Friday, April 26, 2013

Okay So I got the Etsy Email about the "bug" about my name being shared...but was glad that they were sharing my items

Okay....I got this e-mail message from Etsy....and have read many posters' opinions in the forums....I understand all of the privacy issues if someone has an identity change etc....but I can say that I don't care if someone knows my real real name and addy is on the postage I print on everything I sell there...and happy that Etsy chose to send out the message to promote some of my items....and yes...some out there are very concerned because they do not want buyers to know their real names or identities..but---myself...I have nothing to hide and the fact that Etsy made a mistake in their e-mail....with all privacy situations..I understand how these types of things can happen..and honestly...I can only say at this point..thank you Etsy....for promoting some of my items without my previous knowledge and by the way.....not charging me for promoting them  LOl!
I'm writing to inform you of a bug in some promotional emails that were sent on Wednesday. When the bug was discovered, we halted the emails immediately. One or more of your items were featured in an email to people who have favorited your shop, and we mistakenly displayed your billing name instead of your shop name.
We take your privacy incredibly seriously, and want to share some details about what happened.
On Wednesday, Etsy sent a marketing email displaying new items from the recipients’ favorite shops. The email was sent to a subset of members who have favorited shops and are subscribed to the email list “What's new at Etsy.” The intention was to show your shop name below each featured item, as is standard practice across the site and in emails from Etsy.
However, due to an internal bug, which has now been corrected, your billing name (rather than your shop name) was displayed below your item(s). Though the display name was incorrect, recipients who clicked on the name were directed to your shop page. The email did not display or link to any other private information about you or your Etsy account. No other personal information was disclosed.
You can find additional information in these FAQs.
We recognize the severity of this mistake, and deeply apologize. We are taking all necessary steps to make sure we avoid issues like this in the future.
Please contact us if you have further questions.
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recycled fish hair bobby

Bright orange blue green fish vintage recycled hair bobbies

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Bright vintage earrings were used to create this set of 3 hair bobby clips. The fish is wood and the orange pieces are old dyed bone from India.
Thanks for visiting my shop!


vintage earring,bobby pin blank

Thursday, April 25, 2013

No one....

Painted Kitchen Cabinet

So I've talked a bit about redoing lots of stuff in my little kitchen. And now is a great time to do painting because we are replacing my tiles so I don't have to worry about getting paint on the floor LOL!  This pine cabinet comes in handy for storage as I do not have a lot of cupboard space nor a pantry.  I have been incorporating some red into the kitchen and I really like yellow and blue combinations.  I used regular paint, chalk paint and some spray paint as well.  Here is how it looked when it simply had a natural light oil stain on it.....
And here it is after a bit of sprucing up :)

Peace Love and Doves

Just got these shoes in from Zulilly...they are from Sakroots......
so comfy...I love love love (did I say Love? hee-hee) them?????'s a pic of  one of the doves...2 eggs in the nest---
yes! the doves are back but in a different pot on the porch this year.
Hope ya'll have a very peaceful and productive day :)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lake Isabella Fishing Derby 2013 Fun in the sun

Here are a few pics from this last weekend at our annual fishing derby...good times in the fun lots of sun and lots of smiles Whoo hooooooooooooo !!!!

I'll Always Have Last Weekend

Even if I suddenly lose tomorrow
if I lose yesterday
if I lose forever
I will always on this day
and always
and forever
never forget
last weekend.
Thank you Pops
thank you for 
yesterday and
thank you 
my biggest
that I could ever
have in a
I will always have
what you always gave me
and everyone else in your
we will always
share and remember
that we as a family
will always embrace life
and yes...
will always have last weekend :)
Spanky Luvs Had A Dream 2013

A Bit O Wishy Washy Cloudy Chronicles Ponderin'

They say that the best way to irk a narcissist is to simply ignore them.....and Lordy only knows how I tried and tries OH WOA IZZZ MEEEE! ---this over and over with a certain someone---LOL!
But sometimes I just can't help but ponderin' how one of these shady sideways cloudy peeps can do things like this....
#1....they think it is okay to act say and do what they want but OMG the sky is fallin' ---anytime someone else doesn't go along with them or do what they say is just really CREEPY to me how one of them really cloudy ole catfishes out there  actually thinks it is fathomable to talk about sharing a Grand child's pics and say that a creep may do something with the images if you  share them on line and for one second to even think that this topic has anything at all to do with thieves out there who are stealing artists' on-line images.  ????????? And I guess it takes a CREEP to make this type of nonsensical creepy correlation in the first place.  Yes...there are creeps out there....and yep cloudy ole gal....especially after that post....I now have you at the top of the list of creeps in my little world...and I know you are here over and over so you are reading this and know I am thinking about you when I say this  :( Boo for you and your creepy thoughts sezzz me.. about when some people think it is okay to share things they found on Pinterest to their Face Book page.....and then later on get all dramatic about how wrong it is to pin items from web sites to Pinterest because you may be stealing from in some peoples' worlds it is obviously okay (once again for them to do what they want and to share things from Pinterest to their other pages) ...but isn't okay to pin things to Pinterest in the first place?????  And don't try to pull out that "Permission first" card...because I already asked a few of those peeps that you have already so readily "shared" their pinned images to your Face book page....and guess what?  Nope you didn't ask them first if it was okay to share those pinned images to your Face book page......hmnzzzzzzzzz....imagine that?  But yes...I already get think it is okay to do what you want....because after always do. right? 
#4....what about a situation like this one?...Let's examine this for a minute or 2 LOL!.  Okay  so a family member of yours posts a real image of yours to Face Book...and they have no privacy settings or anything in place and then I hit the "share" button....yep....(you know that little share button that is on every image and post on FACE BOOK?)--- Yep that's the "share" button I am talking about.  So then it gets shared all over the net from riddle me this what else?  Oh that's right....the share button....SHARE being the key phrase here....(in case any one is missing that one LOL!)  Okay so then..what about when this person gets on another topic about artists' images being stolen and then goes on and on and on about someone "STEALING" her "COPYRIGHTED" image without her permission?????  And this person is calling me a thief simply because I hit the "share" button.  They even say that I "altered" the image when all I did was block out this  "family members' faces".....and yep they keep saying I am a I would actually steal chairs off of her porch and stuff if I saw them sitting out there kind of thief....and gee.....all I did was hit the "share" button on Face book and share a gosh darn real image of this person. (And of course after her big lies on that "Big Can of Worms sore loser " issue that she got busted with her big ole sore loser lying pants one in my world believes another word that comes out of her shady lips
...but  might I  still take offense at this one having the nerve to call me a thief? And sometimes yah just sometimes I  have to once again take this person off of ignore just to state my side of what is really going on here.
#5.....yes I have been known to ramble a time or two in my lifetime hee-hee......but while on this topic of "sharing" vs. "stealing" images.....some out there would say that NO! you can not walk into an art gallery and steal a persons' anytime you "share" or "pin" the item you may perhaps be stealing from them as well.  Yes----get their permission first if you are at all worried that you may be infringing on their "art"----but I would also have to say to that theory....that I honestly do not believe that any new unknown artist out there would ever end up in an art gallery if no one out there in the social media takes notice to share or pin or link or like their items.   In my opinion...they take a big chance of never being noticed in this sea of internet goodies and world of wonder out there that we will only find when someone else out there in my opinion does indeed take the time to share with others what they like :=)....and that may indeed be something that others may want to consider. And I would also say that I have come to view many of the comments in a new light....if someone is complaining about having things "shared"...they are probably opening up the door for others to remove them from their network of whatever promotion and sharing that we chose to do for artisans in our spare time ..because after all there are waaaaay toooooooooooooo  many people out there who are happy to have strangers like pin promote and share their stuff...and when there are actually codes that you can place on your pages to prevent people from lets say "Pinning" them....why get all dramatic about it and why not just put the code on your page if you don't want your "art" to be pinned?  Perhaps not enough artists know that there are codes out there that will in fact prevent your copyrighted images from being pinned and shared....but you can find them if you simply "Google" them---it will take you less time to imbed these codes into your pages than it will for you to complain that someone is sharing or liking or pinning your items without your permission :)
Just my ponderin' for the day.....hope ya'll are having a great week :=)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Fishing Derby 2013

Whoo hoooooooo
fishing derby Lake Isabella 2013
are you ready for us?????????????????
see you this eve fishy fishies :) :) 

It's Still Looking a bit Cloudy out there.......

 The girl has so much shade all over her
that they started calling her "Cloudy"
she's the saurkraut on the weiner
the phoney in the baloney
They copied and pasted her real
face....not just the image
but her real words....the
way she lied and denied
the way she backstabbed
and jabbed
and she
 just kept stirring that pot.
That pot full of worms.
Did she have a clue about
the real pics?
The pics that someone else
recently took and owned
(Where she wasn't standing
behind someone
where she had
no smoke screens
or magic mirrors
just a big ole wide
wrinkly scowl ) ???
Did she know that every time
she whines and stirs
and gets all dramatic...
that insta-matic----
those real pics get shared again
(to the curious ones who
somehow find their
way to the one she
still keeps whining about.)??
Someday maybe she will know
that even though

she is older than
most of the ones
she jabbers about....
(that this has not made her wiser)
maybe someday she will learn
that they way to resolve
the problem she started
is to quit trying to burn.
But she got so much shade
all over her
maybe she will never see the light
and do what is right

Spanky Luvs Had a Dream 2013

Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Gazillion Bravos to This beautiful Belle :)

So hubby and I attended  the Ridgeview High "Beauty and the Beast" production last night and I was amazed at all of the work and effort and talent that went into their presentation----definitely the best $8 I've spent in awhile :)
Today I made this little altered piece for one of my extended family members who is playing the beautiful "Belle" and what an awesome performance...whoo hoooo !  I took one of my favorite old cameos and added the other pieces with a key chain type of attachment so she can easily remove it to wear the cameo by itself.

and here are some easy peasy earrings that I made with vintage buttons and vintage crochet pieces...
I think she will like them :)
May you always shine peeps :)

Bounce with me Gamma...Chloe and the bounce house

Here's a little pic of Grand baby Chloe on her Birthday outside of the bounce house. 
First of all I want to say that a  friend of mine recently mentioned the fact that a certain person out there is acting like it is creepy to share pics of your Grand baby or kids on line.  They are trying to throw this into their little argument of someone stealing images and to simply have to compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges.
This is my real Grand baby...this is a real picture....this is a recent picture....and if I was worried for one second that any harm would come to my sweet pea by sharing it...oh believe you me....Gamma would pump the brakes on that one :)
But naturally as Mothers and Grandmothers....we want to share our off spring with others and the internet leaves us a bigger audience in order to do so.  Just my 2 cents on that one.  And I really think that only someone with a creepy mind would think creepy things about pics of little kids.  Bottom line. the bounce house and Chloe.....
she was holding out her arms that day and kept saying "Help me Gamma"....and she wanted old Gamma to get my butt in that bounce house and hold her and jump around.
Needless to say...that lasted all of about 5 minutes and then I sat down in the bounce house with her on my lap and we did the "Butt bouncin' boogie" instead of the hippity hop.
But it really gave me the inspiration to start taking better care of myself.  As women we always tend to put everyone else first and leave ourselves on the back burner.....but because of 3 little words "Help me Gamma"....I find myself taking better care of myself these days...simply so I can hopefully be around much longer to offer as many hugs and kisses that I can :)

Live Life With A Little Spice mosaic inspired beans macaroni and seeds back on my wall again Whoo Hoo :)

So yep....hubby sees me tonight with my little plastic tray of macaroni and beans and seeds along with my little tub of tile mastic...and he says "Don't tell me you're sticking food back on the wall..."...
so I tell him "Nope not on the wall..just on the fence stake sign I am making...relax already (insert smile he simply can't resist.. wink wink.)" 
And I have talked a bit about how my kitchen used to have this big mosaic I made with pasta popcorn beans seeds....yada yada...and it was kind of a joke that you would never really go hungry in my house because we had food stuck on the wall and yah at that time my son was telling everyone that he knew when I ran out of room that I would start sticking stuff on the ceiling and people who knew me then and still know me now are still saying things like "Thank GAWD she's not a tweaker cuz just think of all the even crazier chit that she would be doing???"
So when we did our first kitchen remodel....and we ripped out that wall with my food mosaic on it...I'm not kidding you....I almost felt like a child was being ripped from my was just a part of me that was me and I had grown really used to it being there....and suddenly it was gone and I had a bigger brand new shiny wall that I promised hubby I wouldn't sponge or stick food or broken plates or anything on....(nothing permanent at least haha)...
okay so these past few days...we have been doing a bit of a remodel in the kitchen and I have been repainting some things because what better time to do that than when your floor is tore up and you don't have to worry about messing anything up?..and one project just kind of keeps leading to another....but anyhoo......
I just somehow sort of knew that I really needed some sort of food stuck back somewhere on my wall again....I can honestly say that I know at this point in my life that I really changed as a person after I lost my Momma...and it seemed like missing her in my also made me miss other things that had seemed familiar in my life and I wanted to just get back to being the thing that I really think nowadays is really me...and this foodie thing on my wall somehow happened to be one of them..strange to some but to me...putting something like this back on my wall is just my way of saying "YEP---I'm still here" :)....and here is the little plaque I made out of two fence stakes....I haven't added the grout to it waiting for the mastic to dry....

Even tho I have always been one who will say...."If you need a doughnut then eat one...just don't eat the whole dadgum box"...I must admit that these days I am trying to add some more healthy food choices into my diet just because I know that after all these years of the meds for arthritis....they certainly at this point haven't been doing my organs any favors so now I finally feel like I need to start doing the best I can to eat healthier stuff and I have been adding lots of things like amaranth, quinoa, chia seeds, etc......
so yep----there are some black beans and chia seeds on this new "foodie thing" on my wall. hee-hee.  I saw an article the other day that most people (and I could see myself in this one)...we live our lives as if we are going to die young...but the smart thing to do would be when we are young to live our lives as if we are going to live to be a hundred plus years old...and later on---our bodies will certainly thank us for that type of consideration LOL!
Next.....could it possibly be some floor tiles with real bacon encased in resin in my kitchen??? LMAO....who knows???

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Still better when I do so ..About Steroids MS and finding out what happens to old school friends

So last week an old school friend of mine...
(honestly we were never super special close kind of friends) ..yet he has told one of my family members that he never would have graduated from high school had it not been for me helping him LOL! ---yes we were in several high school classes together and throughout the years....(over 30 that I have known him now lmao) anyways.....
we have crossed each others' paths over and over since back in the day......
so last week he comes in the store and he is coughing....and I am all "Dude...never knew ya to be a smoker...but that sounds like a major smokers' cough you got goin' on there"...and he is all...."no..just a complication of a medicine I  have recently been prescribed due to an illness"---
and yep I'm having a bit of another "OOPSIE" (about my smart arse comments that he  knows I have always been in his face about moments )...
so we get to talking about it and the medication is "prednisone"..and he has recently been  diagnosed with MS
and I have to suddenly turn my back and wipe away some tears...I almost hate that the longer we are here on earth the more often we have to hear about our friends and peeps dealing with some not so good things..this kind of stuff is the type of thing that does creep up on us when we suddenly least expect it to do so---
and when this happened to my 30 + year "life long friend" --the docs prescribed the steroid for the numbness that he has been feeling....
so then he got cramps and huge charley horses...and they told him after 6 days to stop taking the steroids....and then when he saw me 2 days later he had this strange hacking cough....that sounded to me like a "T.B. long term smokers' lung in a hurt mode" smokers kind of thang....
but the doc told him that this is also a "side effect" of the steroid....
and he told me...."After the cramps and charley horses and cough......I'll deal with the numbness.....and I don't want to try any other treatment until the MS gets so bad that I can't stand it....the side effects of the drugs prescribed are  worse than my symptoms so far"...
So then I told him that I had been doing the same prednisone treatments for my arthritis for quite some time...
and other than me noticing I am getting even a bit more "quacky tobaccy" every now and then
....(*especially when I take a muscle the same time as I am doing the steroid treatments......)
at this point in my life.... the prednisone is the only thing that does help loosen up my joints and also puts a stop to a lot of the pain and stiffness in my hands...I almost think of it as how when you take your car to go and get a "lube job"----to me---that is what happens to my poor old bones when I do the steroid treatments every few months....
I am soooooooooo very very thankful that I do not have these type of side affects...that my old school friend has just experienced...
the older I get...
my doc tells me not to make myself deal with so much pain....
to simply take another pain pill yada yada
he knows that I do everything I can to try and prevent.....the "pills"...
crap....anyone who has followed my story knows that I have been taking meds to deal with this since the age of 30.
But hearing my friends' story about his experience with one of the same meds that I take.....all I could do was give him a great big hug.......maybe the steroids are not gonna be able to help him even though they did take away the "numbness" that he was feeling due to his MS....maybe the side effects of the steroids were indeed worse than the so called "cure"...but bottom line...I still believe that.....there will be something out there that will help him eventually as long as he believes in that.
This is something I strongly feel.
Several months ago when I had a couple of operations and my doc said "Doesn't this really hurt?"  And when I told him "Not really..this is minor compared to the other stuff that I have dealt with for so many years"...I really felt that he suddenly understood....(because he wanted to give me more pain meds LOL!)
But....I know at this point in my life that I obviously am very very lucky that I do not have the negative side effects from the short term steroid treatments....
I told my Niece after he left....
"OMG...this is one of those life moments....where we realize how lucky we are--- I take the same thing he does...but I am better when I do so"...........
and I thank my lucky stars for the fact that I am indeed  STILL "better when I do so"


Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Bit About ME Rubbing Off On my Hubby.....LOL!

SOOO...Every now and then when hubby and I are in an elevator..he never knows when I'll suddenly burst out singing two words..."Joyful! Joyful!"...then I kick it with a little body rock LMAO....and it never fails to get someone in that elevator giggling or matter the circumstance.....we never need to look far to see that every day we are here is a very special one....and we are all absolutely blessed in one way or another. This morning when I was getting ready for work I heard hubby singing those two words...."Joyful Joyful" and yep I really cracked a smile....I must be rubbing off on him hee-hee!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Red Chalk paint with vintage rose pillow case fabric chair for vanity in progress :)

Here's a project I was working on today for the shop.  We have this old desk with a mis-matched vanity mirror missing a couple of small drawers. Up in our storage I found a small student desk chair that went with a loft bunk bed from a company that went out of business.  We used to have to order two chairs at a time because they came in a box and I was always left with an extra chair.  So this old chair has been up on our roof top storage for quite some time.
I used some do it yourself red chalk paint where you  mix in a bit of grout and some water.  Then a bit of a cream white wash rag rub on top and a bit of sanding....and clear coat.  Not quite finished but took a few pics of what i have done so far :)   I used an old rose pillow case for the seat cover and hubby is bringing  some upholstery tacks when he comes home from work so it can be covered in a clear plastic.  The chair seat is so hard that our electric stapler simply wont shoot the staples in far enough to be able to then hammer them in  :) 

 The chair was missing a dowel cover in back and I was going to fill it in with putty before painting but decided to make a couple of little rose flower bows and stuck them on there instead.

The desk wouldn't fit into my little Rio the other day..(man I'm always trying to shove things in the back seat that will never fit no matter how hard I try LOL!)  But here is the vanity mirror so far.

I'll put up a couple of pics of the bottom desk for the vanity when I get around to getting it home :)   Hope ya'll are having a great week so far!

Swimming with the big fish :)

Domo earrings Swimming with the big fish one of a kind danglers
Domo earrings Swimming with the big fish one of a kind danglers Domo earrings Swimming with the big fish one of a kind danglers Domo earrings Swimming with the big fish one of a kind danglers Domo earrings Swimming with the big fish one of a kind danglers Domo earrings Swimming with the big fish one of a kind danglers
Domo dude says "If you can't swim with the big fish stay out of the ocean".
I used some vintage plastic red fish and black plastic rings mixed with some new wood and shell pieces and added a couple of plastic domo characters. Please note that one of the Domo dudes has a little smudge on his mouth and I think you can see it in the pics. The danglers are
4" tall.
International buyers please message me for a shipping quote :)
Thanks for taking a peek!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

a BIT MORE about the Pinterest Police thread on Etsy

Just wanted to post a few more thoughts about the thought provoking Etsy thread raising the question regarding whether or not it is okay to "pin" items from Etsy without first getting the shop owners' consent.
I really can see both sides of the story.
As one who has had some of my items "stolen" on-line.
One instance is on another venue where a large site from China copied and pasted several sellers' items.  Some of my one of a kind items were copied and pasted and the site owners were acting like they were wholeselling my stuff. Almost funny because there was only one of each item available but I wasn't really laughing about the fact that...they were acting like they owned my stuff and other sellers items ----then eventually with the help of the CEO and work from all of the shop owners who had been affected....we finally managed to have all of our items removed from that site.
Another instance is from quite awhile back when a customer purchased several of my greeting cards and not long afterwards I saw that two of my cards were being sold in an on-line gift store.  (The difference is that they had removed my name from the cards and were selling them as their own creations). I was never really sure if this was the same person who had purchased the cards from me or if someone had simply "right clicked" my items and then removed my name from them...
Recently one of my Nieces had her Facebook pics copied and someone else "catfished" a facebook and was using my Nieces pics and saying it was them.
So I think I do have a bit of an understanding of how it feels when someone basically "steals" your stuff.
But I still do not think that it is the same as someone "sharing" a pic that you have posted on Facebook...or someone sharing your items on Polyvore or Pinterest or on Facebook....
(as long as the person doing that is not saying that they made them or that they are you.)
On the Etsy thread people keep saying "Go to page 31 and you'll see what can happen"
99.99% of the people out there will never see page 31
99.99% of the people will never see an Etsy forum
99% of the people have probably never even heard of Etsy
and 99% of them have no clue about copyright issues and will continue to share things they see on the net. won't find me grabbing your french fries or taking a chair off of your porch...but when you post something on the net....aren't you doing it to share it with others? And I am not talking about them stealing your items.....but unless you put some sort of a big disclaimer on top of the photos telling them not to share pin or like your items without your permission....the odds are that someone out there is going to keep sharing them....if they feel that they are worth sharing.
I for one am a bit of a Pinterest addict :)  I find the whole thing quite Pinteresting as a matter of fact. =)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Are pinners and likers and sharers now sinners ????

There is a very interesting thread going on in the Etsy forums now about Pinterest and Copyright issues etc...
I wanted to post my post as to what my thoughts were on this issue...and hope that perhaps some Etsians and Zibbeters and other on line sellers and "pinners" and "Twitterers" and "Facebook" likers and promoters.....who have never even heard any word about "copyright" issues....this might be a good thread to go and take a look-see at.....just to get a peek about how both sides are often correct in their ideas and beliefs :)

this is what I said

 Just wanted to pop back in and mark again
and say that the thread is still very interesting and I agree with a lot of things on both sides of the issue.
I would first of all simply assume that when someone posts something on the net that their "goal" would be to have as many people as possible see it. And I simply think that most "pinners" and people who share things they find on the net are assuming that same thing as well. They are not going to "Google" copyright laws and issues.....and your average Etsian is not going to know that they are doing anything wrong by sharing other sellers' items on the net.
My point that I most wanted to make in my first post (and perhaps did not do it so well) is that if you do post something on-line....I still believe it will then be shared anywhere on the net..(until you as the one who owns the copyright can find it and ask the person to remove it if you do not wish to have it shared.) This is not just a "pinterest problem" so to speak...but Pinterest has become very popular and it is just easier to find if your items are there now because of that fact.
I find it a bit interesting that some who protest items being pinned on Pinterest actually still have accounts and boards on Pinterest where Etsian items are pinned on their boards there...and yes they may have 1st asked everyone they "pinned" if it was okay with them before they "pinned" it....(but I would think "probably not". ) I also am very aware that just as some do not embrace "Facebook" or "Twitter" for example..others do not embrace "Pinterest" and don't find it working for them and have every right not to want their items on a sight that they do not like and are not on.
On the other hand...I have had some people thank me because I pinned their item on certain "group boards" that I participate in....and it generated sales in their on-line venues. And yes....many people want exposure if they are trying to sell their wares on-line.....and yes (in my experience) most people want the exposure as long as they are getting credit for it.
But I still think that the "real thieves"..(the ones who are actually going to steal your stuff and act like it belongs to them.....)
are not the people using the "pin" button on this sight,
I also don't think this subject should be termed a "fight" because we are indeed on a sight where the pin button is very prominent...and any member who does not frequent the forums (and most Etsians do not participate or ever even come to the forums...right?) So I would think that most Etsians have absolutely no clue that "Some Doth Protest the Pin button..and will never see any topic asking "Are Pinners Sinners?" so to speak :)

And Etsy "opt out" to let those here who do not want their items shared or pinned on "Pinterest" would be a start....
and if this happens there should also be a "heads up" to let people know that if they do not see a "Pin" button on some seller pages here.....this means....not to share it on Pinterest.
Also....not to throw this off topic-----but this makes me wonder......I have never asked anyone for their "permission" to add their item to a treasury....and the treasuries here can easily be found via a google search....should we also be asking the Etsian if they want their items in treasuries....because now those treasuries will be found on line without their permission? I know that the link would /should lead back to their shop...but is this also a case...(that I simply assumed sellers here) would want their items promoted (shared on Face book...Twittered...etc.)
But maybe this is also wrong as well unless anyone we put in our own treasuries are first asked if we have their permission or not?....How about if I "like" someone's item and it posts to my Facebook page without asking their permission to have it shared? I posting something of theirs on my page without their permission and in violation of their copyright on their item?.....again not changing this subject but perhaps this also has the same type of issues we should now think about ? .....Thank you Janet for starting this thread!

just wanted to add this link when I asked the question about what happens when your images are posted to topic but still perhaps on the same topic? and maybe we should ask the real owner of the images before we like or share them on our pages there as well?

and here is the link to the thread......very interesting read I think and agree with a lot of opinions there!
 and here is my e-card I made in response to this topic :)

Spilled milk vintage litho

This old print reminds me of my Mam-Maw who used to always say "Don't cry over spilled milk"
I keep this one displayed by my desk and look at it quite often =)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Sometimes the littlest thank-yous can be some of the biggest moments in your life

I wanted to share this card that my sweet Niece Heather gave me a couple of weeks ago.  She is such a sweet soul with a true kind heart.....and always goes the extra mile to let you know how much you mean to her. She has also been a wonderful Grand daughter to my parents at a time when so many youngsters are too busy to make the time to fit older peeps into their schedule.  I can't say enough about how this little card touched my heart the other day and I still smile each time I look at it :)  If you are fortunate enough in life to be able to surround yourself with good the end of the day every day you are able to spend here on Earth  is a good one and this girl is certainly is a good reason to count my blessings :)

Marvelous Monday ponderings...home improvement..

So hubby got "winded out" at work (wind was blowing too hard) then he got home and was going to do some maintenance on his truck and it started we spent an awesome day together on my day off...  We ended up at Home Depot where I told him we needed to go so I could get some grout to make some "chalk paint"...
they have this great deal there where you can "try out" 8 oz samples of BEHR paint for something like $2.86 which to me is a great size for random projects....and I picked out a few colors and then we headed to the "grout aisle" while the paint was being mixed .
Lo and behold wouldn't ya know it?  I spotted some tiles that I knew I had to have on the floor in my little kitchen.  Hubby agreed that he liked them and went out to get a rolling cart to load them up. We ended up leaving with a truck load of a butt load of tile and a few bags of grout and paint :) Thank you Home Depot----you are one of my favorite places to go and "Browse" hee-hee!
Of course we will have to knock out the tile that dad helped us do several years ago when we re-did the kitchen...but I told hubby we would take it slow and just do a bit at a time.  He has been putting in a lot of overtime lately and working so hard that I want him to be able to relax once in awhile when he is at home LOL!   So here is the tile and I am really looking forward to us completing this project :)

Whoo hooo!