Tuesday, December 16, 2014

9 days till Christmas doings

Hubby was rained out at work today so we got to spend some more quality time together :=)
We went out to the cemetery this morning & left some flowers .
His parents---Momma Jo and Warren..... hard to believe it has been almost 7 years since they passed...

And my Momma Linda Darlene.....still seems like yesterday when I was chatting up a storm with her and confiding everything about my day and listening about hers...I will say that this is the first time I haven't left that place blubbering with tears...I don't think missing our parents has gotten any easier......it just seems more real at this point
After that we went and did a little Christmas shopping and I have to say that people didn't seem quite as stressed or frantic this year.............and of course having my silly hubby around who compliments my own cray-cray and helps to always remind me that every day vertical is a good one.....
why else would today have not been another good one?

sending out positive thoughts and hugs to everyone out there who is missing their loved ones this Holiday Season. It's hard not having them here..and yet the wonderful thing is that we were blessed to have been a part of their lives in the first place.

Peace ya'll. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Upcycled kids play wardrobe closet from old TV Stand

Haven't been doing much painting lately with the wet weather and all but almost finished this project today and got a couple of pics before the rain comes in again. 
Sarah had sent me a link from Pinterest awhile back with a chest of drawers that had been turned into a kids play wardrobe closet and asked if I could do something similar for the girls for Christmas..
hubby and I found this old TV stand at a thrift store recently for $19.....
So after a bit of pink and purple chalk paint..some gold glaze and a bit of glitter...some paper and fabric decoupage and some watercolors and sharpies...
I think it's coming along pretty well...

Now all that's left is for Gamma to fill it up with the rest of the goodies....
my friend Mary has this awesome shop called
she recently sent me some Monster High stuff for the girls that I am going to add in some baskets---so I plan on making this a place for the girls to do some doll make-overs as well :) I think they'll be pleased with it.

gheez just had a flash back from days gone by when the older bro decided to give me a makeover and suddenly turned into some sort of Vidal Sassoon wannabe  and he cut off a bunch of my curls on one side of my poor little head Hah!
Momma wasn't too pleased with that no-sir-ee
Hope ya'll are having a stress free holiday season so far....
only 10 more days till Christmas and then onto a New Year. 
cheers to dat!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Photo bomber Bill Dance Jr.

There's a reason round our house we always feel like somebody's watching....
Bill Dance Jr..keeping an eye on things
always LOL!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cheers to lemonade this Thanksgiving

So I sent hubby back to the store on Sunday.....
I had forgotten to grab a lemon to get some zest to add to the Turkey salting mix I was mojo-ing in the little blender. He came back with not one single lemon but instead with a pretty sad looking bag of lemons --- but this is not prime lemon growing season one might surmise :)
I was looking at the sad little leftovers inside of the bag tonight and couldn't help but think of the phrase
"When life gives you lemons....make lemonade"....
So I decided tonight that I am gonna make some lemonade tomorrow for the first time on Thanksgiving.
Just kind of as a shout out and homage to all the people I know who have and are going through so much adversity and yet still manage in their own ways to do the best they can and just get through it.
The only thing I have figured out at this point is that the older you get...it seems like there are a few more lemons that come along unexpectedly in that bag. And sometimes when lemons are out of season they can be extremely bitter and even more sour than usual.
So many people I know and care about have family members suffering, or have recently lost beloved family members, or are going through some drama in the school of hard knocks that life seems to have this uncanny way of sneaking up on us and throwing it down right when we least expect it.
So my sad little sack of leftover lemons is going to be some glorious lemonade tomorrow....and of course a few extra squeezes will go into that pan of turkey gravy :)
I am so thankful each and every day for a lot of different things. Yet this Thanksgiving I am thankful the most for the people who have crossed my path who continue to make lemonade out of those lemons. And who at the end of the day are simply thankful to have the lemons to make something out of.
Happy Thanksgiving ya'll.
Be blessed, be well, and most of all be thankful for everything you do have because at any moment it could be taken away from you.
Cheers to lemonade this Thanksgiving and always!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Chloe Girl and her clay nation creations

Glitter and clay and Chloe girl hard at work---who could ask for a better way to spend a Sunday?
Biggest laugh of the day for me was when Chloe told me that sometimes dogs smell like old feet.
Brownie didn't appreciate all of the FOO-FOO body spray he kept getting doused with throughout the day...but boy did Nugget soak up the extra attention! LOL!
Of course PaPa Mikie kept popping in and saying "Are you burning something?" And Chloe kept whispering "Tell him to RELAX!"
Chloe is getting pretty strong minded in wanting to do things her way or you can take the highway (cuz she's ignoring ya) ....but glitter and clay all over the place kind of took on it's own kind of road yesterday at Gamma's house----LOL!
Hope ya'll have a nice week ahead!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 31

Wow! Hard to believe it is the end of October already!
Here's a pic of the strange pumpkin collection hanging out at Lexie and Chloe's house...
And here's a pic of the scary crow the hubs finished up last week....
Hope ya'll have a spook-tac-ular Halloween...and remember
you are never too old to beg for candy!
(Or bacon for that matter) hee-hee

edited to add a pic of the grandbabies on this crazy weather night in bako....
hope everyone is staying safe out there!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

My Crappy $10 wheelbarrow

So last Saturday....hubs and I got up early and did a little yard selling junking trip. We wound up in the Westchester area of town and I have to say that someone like me who loves old things and appreciates how they continue to thrive.... I love the old down town area in my hometown ....sometimes just going on a random drive and looking at all of the old houses that are still in their fabulous glory today...is just to me a nice way to RELAX and spend a little extra time.
So the yard sales in the Westchester area.....
what a blast!  At this point in my life the degenerative arthritis seems to keep getting worse but even on my worst days I feel so lucky to to have so many wonderful supportive friends who encourage me each day to keep on creating...I can never thank any of them enough!
Okay so Rhonda ramble back to the Westchester blocks of yard sales last week thang... hee-hee
We are at this one house and I have picked out a couple of things and then I spot this wheelbarrow turned upside down. The thing is covered in cement and is rusty and obviously has spent a good quality of time here on earth helping someone make and create many foundations sort of things......Something inside of me told me that I instantly felt a connection with this old ugly thang LOl!..So I ask the guy how much it is and he tells me that he was asking $20 but that I can have it for $10 and I tell him that I will take it.
Hubs rolls his eyes...pulls out the Sergeant Stadanko "STARE" attitude and tells me "Look I know I do not see things the way you do but we do not need this wheelbarrow no matter how much it is"
I tell him to relax that I am gonna use it to display things in and am gonna make it look purty.
So he is kind of pissed about me buying a wheelbarrow that I do not need in this lifetime or even my next lifetime.....but after about 20 minutes as we are rolling down the street with what I felt was all of my beautiful purchases packed inside of a poor old ugly wheelbarrow...he ends up telling me that it was worth the ten bucks just so he had something to carry all of my crap in LOL! I told him that the dadgum tire on the front of the wheelbarrow was worth at least 10 bucks..but went about my happy and he was whistling as well.
So Friday after hubby got home from work I asked him if he could sand the wheelbarrow for me cuz my hands were pretty sore....he ended up knocking off a bunch of the cement but I told him not to worry about the inside because I planned on putting some fabric on it.
I wish I had taken a before pic....of the wheelbarrow that had a royal blue hue with tons of rust and cement caked on it......
but yesterday morning I woke up at 4 am because my body was telling me I couldn't lay down anymore.
After a trip in the hot tub I put on the first coats of paint before it got daylight......
and it suddenly became a work in progress LMAO!
And I have to admit that at one time yesterday as I was working on this in the midst of some other projects.....
I had an old school country radio channel playing out back and suddenly the song came on...."When I Get To Where I'm Going" and I ended up with huge tears in my eyes as that is one of the songs Momma chose to play at her funeral....but at the same time I thought it was so fitting....
And at that point I did add a couple of flowers that have the words "Family" on them as a shout out to moms......
at the end of my day....
family is at the heart of everything that teaches you how to make ugly things beautiful.....and at the end of finishing up my crappy $10 dollar wheelbarrow.....all I knew about "When I get to where I'm Going" is at this point in my life I don't think I am there yet....but I am slowly learning how to disconnect with the things that prevent me from being who I really am---and am still trying to figure out that fine mess one day at a time LOL!
I kind of think I ended up with a dadgum fine arse pretty wheelbarrow though :D