is a hater....she is trying to harm all Zibbeters." Wrong Wrong and Wrong. And honestly if those of us who are out here speaking out about our experiences with the venue were going to be afraid of the backlash and the real "Story starters"...we simply would have tucked our Zibbet feathers between our hiney and fluttered away to never look back on the venue. The fact is that many people did leave in silence and are still afraid to talk about it because they do not want to cause possible harm to their businesses. 
Many have wondered and wondered why a group that says they have nothing at all to do with the C3 would constantly support and defend the wrong doings of the CEO's and the members who lie about "cast off" Zibbeters. So I decided to link an article here because even if it is a long read and even if it was written way back in 2005 it is a pretty good over all summation of how they are indeed all tied together and why they are stuck like crazy glue on defending certain peeps while at the same time damning anyone who does not seem to be "growing" in the direction they have in mind for you. 
First of all I don't want any of ya'll Pentecostals to think I am dissing your religion by linking this article. 
You have a right to believe whatever you want to believe. It's just that for some reason there are certain folks in that Zibbet circle who feel that they can say what they want and do what they want and that doing so is a one way street. Newsflash....that two way street is getting wider every day..and we all know that bad people can be found in any group.
Okay so the most insightful thing to me about this article I am linking here is to take a look at the 

"Heavens Half-Dozen"group.

They are at the bottom of the article.
You will see Pastor Andy's boss and find that there is indeed a "connection" with the C3 and other affiliations with many of the religious Zibbeters who adamantly exclaim that there is no connection whatsoever. Also most eye opening are their political connections and the bank who is behind the funding of a lot of these start ups and venues.

Okay.....the thing that surprises me most of all is why on earth didn't Zibbet simply promote the fact that they are a religious venue and run with that? Instead they took the path of denying that religion has anything to do with it and yet..they let their beliefs and convictions reap havoc among the Community Hub and beyond.  If they would have simply embraced this like mindedness (and they still could) the sellers there would certainly be reaping the rewards of many many buyers who choose to support sellers who sanctify their beliefs. The last time I looked Religion is big business folks. wink-wink.
However what is bad business and what doth a Bad Human make a forum filled with handmaidens who create lies and cover ups against their naysayers. That's right folks. Cruise on in to that nice little Zibbet Hub where everyone is so friendly and welcoming. But if you dare to ask the wrong question or you are falling out of the like mindedness will then find out just how nice some of them truly are.
Oh but to hear their side of the story.....they are simply being picked on and attacked by a group of bad humans and haters. Thanks to social media.....the rest of the story is out there. And it really doesn't matter who's side you are on.
The only thing that matters here is what you truly believe.
And speaking of social media I saw a quote today that I really liked.....
We never "lose" friends, we just learn who our real ones are."
Peace ya'll.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

About that Zibbet Rebuild Delay once again same old story different day

Anyone out there remember this post????
(from in case you are so busy thinking anyone who asks is a bad human)

I suggest you ...

Keep us updated as to when the rebuild is scheduled to be completed please

I am sure that many of us are anxiously waiting for the rebuild to be implemented. How about count-down. Give or take a couple of weeks. We won't hold you to it but at least we would have a bit of an idea as to how long we have to wait.
If this is already posted somewhere, then I missed it ... please point me in the right direction.
JournalsByJeanJournalsByJean shared this idea  ·    ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…
Jonathan PeacockADMINJonathan Peacock (CEO, responded  ·  
Because of the size and scope of the rebuild, it’s impossible to accurately estimate the launch date – even within a month either side. As we get closer to completion we’ll have a better understanding and will let all sellers know then. We do apologize for the delay.


Zibbet and my Epiphany look at the post below

The You Tube post below is one of Pastor Andrew from the C3 Pentecostal Group and other very large churches and the Libertarian Party in Australia and a major Australian Bank.
He is also a founder of
and has been a subject of speculation.
After seeing one of Pastor Andy's actual sermons and while viewing it.....
I had a certain FLASH
one where I felt that GOD was telling me to warn you about this Zibbet Group
and that everything I have been trying to say has now been vindicated.
Follow the dots peeps.
Connect a few.
Just realize where Zibbet was originated
and then ask yourself
Do you really still want to be a part of this?
I know that the venue has some very religious members there.
But have they ever for once in their life considered that while they are calling others things
like "Bad Humans" that those so called Bad People are finding out information and having Epiphanies and sharing them everywhere?
A lot of people out here do have certain beliefs and religions and saying some are bad people because they do not believe what you believe to me is a bad on Pastor Andy and Jono and the whole Zibbet venue.
Just sayin'
Follow the links peeps
watch the Vids and find out the rest of the story on this BUNCH.

Also edited to add that this group is supposedly so BIG on Family and yet....
after seeing that  image on the board  where they clearly make fun of the Aborigine race.........
no wonder everyone is asking what is up with making fun of minorities?
Bad for business no matter what continent you reside in right?

#Zibbet I feel like I have just had an Epiphany

Thursday, July 10, 2014

#TWATS NOT BOTS #Zibbet---An I truly Love Zibbet better than Etsy Challenge

I'm writing in pink because much of the topic on Twitter this eve just so happened to fall into that "Show us YOUR PINKS" category.
And it is currently 10:25 West Coast Cali time as I am writing this and despite all of the "hints" "reports" tweets..etc etc...
that certain most popular most pink of PINKS to ever hit the Zibbet front page is still up.
Yes it is indeed still right there in your face so to speak.  And at this point perhaps a Salute to the Queen in question  who actually got some real views on that so called ZibbetFlash
But keep in mind we're talking TWAT not BOT views here.
some people in certain chat rooms who have been viewing these posts from Zibbet Hub Lubs... who say things like
"In a word: I like EVERYTHING about Zibbet better than E! "

so we are kind of thinking "Oh yah? We'll if that is the case....why not shut down your Etsy shop where you actually are getting sales?????"

I mean honestly folks......
follow the path.......
look at some of those die hards in the Zibbet hub still there saying how much more they love Zibbet than Etsy but yet........
kind of sort of
but look at the shops who are in the Zibbet Hub saying how much they lurveeeeeeeeee Zibbet so much more
and yet..............
(((((((((no!!!!!!!!! BACK OFF SHERLOCK!!!!......))))))))
no rocket scientists needed here yet.......
They have hundreds if not thousands of sales on Etsy...
but many of them can Easily count on their fingers and toes the total amount of sales they have had at Zibbet even though they have been there for YEARS.
Something wrong with this think?
Something strange with this kind of ODD statements?
here's the challenge to those of ya'll there in the Zibbet Hub saying how much GREATER 
ZIBBET is than ETSY.......
close down your ETSY shops and concentrate FULL time on your ZIBBET venue.
we know that ain't gonna happen any time soon right?
Cheers to show us some more pinks!
Man that was some "Big Baller #Zibbet Love " on the front page today. Dayum cookie....those People are on top of what is really going on with their listings there.
TWAT was that you were saying????
gotta love the inovation right?