Thursday, May 24, 2012

Something Old Something Blue With A Wee Bit Of Glam Set of four Bridesmaids Bracelets

Something Old Something Blue With A Wee Bit Of Glam Set of four Bridesmaids Bracelets


For the Zibbet Wedding Challenge...I decided to add a wee bit of glitter for the bridesmaids :)
To quote from this fun challenge...
" The young bride-to-be wishes for an outdoor woodsy wedding. She loves trees, rocks, shells, and all things natural. She is a nature girl. She tells the wedding planner she doesn't like frivolous and glittery things. She likes simplicity. She cares about the earth and wants all things reusable or recyclable at her wedding."
Oh what a wonderful wedding this will be :)
So for the bridesmaids bracelets...I started with some vintage shell bracelets from my stash of "Momma Jo's Jewelry". Then I attached the peacock feathers and 80s blue rhinestone earrings to a pair of old vintage buttons. I made the other charms from vintage shells,vintage creamy plastic beads,vintage lucite shell beads, and some new flower and seed bead components.
The bracelets are 8" long. (I currently have enough materials to make one more of these bracelets if you happen to have 5 bridesmaids.) The price listed is for the set of 4.
Thanks for looking and don't forget to check out all of the wonderful entries in the Zibbet wedding Challenge :)


vintage bracelet,vintage button,vintage rhinestone,vintage shell,vintage bead,flower charms,wire,peacock feather

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Shout out to Mountain View California, Santa Cruz, and San Francisco Bay Viewers!

Hey!! Just a shout out to my most often repeat viewers in the past several months !!..Mountain View, California,Santa Cruz California , and San Francisco California :) ..luvs my Cali Clickers!!! hearts ya'll..thanks again .......and just sharing your wonderful area here...have been there many times and it is indeed a lovely place! :)

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City of Mountain View
—  City  —
City Hall and the Center for the Performing Arts

Location of Mountain View within Santa Clara County, California
Coordinates: 37°23′34″N 122°2′31″WCoordinates: 37°23′34″N 122°2′31″W
Country  United States
State  California
County Santa Clara
Incorporated November 7, 1902
 • Mayor R. Michael Kasperzak, Jr.[1]
 • Total 12.273 sq mi (31.788 km2)
 • Land 11.995 sq mi (31.068 km2)
 • Water 0.278 sq mi (0.720 km2)  2.26%
Elevation 105 ft (32 m)
Population (2010)
 • Total 74,066
 • Density 6,000/sq mi (2,300/km2)
Time zone PST (UTC-8)
 • Summer (DST) PDT (UTC-7)
ZIP code 94035, 94039-94043
Area code(s) 650
FIPS code 06-49670
GNIS feature ID 0277611
Mountain View is a city in Santa Clara County, in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. It is named for its views of the Santa Cruz Mountains.[3] The city shares its borders with the cities of Palo Alto, Los Altos, and Sunnyvale, as well as Moffett Federal Airfield and the San Francisco Bay. As of the 2010 census, the city had a population of 74,066.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Nothing but the truth :)

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite "truth" quotes...... hope you enjoy reading them....... :)
Anyone who doesn't take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either.
Albert Einstein

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.

Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.
Albert Einstein

If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.
Mark Twain

The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.
Winston Churchill

Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn't.
Mark Twain


About themz Wankers

Just an acknowledgement and shout someone I know...
RE about them liars and about those wankers ...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

No issues today because I'm in my awesome bubble LOL...A.k.a.--"NTOA"---"NO thorny ones allowed" hee-hee

 My FAVE phrase for the day...NTOA LOL!!!!......

 So I didn't respond to her little comment on the "other" thread because unlike some people..when I say something I try to mean it...and I said I was outie from the thread and I do indeed wish the sight good I'm not even going to give her the time of day there LOL! She doesn't deserve any added attention on this one and  I feel that the concerns and issues need to stay on topic ...(and not become a tirade  about her personal vendetta against me )  :) I simply answered to the bullchit innuendo she made about me.....and am done with it---
So...she said this there.......

XXXXRoXXXX--- Thank you XXXXX! I don't even read what she writes because she has been doing this for four months now. And I see she didn't have the courage to do so under the name everyone knows her by. And I do wish TheCraftStar well. Bethan knows that. :)

And #1 ---- pretty funny  :) that the person she thanked there had already responded to a message from me (which included the path to "a big can of worms" link on my little ole blog...) and "J" is well aware of my opinion---that this thorny one took THIS  issue and tried to make it a personal one..... so I of course followed old thornsters' lead and got more personal about it LOL!
#2.... Most people that I know would agree  that making a post with your actual real name that you have signed in with on FaceBook----is the name that everyone "knows you by" LMAO!---(instead of a shop name or other "fake names") ... and most would think that it tends to show that you are not afraid and  it is certainly NOT  a sign of "cowardice" hee-hee
#3....yes it is one thing to wish the sight "well" most of the time....but it is a big thing to me and those I know.... if you ALSO GO  behind anothers' back and badmouth them as well...(which in my opinion is pretty much how this one rolls)..and you would think that at the age of 56---(the last time I looked)...that she would finally stop bringing on the "highschool" mentality ..but yah...if she kicks the first sand----she might indeed get a few reactions every now and then LOL! (But hey! She never reads them right? LOL!)
#4...... for someone who doesn't read what I write...she certainly must be extremely psychic and should perhaps quit her day job....because her "innuendos" and comments on this one topic of---"buying FB fans" alone ...if one looks at what she has posted in different places ..they are certainly directed at little ole and eye.... quite a feat for someone who doesn't read anything I post ---Miraculous!!---( to say the least) ---Heh-heh :)
and finally #5-----I totally have her on ignore and don't care what she does.....until she creepily creeps over into my world and starts once again "falsifying" the facts..... that's when I took notice and had to call her out once again on what I think is a very wishy washy nature..........
but hey!  Today I'm in my awesome bubble again...and the ignore button is on.....and yep!  It's all good in the "Hood" LOL! No issues today :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Have you hugged your Guardian Angel today?...... and sharing Safety Third :)

I wanted to share my recent purchase (on the support Etsy handmade day)  


EXPLOSIVE grenade hand-screened tank tshirt - Lime Hunter Green White OOAK

EXPLOSIVE grenade  hand-screened tank tshirt - Lime Hunter Green White OOAK
EXPLOSIVE grenade  hand-screened tank tshirt - Lime Hunter Green White OOAK EXPLOSIVE grenade  hand-screened tank tshirt - Lime Hunter Green White OOAK EXPLOSIVE grenade  hand-screened tank tshirt - Lime Hunter Green White OOAK EXPLOSIVE grenade  hand-screened tank tshirt - Lime Hunter Green White OOAK
EXPLOSIVE grenade hand-screened tee shirt
Lime tank top, hunter green and white
Junior's L

I call this T-shirt line "POST-APOCALYPTIC ELEGANCE". You can call it "SAFETY THIRD".

from my own screens and hand-pulled by me in a smoke-free environment. The inconsistencies and color variations make them unique and beautiful. If you want boring plastic "perfection", shop at the mall!
If you find something for women in my other shops, and, I'll be glad to combine shipping.

and, of course, I SHIP INTERNATIONAL!!
Have any questions? Contact the shop owner.

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$19.00 USD
Quantity sold: 1


  • SafetyThird
  • Safety Third Handmade Screenprint TShirts Safety 3rd

Shop owner

  • SafetyThird
  • Tempe, Arizona,
    United States
  • -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
So Astrid asked me if the Tee was for me and I tell her that no it is for my Niece who recently rear-ended someone going 40 m.p.h. and she never hit her brakes.  I tell her that my Niece was lucky she didn't get hurt and that she is as smart as a whip but very very accident prone.  (And that the explosive image is quite fitting for her current situation) ...
Then Astrid shares a treasury with me that she had created and I shared it with my Niece Heather... :)

Au Hazard

And Heather really got a kick out of it (in the midst of a bad situation ....thanks Astrid ! :)  ) and she asks me "Can you really find all of this stuff on Etsy?"  So I tell her......"'s all there... but these days you just have to do a bit of McGuyverin' to be able to find the good stuff :) "

So a few days ago I am with her when the insurance claims adjuster calls and tells her he can not believe that she was not seriously injured and that the engine in the car was shoved waaaaay she goes to get her personal belongings because the car can not be saved.......and comes back with this pic of her wrecked car........
So I'm thinking "Have you hugged your Guardian Angel today who watches out for you and your family?"   I sent mine a huge high five when I saw this pic :)

Thorny Toad Tales In A Nutshell

Okay....I'm not gonna beat around the rose bush on this one :).......
ever since I put my "button pusher" on IGNORE  I seriously haven't cared one iota  about what she says or does.... however...since she has recently made it a point to boldy make statements regarding her assumptions  about my "needs and motivation" regarding a recent experiment of mine.......I'm not giving her a free pass on this one :(
She said that I did it because I need the attention for myself....and all I can say is that if not being afraid to speak up about something  means that someone is seeking attention...then okay....go ahead and assume that LOL!  But quite frankly..all of the people who have THANKED me for bringing it to their attention ....far outweighs any negative backlash that may or may not result from me sharing my "experiment".
And since she obviously thinks it is okay to post assumptions about is what I think about her seemingly repeated method of operation-----
In my opinion..ole thorny one still seems to be up to her old tricks....
In this case---- she goes to one venue and "badmouths" another venue.....then she hops over  to the venue she was badmouthing and tells them not to pay attention to what people are saying over at the other venue and that they don't have to defend themselves.  And how does she think that these people are not going to see what she has been saying about them over at the other venue? When all they have to do is look ....  :(
Things that make you go HMNNNN?????? LOL :)  And those are my thoughts in a old wrinkly nutshell hee-hee.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Grand baby keeps creating more supplies for me LOL!

I'm sharing one of the things I listed on Zibbet grand baby Chloe loves playing ,exploring, and jacking up Gamma's jewelry LOL!...She has given me a lot more "supplies" lately..because her grip and "yanks" are getting stronger....hee-hee...anyways....I love sharing my jewelry with her ..and get such a kick out of her being "fascinated"  with it....of course  I also enjoy sharing it with everyone else hee-hee :).... here is something I made today out of something she broke on Mother's Day .....

Pink Shell MOP Recycled Vintage Handmade Necklace


On Mother's Day I wore one of my favorite pink vintage necklaces. It had several of these "Made in the Philippines " mop black cream and pink shell pieces mixed with pink and white and black shells. So my Grand baby Chloe gave it a nice little yankeroo and pieces were falling all over the place. LOL! I told her "No worries! Gamma can make a lot of new things out of this now" And she is only a little over a year old so I am sure she understood exactly what I was talking about ♥ ♥
So I combined some 80s pink and gold plastic beads with a few of the shells to create the 5" wide focal. I added it to a 15" copper length chain. I'm also gonna include a pic of "Chloe" here because if it weren't for her exploring many of my old jewelry pieces....I wouldn't have the chance to have so many supplies to recreate new things :)

Thanks for visiting my shop!


vintage beads,vintage shell,copper wire,copper chain

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