Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lot's of Speakulation still going on in the ole Zibbet Hub not much of a mystery why that is still happening

Yes....some out there are still watching the falling listings at Zibbet and are obviously realizing that the number of listings are not falling due to humongous amounts of items being sold there....many people are still realizing that the venue is in fact not at this time for them and perhaps never will be.
The elusive rebuild is still ...well....for lack of a better word...elusive.
One of the recent newsletters had a link for Zibbet sellers to purchase a "light box" in order to improve their photos...while at the same time Zibbet has done nothing with the fact that the minute you upload your photos to the venue that they get more fuzzy and are not nearly as nice looking.
I was telling a friend awhile back that I thought it would be easy to copy and paste some of my Zibbet listings over to eBay in order to try and strum up a bit more traffic. Well imagine my surprise (not) yes nothing about Zibbet really surprises me anymore.... I am past the point of that... (I think)....but when I tried to simply right click the images from the Zibbet venue and upload them to eBay....I got the message that the images were too poor to load...they would in fact not load and I tried several times.....
then I went back to find the images in my files...and I have a ton of images and I seriously felt like I was playing some sort of strange "Where's Waldo?" frustrating game in looking for the pic that went along with the listing ...but guess what?  When I managed (after a long time I might add) to find my original images....they immediately uploaded to the eBay venue.
It was then that I finally realized that there really was something to the talk that the images on the Zibbet venue look very poor and blurred and so much talk that the pages look ancient and way behind the times really does have merit from anyone out there with on line experience.
But they keep saying that it will all be fixed in the rebuild and even if the pics when loaded on their venue currently are not so top worries....
keep working on better pictures because that will lead to more sales there.
And it really is a joke....
albeit one that may leave a bad taste in so many seller's mouths who put so much time and wasted energy into the venue so far.
But never say never....
they have a Pastor as one of the Ceo's and hey...what better person than a bonafide Pastor to bring some miracles to the venue? I mean really...things and people can always change...and maybe this elusive rebuild will be the end all save all redemption that many are looking for now that they have seen whatever is happening there is not quite up to par.
All we know so far is that when the mass exodus last Fall happened and so many newbies purchased those $79 yearly premium accounts....many are waiting and wondering just how many of those are willing to shell out another $79 or more when their premium is up for renewal..unless they actually see some sort of improvement and rebuilding going on over there. (I myself paid over $200 for a life time account...after paying yearly premiums and remember seeing something when I got in on that "last round" of lifetimes that there would be a refund on the yearly premium already paid....and honestly never checked to see if that had happened(a refund on what I had already paid that year)  but I really should check to see if I did get that refund on my Pay Pal account...because it was something that had been promised there right?)
The thing STILL going on in the forums these days is still something that is in no way shape or form in my opinion making newbies want to stick around and spend some hard earned money and take their account from freebie to premium. Especially when you have conversations like this in a thread titled "Respect" someone said this...

"Yes, a number of folks were banned for swearing and personal attacks on others.  The violations were clearly seen by many in the Forum.  It is no mystery as to why some people were banned -- they failed to show respect."

an obvious speakulative LIE----^^^^  (to so many out there )....many see the one who made this statement as being one of the big problems in the forums...if there was a so called "respect" kind of rule...the person who made this statement and the others there who speak this kind of lying speculative slanderous speak ---would have surely been banned long ago had they not had the pat on the back and encouragement from Andy---wink wink....
thank goodness there are still some people there who are not afraid to speak up and are still not totally censored...this reply to the lie above is what many out there truly believe..

It actually is still a mystery to me why some were banned and others were not. I saw a minimum amount of profanity ( other than one here recently) but did see a number of personal attacks and people told to leave if they weren't happy. The people left and the attackers are still here.

yep....this poster was spot on.....too many of the attackers are still there. Maybe Zibbet plans on fixing this in the elusive rebuild that is just around the corner as well?

Kool-aid.....cupcakes.....glitter...anyone? Or would it be in your best interests to take advice from the wiser ones who have been there and done that....keep your mouth closed and your eyes and ears wide open....wink wink ... and yes...Respect has always been the key.  In my opinion... some out there simply have no idea how to use that key to unlock the door. And they might indeed always be out there knocking but you can't come in. Respect will indeed get you in the door. And honesty plus integrity will keep you inside once they let you in. That's how it works in reputable proven places..... sadly.... Zibbet in my opinion so far has not proven anything --other than saying that they will fix that in the rebuild.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Vintage trike planter roll on in with the Spring Time

I've been on a mission for awhile to find an old vintage trike and finally found one for a decent price last week.  The frame was a bit tweaked and it had some functional issues but I wasn't looking for it to be functional although Chloe did try to ride it the other day :=)   Hubby mounted this big tin container to the seat today and I added some flowers. And now it is ready to roll into Spring.
Hope ya'll had a Super Sunday.  Chicken on the grill is calling my name :=)

Lot's of Competition from potential BLOOMERS

Everyone and everything at the end of the day is bottom line in competition with one another.  Some compete for basic needs in order to thrive..others thrive because they don't have the type of needs that others seem to have.
I saw this post on facebook and wanted to share it because it is a nice thought.... 
And yep... at the end of the day they are all fighting for room to thrive and be the prettiest and bestest flower ever...etc etc...
but the fact that they Bloom 
says a lot about those who
never will
and never had the motivation
or the intention of doing so.
Bloom on good PEEPS

Friday, March 28, 2014

A Few thoughts About Andrew's Reply On The Zibbet Disappointed thread

I've been hearing a few discussions regarding what Andrew had to say about the disappointment on that "Disappointed" thread.  And here's my take on the deal.
First of all..... and let's just make this one simple.....
 because to quote a quote from one of his threads 
 I do recall him saying something like "It's That Simple".  
Okay when a statement like this is made....

Zibbet, unlike some other online marketplaces, has not been funded by millions of dollars, making it easy to build a huge engineering team. No, Zibbet has been built from basically nothing, with a very small team that works extremely hard.

I do believe that many people get that..... the investors did not invest....something happened during that momentum phase where Zibbet did have lot's of attention and should have been able to Capitalize on some sort of funding--( as a matter of fact there was one article that many referred to at the time where you were talking about your Angel Investors)....
but it seems as though the potential investors weren't impressed with what they saw....or maybe they are like everyone else out here..... still waiting for the elusive rebuild that is still just right around the corner.
But consider this for just a minute.....
how long would it actually take for ya'll to change that Gawd-awful template on the front page where despite current odds..."hopefully" potential new buyers might land?.... You know---the one that looks so outdated at the top? simple would it be to simply pretty that up for starters? (Seriously...isn't it time for that gal in the 80's striped shirt to retire?)   Does it really take a big team of experts or millions of dollars to simply do something that simple? ( Change a couple of your pics at the top of the page?)  One who has been there for any amount of time might begin to wonder just how hard is it to do some of the simple things that just keep getting pushed on the back burner.  
To simply state that you are fiercely trying every day to improve while at the same time no one can see whatever it is that ya'll are fiercely doing.... simply makes even the most die-hard believers start to question 
Not---- "What is REALLY going on?"
but instead "What is REALLY NOT going on?"
Forgive me for stating that so simply.

Next the statement that said this 
To those who have criticised constructively (large majority), thank you. We listen to what you say, and we want you to keep on talking to us about your needs.

A lot of people are evidently learning that they are wasting time talking about it....... lot's of talk and no apparent action on the head honcho end. And here's the simple bottom line on that one..... the Premium sellers actually have very simple needs.... to list things and work hard on a venue where they can actually sell things and make a profit for their time spent there.  Their job is not to keep promoting a venue and selling those yearly Premiums for you.  Your job Andrew and Co. is to make it worthwhile for your members to keep promoting your venue so that you can sell more of those Premium accounts.  Simply wanting to be something does not make it happen.... I know that I have witnessed a lot of sellers on that venue who have indeed worked very hard just like you stated ya'll are doing..... but let's face it---the site is getting more like a ghost town with tumble weeds rolling around.

This following statement is really the one that caught my attention and inspired me to comment here.....

To those who have criticised destructively (small minority), thank you also. Your opposition and disbelief in our ability to deliver has become like a red rag, and drives us to prove you wrong.

now to me....this is a bit of BS in my book at least. (And if he was a female I might think maybe he was evidently on the rag when he sounded so childish and pouty with this statement ) Why would what Andrew calls a "small minority" indeed be the driving force to prove the "small minority" wrong?  
To me the driving force should have been there from the get go... to make the site the best that it can be.  Sad to see that this type of "CEO think from the top"......a "small minority"  is what get's them truly motivated. ???? hmnnnnn...
Well.... I guess all I can say about that one is that if a "so called" few naysayers is in fact the thing that finally has gotten ya'll to actually do something instead of just talking about what's gonna happen one of these days.....

I'd say Cheers to red rags 
and many sellers on Zibbet out there should be thanking those RED RAGS  as well if this is what has finally put Zibbet in some sort of forward drive mode.
Instead of trying to prove someone else wrong.... wouldn't the first step in the right direction be to simply prove yourself right? I mean it really is that simple.  One would think so at least.

Actions do speak louder than words though don't they?

Monday, March 24, 2014

They Miss Her Spark and others only wish they had a spark to speak of

So there is currently a thread going on @ Zibbet

A lot of good conversation and a lot of bad conversation especially from the one posting her personal opinion about someone (and yes we all have opinions and many out here in "craft/hand made land" also have opinions about some of those Artfire Mavens as well)
.... but I don't think many have been so boldly bitchy as to call out someone who is not there any more to answer to whatever "allegations" one chooses to make.

To me and many others reading this..... certainly a bad reflection upon the one posting their own quote "I've always liked her but" kind of views.

What is left of the Zibbet forums these days seems to be many who were Zupporters waking up and realizing that until the promises made when they kicked in their yearly fees are indeed met that they are tired of simply donating more time there.
And no amount of picture taking or retaking or rephrasing or re-marketing will ever work until Zibbet itself fixes what is clearly wrong from ground ZERO.  Picture clarity and visibility immediately gets downgraded once you upload your pics to the venue.... it has been well noted and proven that a sellers' images do show and load much more clearer on the other selling sites for instance and for one of the CEO's to now come into the "DISAPPOINTED" thread and tell others that the main thing they need to work on is their images and photos was just another WOW JUST WOW moment for me today......
as most who have been there for a long time were clearly hoping that Zibbet would address the problem first and foremost that already good images were immediately looking worse and waaay more fuzzy when they were loaded onto the Zibbet selling venue
so for the CEO to recently say to peeps who are complaining about no traffic and little to no sales on the venue....the CEO says something to the effect of "WORK ON YOUR IMAGES" ..... is almost laughable if it wasn't indeed so sad.
To look at all of the hours and time and yes $ that so many sellers have invested into that venue with hopes and convictions that this is where they do indeed belong.....
and I know how you feel
I have been there and done all of that.
And to see that they mute people at whim and yet let others make BS statements about members who are no longer in the forums is very telling of what the site has now become
and why so many are waking up and realizing that they no longer believe in the Zibbet difference.

Double Trouble Bubble Situation

The kids came over yesterday eve for a little BBQ and earlier that day at the Flea Market I had found these bubble fish for the girls. 
These little bubble fish are battery operated, play music ,have lights, and spout bubbles with the simple click of a trigger.  
They sure don't make bubbles like they used to..LOL!  Had a lot of fun watching my bubblemania girls....

Hope ya'll have a super bubbly bubble-iscious week!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Cat Lady Decoupage Table and Nugget in the Sunday Shade

Yesterday we went to the Antique Mall to tidy things up a bit and take a few more pieces.  I tend to cringe before entering my little spot waiting to see if anything is broken.  This trip the only damage  was the glass in an altered picture frame. I don't understand how parents let their children run around unattended in Antique Stores or any store for that matter....would tar and feathering be out of the question here? LOL!  
Seriously though even at the furniture store I can't begin to count the times when parents walk in and their kids are eating ice cream cones or the dreaded Cheetos. Can you imagine how much damage those orange fingers can do to for instance a cream colored sofa? Even the signs on the doors with "No Food Or Drinks Allowed" does not seem to deter some of them. I would imagine if I ever showed up knocking on the front door of their house with a butt load of chocolate covered ice cream cones and a party size bag of Cheetos and said "Hey let's have a party on your sofa!" ... it might be a different story indeed. :=)
So I finally finished up the Cat Lady decoupage table that I had started on a couple of months ago.  It just didn't seem to be going in the direction that I was happy with so it just sat there on the back patio and yesterday morning I decided to simply finish it and move it on out.  I added some gold glitter wash to the final surface and it does have a nice little glow when it catches the sun light.... not sure if the pics show the glow though..

I also finished this little embellished chalk painted mirror

When we got home the weather was so nice that I spent most of the rest of the day out in the front yard pulling weeds and planting seeds. I love to relax out in my little garden/front yard.  Nugget had the right idea though...he found him a nice little spot in the shade and was just chillaxin' in the breeze....

I could learn a lot from our dogs.  Sometimes I do wonder what the heck are they thinking when they pester and won't leave me alone.  Water? check----food? check-----scratched your belly for the umpteenth time? check. Instead of the Dog Whisperer sometimes I think a dog psychic would come in handy.  Wouldn't that make a nice reality show?  I can picture it now.... 
"Hey lady he's trying to tell you that Doggy Biscuits give him a bad case of GAS." 

Hope you are having a Fab St. Patty's Day and that ya'll have a wonderful week!