Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The wrath

It was a beautiful 82 degrees here in Bako today.
My thoughts and prayers this eve going out to ya'll out there dealing with the wrath of "Sandy".

Larry Hood interview with BTUFF Magazine

BTUFF EXCLUSIVE: Larry walks us around his IMCA modified.

B-Tuff y'all — at Kings Speedway.

 You can click on the link above to see the interview....
I am so proud of this kid.....he's also a pretty good talker 
hee-hee......must kind of run in the family every now and then lol!
Larry is definitely carrying on the family tradition..... keep it up dude :=)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Recycled Domo earrings

Domo earrings recycled vintage kitsch mustache red and black danglers

Domo earrings recycled vintage kitsch mustache red and black danglers
Domo earrings recycled vintage kitsch mustache red and black danglers Domo earrings recycled vintage kitsch mustache red and black danglers Domo earrings recycled vintage kitsch mustache red and black danglers Domo earrings recycled vintage kitsch mustache red and black danglers Domo earrings recycled vintage kitsch mustache red and black danglers
Domo darlins' dangling here
Mixed with red vintage buttons and some vintage black glass faceted beads
These danglers are 4" tall and go great on those days when you feel like getting your "GrRrRrrrrr" on :=).
I decided to list a few of my hand made recycled vintage pieces here in my vintage shop to share a bit of what I have listed in my other Etsy shop....
Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

One of the Original Weight Watchers...My Momma's Touch ...and other Plus Sized Ponderings from my Perspective

Okay...so here is what I know about this topic...
One of my most "frequent blog clickers" from Mtn View-ville (btw...the region they are from includes the phrase "View"..so I really think it fits this one to a tee...LOL!.....)
Anywhooooo...this one has elsewhere seemingly  appointed herself as a "plus sized" advocate....and makes some nice things ( imo ) for that market....but I really think that one of the reasons her items haven't really taken off yet is because of the "story" presented by her.....
and since none of ya'll know who I am really talking about....but yes...she will absolutely know that this "mention" is  about her....and yet at the same time the post is also a Hollah to my momz RIP Linda Darlene....:=)....
it's all good.
My thing is this.....if your story is that "You used to be"  plus sized.. and talk about a 100 pound weight loss...it is not really a good idea to post your "today pic" where you are hiding behind a 1-25 thousand pound statue with basically your "head" poking out from the side.... and maybe if you are someone who might have weighed over say 300 lbs before losing 100.....you might indeed be a bit shy about showing off your new bod...... but when you make the statement that you "used to be plus size"...obviously you are saying to your "buyers" that you are no longer a plus sized woman....which by the way is nothing to be ashamed of in the first place so why not try hopping your arse out from behind that huge statue?  To me..this might indeed bring you more sales and followers if they might think they could actually trust the story you are trying to portray here.....

And my background on this subject would in fact be...(and of course this is only my own experience)....
my momma struggled with weight for as long as I can remember....but in my minds' eye...she was always so beautiful to me.....her smile and laughter lit up the room whenever she entered and it didn't matter whether or not she weighed 120 lbs or when she weighed 227 lbs.----and she was 5' 5"......and a fiery bundle indeed.....she indeed always always was my beautiful Momma and I was ALWAYS so proud of her no matter how much she weighed....
So don't get me wrong here.....I am not bagging on the plus size issue and never would (once in awhile I have been known to question the "politically correct" terms on this subject tho)......
My mom in her adult life time probably tried just about every popular diet out there.....
and the first time she was extremely overweight and started worrying about her health and longevity....along came this little ole "new diet" called "Weight Watchers".....and way back in the early 70's my mom was actually the first person in Kern County California to lose over 100 pounds on the Weight Watchers' diet.....
here she is in a Weight Watchers' Fashion Show back in the day.....

and (from my experience).....most people who lose 100 lbs. are indeed very loud and proud in sporting their new figure that they worked so hard at achieving :=) ...
okay...so the rest of her life after that was still a struggle with ups and downs and many more diets....and after the age of 60 when her doctors felt that the bariatric approach was the way to go....Mom did that procedure and once again lost 100 lbs......
here she is enjoying herself as she did in many of her last years out on the boat...this one is with her and my son at Catalina where Mom and Dad  stayed at the "slip" on weekends for many years.....(after she came through and conquered so many complications including learning  how to walk again after that surgery she was in intensive care for over 6 months in hospitals in San Diego and Bakersfield).......

But with her fiery spirit and love of life and family...she came through that obstacle...and was then pretty much a "senior poster child for bariatric surgery"....

so I guess my post and thoughts here is basically about this.....
if you have lost weight (and of course have obviously worked very hard to do so) .....
don't hide behind a freaking huge arse statue and expect people to actually embrace your accomplishment.....be proud of what you have done and show it!
If you have lost over 100 lbs.....it doesn't matter if you still weigh 200 lbs or 500 lbs.....hop out from behind that statue and be proud of what you have done......you don't need to hide because you have done something truly amazing......
and if you are "hiding"....some might truly feel that your "story" might perhaps be a "spun one"...
that's just my in-put here :=)....
and I think this last pic might even explain a bit about why I love vintage so much.....my 1972 Momma....the orange dress....the shag carpet...the wall paneling...the green door....

Hollah Linda Darlene!  You were always so beautiful!  Hollah Vintage! And Hollah as well to all of us women of the world.....love yourself.....don't hide behind anything.....you are all beautiful and don't ever ever pretend or think that you aren't ! No matter what you look like....you will always have someone in your life who knows that you are indeed beautiful...no matter what.
And that's my life story and I'm stickin'  to it :=)
This orange dress is a pretty good Fall choice tho..don't ya think :=)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Darrell and Larry Hood featured pic in the IMCA Racing Magazine....

Hollahs to my Bro and Nephew for getting their picture in this recent IMCA Racing Magazine.  It was super cool to have both of you win your main events on the same night :=)

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Nugget doesn't quite know what to think of his Halloween costume hee-hee

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The sisters in my Fall Yard hee-hee

Dang.....it's still so hard to get into this "Fall Feeling"....when it was over 85 degrees here Monday and the Grands were frolicking out in the yard throwing flowers that are still abundant everywhere in my lil' ole garden......
these girls love each other so much....it is just such a joy to see them playing together :=).....

Happy Fall ya'll :=)


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Whoo Hoooo Congrats to Larry Hood for the IMCA Modified win at the Bako Bud Nationals 2012 !

Saturday, Oct 13 2012 12:03 AM

16-year-old stars on night of fast racing at Bakersfield Speedway

BY JOE CONROY Special to the Californian
In just his second year of racing and barely old enough to drive on the streets, 16-year-old Matt Lewis took home the checkered flag in the American Stocks mains at Friday night's 27th Annual Budweiser Nationals at Bakersfield Speedway.
The Bakersfield native had to hold off the reigning champion -- and Lewis' cousin -- in the event, Rick Childress Jr., the entire race.

Related Photos

Jesse Stovall, Glena, Missouri. 2012 MARS Late Model Series champion
A caution late in the 20-car, 25-lap event helped keep Childress in striking distance.
And though Childress tried the outside ridge and kept the pressure on the leader, he could not catch this year's American Stocks track champion.
"I have no idea; I'm just amazed right now," the Bakersfield native said after the win. "I'm really happy I got to race with my cousin."
Tyler Johnson finished behind Lewis and Childress to take third place after moving out of fourth on the 24th lap.
More than 170 cars took to the Speedway as part of the opening night of the Budweiser Nationals.
The track raced fast all night, starting with a half-dozen drivers setting Speedway single-lap records during early qualifying rounds. Jesse Stovall, in his Super Late Model, ended up with the fastest time of 12.840 seconds, breaking Mike Kirby's mark of 12.995, set in April.
And once the racing started, speed continued to come with ease, with track conditions on the third-mile clay oval remaining optimal throughout the evening.
Leading for all but the first seven laps in the IMCA Modified mains, Larry Hood stretched out an enormous lead by the 20th, battling cautions and myriad racers who traded second and third throughout the 30-lap race.
Brad Pounds pushed Hood late, when Pounds threatened to take the lead away in lap 29, but Hood held him off with deft maneuvering on the high side of turns No. 3 and 4.
Robby Sawyer rounded out the top three for an all-Bakersfield trophy stand.
Though locals owned the early races, an out-of-stater took control of the Super Late Model main event and refused to give it back.
Stovall, from Republic, Mo., wrested the lead from Bobby Hogge of Salinas in the 18th lap and left his teeth marks on it until the 30th and final trip around the track.
Hogge, who raced in the IMCA Modified mains, used his previous experience on the track to his advantage in the Late Models event. But Stovall quickly saw Hogue's technique of riding the ridge on the outside of the track and adapted his game plan.
John Lowery finished third in the race after slipping out of second in the 10th lap.
Friday's action was just the start to a weekend of racing.
The second evening the 27th Annual Budweiser Nationals racing starts at 5:30 tonight, with gates opening at 4.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Strive For Progress

I still keep seeing over and over
about how some people keep posting unrealistic pics of what motivates them.
I think they have lost sight of the "Plan Stan...no need to be Coy Roy...just set yourself free...LOL"
#1...if you have already had a tummy tuck and still don't have those 6 pack abs?  waste of $
#2...if you are posting pics of gals much younger than you...you will never look like them hello?
#3...if you were always a big boned type of gal you could become anorexic and work-out 24-7..but you will still never ever look like the inspirational pics that you keep posting.
Okay...love yourself
stay healthy
do healthy things
take as good of care of yourself as you possibly can
but don't make your "inspirations"
something that no matter what you do
you will never be
and you will
look like
Love yourself for what you are
be the best that you are
and always strive
to be the best that you can be.
My wish .....
my motivation each day...
to make someone out there know
how beautiful they really are
just for being 
striving to 
be the best that they can
and ever will be.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rag Crochet Is Here To Stay :=)

How many of you out there can remember your first rag rug project?  I think I was about 8 or 9 when my Grandma "Mam-maw" taught me to "rag crochet".  My first rug was actually a rug for my doll house...not a huge project LOL!  Then it evolved into a collar for my dog...pot holders....chain necklaces...rag button bracelets....and I still have a belt stored away somewhere that I made out of torn jean strips when I was about 11 or 12.  I was really proud of that "hand made" belt and wore it a lot....when I find it amongst my stash....I can probably wear it once again as a "wrap bracelet"...alas!  (My 12 year old waist size abandoned me long ago  hee-hee.)
So I have been "pinning" several pieces of rag crochet jewelry lately.  I just have always really liked the idea that you can take old scraps and make them into unique pieces that go so well in both "dress-up" and "dress-down" occasions.
The pieces are so gosh darn easy to make and I think the real fun is choosing how to embellish them.  If you know how to do a simple chain stitch....you can make these.  There are so many tutorials on the web about rag crochet......you can easily click on those if you need any type of refresher course :=).
Many people that I know "tie" their scrap fabrics together....but I wanted to show those of you who have never tried this method...how to easily join your scraps and also prevent a lot of lumpy bumps in your project.
First of all tear or rip or cut your fabric into your desired width that you want to use....
 next...lay one strip on top of the other and cut a little notch in the two pieces...
then lay them side by side with one notch on top of the other.....
 next bring the end of the fabric from the strip that you have on top underneath and pull it through the bottom of the notched pieces...
 when you pull it through and tug it tight you will have joined the fabrics in a tight little knot that won't come undone :=)..
 front and back images ^^^
Easy Peasy.
Okay so now I am going to include a few pics of a crochet rag bracelet I made quite awhile ago to wear to a wedding.....I used  vintage napkin fabric, vintage charms,vintage chain,vintage buttons,vintage beads, and a mix of new beads to create this romantic heart inspired piece.  My arthritis often prevents me from doing repetitive sewing crochet etc....but on decent days I can still manage to crank out a few pieces like these.  And now with the steroid treatments my hands are doing a lot better.  We never realize how lucky we are to be able to perform simple tasks until there comes a time when even those become difficult :)  I hope this will inspire you to make a few rag crochet pieces when you find the time....especially if you haven't done so in awhile. :=)

 Grab that hook and have fun ..the possibilities are endless :=)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Comic Book Decoupage Cuff Bracelet orange and green super hero stuff

Sharing my latest Etsy listing.....I love using old comic books on these pieces.....

hope you are all having a fabulous Fall so far :)

Comic Book Decoupage Cuff Bracelet orange and green super hero stuff
Comic Book Decoupage Cuff Bracelet orange and green super hero stuff Comic Book Decoupage Cuff Bracelet orange and green super hero stuff Comic Book Decoupage Cuff Bracelet orange and green super hero stuff Comic Book Decoupage Cuff Bracelet orange and green super hero stuff Comic Book Decoupage Cuff Bracelet orange and green super hero stuff
I made this decoupage cuff bracelet using an actual piece from an "almost vintage" 1993 Pitt comic book. I love the graphics on so many of these comic books and really enjoy bringing them to life on one of a kind jewelry pieces :=).
This one is on an adjustable 3" wide aluminum cuff. I shot the inside with some orange spray paint and I also added a light green pigment to the decoupage . I trimmed the outside edge with some multi color loopy yarn...giving it a rather "frayed" look. This has been coated with polyurethane but you will still not want to immerse this piece in water.
Thank you for visiting http://www.etsy.com/shop/TheEclecticKinetric :=)
If you like vintage items please check out my other shop

Monday, October 8, 2012

About the debates

Okay.....so I have always been extremely Patriotic...I love my country yes indeedy do yah....I used to win speech contests talking about "America...my country Tis' of Thee"...etc. etc....
At this point in my life.....
I am just wondering.......
why do we even have Democrats, Republicans, Independents etc.etc.................................
Why can't we just have one HUGE AMERICAN Party??????????????
Why does it always have to pit one side against another when the parties through-out our history have actually kind of "super-in-posed"  and one party has actually kind of involved into the other party in my way of thinking.......a.k.a.---(what used to be dems are now reps )
But why does it have to be that way.......?
Why can't we stop all of this nonsense...and just become the "American" party??????????
A party that works together and yet..debates our differences as individuals and circumstances??????
We need to stop the separation.....
To me...what will get our country back on the right track is for all of us to stop the division between the parties....and to all become one huge party of Americans working together to make this country as great as we possibly can for our grandchildren and for our grand babies'  grand kids and so on and so forth........
The debates should be about ideas.....not about why one party is better in the White house than the other party.......
and that is my opinion.......
stop the division......
why can't we just all belong to the 
AMERICAN PARTY?????????????
And fix what needs to be fixed for the good of all of the peeps??????????????
Just sayin'.............

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ten O Clock.....

“There are some good people. But a good chunk of them will lie for no reason at all - it'll be ten o'clock and they'll tell you it's nine. You're looking at the clock and you can't even fathom why they're lying. They just lie because that's what they do.”

John Cusack quotes

Monday, October 1, 2012

On a Vacay

Hi friends and viewers.....
I will be away from my blog until October 27th...............
Thanks for viewing and if you need to contact or message me...
you know how to do it :)

Hope you have a great MONTH!

A BIT About that Rat egg sucker wishy washster onester again LOL

No biggie...seriously not a big deal to me at all....
at this point in my life I am still simply concentrating on my health and all that that implies LOL...
But the truly funny thang is that a friend of mine just sent me a zip of an older  post that this wishy one put up...(and she has recently updated and added to this month) hee-hee
and yes...I know for a fact that very very few people ever even read what she writes....but she was talkin' about me....so of course I'm gonna say a few things here about it LOL....
UPDATED 10-01-2012---by my own choice not from anyone demanding anything but from me knowing that I said what needed to be said :) Yep I made my point and have masked the rest of the post.......you know what to do if you want to see the whole thing LOL!