Friday, April 25, 2014

"I'm late for work!" makeup "tutorial".. The Beauty Pirate...thanks for the shout out!

The painted Fence....

Just realized that I had shared these pics on Facebook but not here.
Hubby came home a few weeks ago and asked me if I had used every paint color in the shed.
I had been quite busy painting up my chalk paint fence/partition/wall for the antique mall
I figured I could have done Tom Sawyer pretty proud on this one :)
Hubby's bro came down and helped him put it up whilst I supervised them with my best behavior LMAO!
Thank goodness for good times and good family......
yes indeedy.

We be happy campin'......may ya'll enjoy the most colorful of journeys!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Questionable respectful behavior and no wonder so many rumors get started at Zibbet

I thought a bit about posting this because combating negative energy is often  a time suck regardless of how good your intentions are.
I just have to say that after thinking about this... the situation kind of reminds me of that old "telephone game"....someone whispers something in someone's ear and it gets whispered to many others on down the line and the outcome of the conversation is nowhere even close to what actually happened.
There are a lot of "rumored" whispers over there in the Z forums.  Certain  folks are pretty good over there at saying things like "I heard" or "I suppose" and then suddenly it becomes "Fact" after a few others repeat and add to the story.  Not sure why this happens. (Although if I were a betting woman I'd have to place a bet on the fact that from my own personal experience...the most gossipy judgmental and "slam talking" groups of people I have ever known seem to have been gathered in certain congregations on Sundays....if you get my drift) wink-wink.  
Yep there I said it.... I would have to think that a certain group of ya'll over there simply like to gossip and there's not much happening there so things naturally have a way of "making themselves up".... Now when you add to that mix a certain CEO who likes to hang out in the hidey holes and encourages the behavior of changing up conversations....this fact simply makes the whole rumor mill get even bigger and BOLDER.
Okay....let's just use this for example.....
a certain person made a thread the other day about respect....
I then made a blog post here that had a couple of comments from her thread and someone else I know also had a conversation with this same person on Twitter.  Now as far as I could see..... there was never any ill will or malice towards this person at all. 
And there-in lies one of the problems as far as I can tell.
Whenever someone says something negative about Zibbet or simply questions things that are or most often are not (happening).... certain people over there in Zibbet land take it all too personally.
No one is out to get them.  But the paranoia seems to have risen higher than the tides.
So the one from the respect thread made some comments about a person bidding on her items elsewhere and blogging about it.  Well... I didn't blog about bidding on her items....but when I checked eBay I searched through my pages of bids and found where I had bid from her shop there.  And since she had stated that someone was blogging.... I thought she may have been talking about I sent her a message on eBay and told her shame on her for ever insinuating that malice was intended (if she was talking about me.) Did not get an answer back... so maybe she wasn't talking about me and didn't have a clue what I was referring to. But it bothered me if she was in fact trying to create drama where there was indeed no drama whatsoever.
And the reason why I considered that she might be some sort of a drama queen fabricator (because I really do not know this person)....
anywhoo she had also stated in her thread that..

Make no mistake, THIS is the kind of behavior that has driven people to silence; the fear of retribution; NOT posts like this one. Take note: I am not the first person this has happened to; I am simply one of many. In November, I watched a very helpful and knowledgeable member of this community get attacked and drug all around the forums (called names, cursed at, etc.) for a completely innocent comment that was twisted beyond recognition. (After all, if you repeat something enough, people believe it, right? Pay attention, because this is the pattern: Twist, attack, repeat...repeat, repeat, repeat...) Not long after that, another member was flat out accused of being a liar because of wanting to start a private group where she could talk openly about health issues and everyday life with her friends, without feeling as though she was under a microscope. I know for a fact that this person had every intention of starting that group, as she and I had discussed it prior to her mentioning it in public. After that attack, she would not open the group. She was attacked via social media, blogs and other website forums until she had to get an attorney involved. In the end, she too left the community and the site. 

Okay..... now maybe there was a big bunch of drama that I might have missed in those forums.  But who was attacked and drug all around those forums and cursed at?  Seems a bit over dramatic to me...but like I said maybe I missed this "drama".
 I would really like to see some proof of the cursing and attacking and dragging tho. I really would.  Because in reality this could very well simply be something that never happened in the first place....perhaps it could be those gossipy gals playing that telephone game of---make something up and pass it on to others but 1st add more to it assumptions "Maybe" "I heard " "I suppose" "someone supposedly said"  kind of carp that they seem to do so well.
Gheez I don't know what the deal is with that stuff ^^^^^^
I do know this.  I know who she is talking about in her second "example"....  and this is what most people who can actually see and read out here in cyberville saw.....
the person talked in that thread about her "personal reasons"  for wanting to start a "private" group.  But the real deal was that the thread was actually started because word on the street had gotten out about how the CEO Andy and the handmaidens were in that private hidey hole plotting and talking about other forum members. That was a fact that had several screen shots long before they made that little hidey hole public for a bit until they realized they hadn't quite purged and cleansed it enough.
But no worries..... the secret was already out and the "private group" thread was started and had nothing to do with the person mentioned above...nor her desire to start a private group to talk privately about her illnesses.   
And this to me is the biggest bunch of carp "speculation rumor" that I saw in the above statement from the person who made the statement above.....she said this....
She was attacked via social media, blogs and other website forums until she had to get an attorney involved. In the end, she too left the community and the site. 

WOW just wow!!!! are you really serious?  Because the last time everyone out here looked..... the person you are talking about actually left Zibbet because she became aware of the fact that the CEO's had knowledge of a certain forum member and what they were doing behind the scenes.... you know the one who was "attacking people" and actually saying mean things?  The CEO's did nothing about this persons' behavior until it became so public that they had to do something to save face....they were given ample opportunity to do the right thing and chose to do their own thing instead until they finally had to do something.  Now that is a fact.
 Take it to the bank F-A-C-T.
The person you are talking about left Zibbet because in her words "Her eyes had been opened"...she was extremely disappointed to learn that this was how they operate....and she left to open up her shop on another venue because she had business ethics that were not being met at Zibbet.  To say that she left because people treated her unfairly is a dirty down right lie. How someone thinks they could spin this situation and make it a whole new story is beyond me.  The person wrote about it in her blog....her posts have had screen shots and shared. Her words are still there on her blog.  She left the venue not because she was attacked.....HELLO?????
She left because she opened her eyes!She stated that "I left because I did not want my business associated with Zibbet"
I myself had never really had much interaction with this individual.  But I really felt sorry for her when she took that stand and at the same time I gave her PROPS!  I sensed how hard that must have been for her to leave that supportive group of friends behind. But she did it because she has morals --- I reached out to her on her blog and ended up purchasing a baby set from her new venue.  Gee....did I spend $60+ dollars out of spite and malice? Nope...I bought from her shop because I was proud of her for not being afraid to stand up for what she believes in.
Oh but now someone can go to the Zibbet forum and make up a whole new chapter?

now at the end of the day...we as on-line hand made vintage and supply sellers do support sellers on all venues.
Bottom line is that just because we do not support some of the actions from the CEO's or paths that the venues have gone down.... this in no way shape or form means that those of us out here who voice our opinions are trying to hurt individual sellers.  At the end of the day.... we do this in hopes that we are offering our opinions to save others time and money and in the long run actually help them.
Of course this is just my opinion.
Hope ya'll have a fab weekend and Happy Easter to those of ya out there who celebrate this Holiday!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lot's of Speakulation still going on in the ole Zibbet Hub not much of a mystery why that is still happening

Yes....some out there are still watching the falling listings at Zibbet and are obviously realizing that the number of listings are not falling due to humongous amounts of items being sold there....many people are still realizing that the venue is in fact not at this time for them and perhaps never will be.
The elusive rebuild is still ...well....for lack of a better word...elusive.
One of the recent newsletters had a link for Zibbet sellers to purchase a "light box" in order to improve their photos...while at the same time Zibbet has done nothing with the fact that the minute you upload your photos to the venue that they get more fuzzy and are not nearly as nice looking.
I was telling a friend awhile back that I thought it would be easy to copy and paste some of my Zibbet listings over to eBay in order to try and strum up a bit more traffic. Well imagine my surprise (not) yes nothing about Zibbet really surprises me anymore.... I am past the point of that... (I think)....but when I tried to simply right click the images from the Zibbet venue and upload them to eBay....I got the message that the images were too poor to load...they would in fact not load and I tried several times.....
then I went back to find the images in my files...and I have a ton of images and I seriously felt like I was playing some sort of strange "Where's Waldo?" frustrating game in looking for the pic that went along with the listing ...but guess what?  When I managed (after a long time I might add) to find my original images....they immediately uploaded to the eBay venue.
It was then that I finally realized that there really was something to the talk that the images on the Zibbet venue look very poor and blurred and so much talk that the pages look ancient and way behind the times really does have merit from anyone out there with on line experience.
But they keep saying that it will all be fixed in the rebuild and even if the pics when loaded on their venue currently are not so top worries....
keep working on better pictures because that will lead to more sales there.
And it really is a joke....
albeit one that may leave a bad taste in so many seller's mouths who put so much time and wasted energy into the venue so far.
But never say never....
they have a Pastor as one of the Ceo's and hey...what better person than a bonafide Pastor to bring some miracles to the venue? I mean really...things and people can always change...and maybe this elusive rebuild will be the end all save all redemption that many are looking for now that they have seen whatever is happening there is not quite up to par.
All we know so far is that when the mass exodus last Fall happened and so many newbies purchased those $79 yearly premium accounts....many are waiting and wondering just how many of those are willing to shell out another $79 or more when their premium is up for renewal..unless they actually see some sort of improvement and rebuilding going on over there. (I myself paid over $200 for a life time account...after paying yearly premiums and remember seeing something when I got in on that "last round" of lifetimes that there would be a refund on the yearly premium already paid....and honestly never checked to see if that had happened(a refund on what I had already paid that year)  but I really should check to see if I did get that refund on my Pay Pal account...because it was something that had been promised there right?)
The thing STILL going on in the forums these days is still something that is in no way shape or form in my opinion making newbies want to stick around and spend some hard earned money and take their account from freebie to premium. Especially when you have conversations like this in a thread titled "Respect" someone said this...

"Yes, a number of folks were banned for swearing and personal attacks on others.  The violations were clearly seen by many in the Forum.  It is no mystery as to why some people were banned -- they failed to show respect."

an obvious speakulative LIE----^^^^  (to so many out there )....many see the one who made this statement as being one of the big problems in the forums...if there was a so called "respect" kind of rule...the person who made this statement and the others there who speak this kind of lying speculative slanderous speak ---would have surely been banned long ago had they not had the pat on the back and encouragement from Andy---wink wink....
thank goodness there are still some people there who are not afraid to speak up and are still not totally censored...this reply to the lie above is what many out there truly believe..

It actually is still a mystery to me why some were banned and others were not. I saw a minimum amount of profanity ( other than one here recently) but did see a number of personal attacks and people told to leave if they weren't happy. The people left and the attackers are still here.

yep....this poster was spot on.....too many of the attackers are still there. Maybe Zibbet plans on fixing this in the elusive rebuild that is just around the corner as well?

Kool-aid.....cupcakes.....glitter...anyone? Or would it be in your best interests to take advice from the wiser ones who have been there and done that....keep your mouth closed and your eyes and ears wide open....wink wink ... and yes...Respect has always been the key.  In my opinion... some out there simply have no idea how to use that key to unlock the door. And they might indeed always be out there knocking but you can't come in. Respect will indeed get you in the door. And honesty plus integrity will keep you inside once they let you in. That's how it works in reputable proven places..... sadly.... Zibbet in my opinion so far has not proven anything --other than saying that they will fix that in the rebuild.