Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy to be picked to be put in this here pickle :) on Artfire

Thanks a bunch to evezbeadz for including my item in this Artfire collection....

A Traditional Pickle Christmas

Curated by evezbeadz | Collection Published on 11-27-2013


Collection Curator

"A collection for the Tradiional Christmas Pickle. Buy 'em and Share the Collection! Enjoy! Eve"
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Monday, November 25, 2013

Recycled picture frame chalk board I've nothing to do but smile

The lime green was out and about today.  I still have it all over my hands I must admit :)...
Recycled picture frame chalk board...
There have been some reports that it takes more work to frown than to smile....who needs more work ? :=)

#recycledframe #smile #nothingtodobutsmile #limegreenscene

Vintage Button and bottle caps recycled tables

It's been awhile since I have made one of these bottle cap vintage button recycled pieces.  Finished these today and will be putting a piece of glass on top to make a coffee table out of them.  Hubby found the lime green gallon of paint in the "oops" pile at Floyds so made a bit of chalk paint and then waxed them before placing the trinkets on top.

 #vintagerecycle #bottlecaptables #buttonrecycle #limegreenchalkpaint

Free Smiles take 1 mixed media assemblage I think this is the place to start

Awhile back at the Furniture Store this candle holder tipped over and the glass votives broke. So this lonely metal thing had been sitting upstairs at the store ever since then and no one has inquired as to how much it is :=). Alas! No one was falling all over themselves to take this thing home with them. 
So Friday I tell my Nephew Larry I was just gonna take it home and make something out of it.  He said "What are you going to make with something like that?" I told him I would think of something.  
I had some lime green chalk paint out last nite starting on  a couple of projects and used it on this piece as well.
"Free Smiles---take 1".
Welcome to my crazy world Hee-hee.

#mixedmediaassemblage #crazydoll #freesmiles #welcometomycrazyworld  #Ithinkthisistheplacetostart

Sunday, November 10, 2013

White bubbles sometimes makes me think I farted in the bathtub...

A Bubbly White Winter Wonderland on Etsy


2 hours ago
Check out the wonderland of white bubbles on Etsy. With the winter season close at hand, this treasury may help you locate these hard-to-find and trendy accessories.


These are all so unique! I love it! What a stunning treasury!
Monika from QuiltLover says:
Love all the choices….let me see, which one am I gonna buy?
Good choices for winter...a good group....mildred
Thanks for such a great selection. Can't decide if it like the $5 or $30 one better.
Madi from OnceUponAGem says:
Very unique! Just like snowflakes ;)
MerlinMN from MerlinMN says:
Who'da thunk it?
Such a wonderful collective...I mean collection! Super! Goodness I wish I had the talent to make such beautiful jewelry. Stunning winter treasury!
Jan from melanger says:
Such a variety to choose from! And the price range is phenomenal! Thanks for a lovely winter inspired collection.
Makes me think of Dean Martin, " Tiny Bubbles....."
Guess that dates me.
OMG! @ "Tiny Bubbles" brushy!
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas in a snowflakes and cupcakes and tiny bubbles in the wine kind of thing ...
does being dated mean we must
get one of these to impress our dates??.....
decisions decisions....the $5 0r the $30?
oh wait.
is it okay to wear white after Labor Day ?
eh it's just too confusing
Wow, its soooo hard to choose which one to buy!!!