Monday, January 31, 2011

Hot LIPS resin pendant necklace

I used new paper, and a small silver floating heart then filled it up with resin in a 1" pendant.

It is placed on a new 22" silver ball chain.

Weird Word for the day

nequient                             adj 1656 -1656

not being able

While the other students understand algebra, you are still nequient in this simple art.
I could see this being used in a Viagra ad :)
something like......
"If you find yourself nequient in the wood category..Viagra will help you stand out in the forest. "

Yellow Sparkles

I love to recycle old things to create something new.

This is my latest listing on Zibbet

“The road to the City of Emeralds is paved with yellow brick.”

L. Frank Baum quotes


I took an old vintage button and added it to a plastic hoop that used to be one of my earrings in the 80s...then I placed it on a

28" recycled chain.

The pendant is 2 1/2" diameter.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weird Word for the day

fallaciloquence n 1656 -1761
okay long time ago this word was used in every day speech--
the meaning of this word was ----

deceitful speech
an example of this word in motion was...

"Your fallaciloquence, though charming, will not convince the jury to acquit. "

Okay soooo ..I'm thinking and puh-leeze ! (forgive me for thinking in my head here after the year 1761)
I love the English language!!!!
I love words forgotten and phrases shared and passed on
old word......fallaciloquence.???? almost sounds like a  modern day "Fart Phrase" to me :)

My sentence would be something like this... about  modern day fallaciloquence
"Don't try to Fool me with your fallaciloquence..cuz I will carp all over that  deceit---harder than a turd in a septic tank."

Foo??? What were you thinkin' LOL:)

Today they are weird words...
but used to be used in everyday language...
I don't expect them to be repeated...but would love to have them not be forgotten:)

Totally luvin' All about the Buttons :)

OKAY...Okay already!!...yes I admit it....I am a button hoarder.....I love love love all things buttons :) 
This shop on Zibbet

makes me feel like I landed in  "Button Heaven" LOL!
I absolutely had to share it with you here :)

Love and polka dots

Don't ya love this listing from
DebutanteJewels  on Etsy?

Check out her shop ! I myself  love the mix!

Miss Cristal on Etsy

Here is a wonderful shop I just discovered on Etsy and wanted to share it with you here :)

What a nice variety of items !!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Cooking :)

" Hey, hey, good lookin',

Whatcha got cookin'?

How's about cookin' somethin' up with me? "


The Songs of Hank Williams

---------------------------------------------------- I made this one thinking about all the hotties out there cookin' and good lookin' cookin' while they are at it :)
This is my latest listing on Etsy :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pineapple Head recycled button Plastic earrings

These were a pair of vintage buttons marked "Hong Kong" on the back. I I thought they would make some fun crazy earrings! They are pierced style and 1 1/4" tall.

Weird Word For the Day

gnathonize  v    1619 -1727

to flatter
(The word to me looks as tho it might be a bit toothy---)

I can tell that you're just trying to gnathonize me but you should stop showing your fangs.

My Latest Listing on Zibbet

I mixed several components to dangle on this pendant. Wood,plastic,metal,glass,rhinestone, and carved shell.

Then I placed it on a recycled 28" gold tone chain. The pendant is 5" tall

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

She Rode Well LOL!

The original words "she rode well"

were cut from a page of one of my old antique books "These Splendid Women"

the book has water damage but so many wonderful phrases and words to recycle within :)

"She rode well" came from the passage about Catherine de' Medici and that one of the ways she caught Francis 1's heart was her "riding skills"

so it left me thinking she probably rode well and was indeed well rode LOL!

I added an old image of a lovely lady (not Catherine) tossed in some vintage seed beads

covered it all in resin...

the pendant is 1" square and is placed on a new silver tone 24" ball link chain.

my newest Etsy listing :)

My State of Mind Regarding Todays' State of the Union Speech

I try to get enthused  I REALLY DO!
and TRY to actually believe some of it...
it just sounds too much like the stuff promised that got him elected
(and that always gets all of them elected) in the first place.....
while the middle-class continues to keep
shrinking day by day.

Okay so when (and if ever) the idea of "there is no reason millionaires should pay zero taxes"...that Mr. Pres said----
and then (if ever) some sort of well intentioned bill goes before the House and the Senate and
our reps voting on this have been lobbied by those LOBBYISTS who speak for big money and our Reps were put in office mostly by contributions from those who make huge money......

So suddenly ....
It is all going to change...everyone is now going to do what is right for the good of our country instead of the good of making those who have the most money and power even more money and power?

What part of this eqaution did I not understand tonight?

Sorry Mr. Pres that I didn't hop on that band wagon toot my horn and dance....
I just don't believe all of this hype of things we as a nation want to hear
I just am not at that point anymore where I believe that any of this is going
to change any time soon ...........

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Do rats have feng shui evolution?

Reflections on rat-ness....

rat nest



it aint easy being cheesy....

Why is it that 1 of the biggest

rats I know HAS the first letter

"R" in their name? And the second letter

"A" in his name?

Did his momma have some kind

of wierd feng shui  intuition

connection with this baby
knowing he was gonna turn out to be
RAT one of these days?

On second thought...
I forgot

his given name started with a "C"

but he chose to go by a name that starts out


guess he wanted to make it easy for

others to be able to fill in the blanks


Friday, January 21, 2011

I Found These On Zibbet!!!!

Facetted Glass and Golden Humming Bird Earrings

Check out these beautiful earrings from Wanitta !!!
she has some awesome items in her shops!....I found these on Zibbet!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Planet 13 recycled ooak necklace from Spanky Luvs Vintage

Planet 13 recycled ooak necklace from Spanky Luvs Vintage

I really enjoy re-creating new things from old things in my drawers and sometimes making them
from dreams thoughts visions of words that I have written down or have simply flashed thru my head

Here is my latest "dream" creation...hope you like it!

Planet 13 I have found you

my orifice wraps around you

a celestial body

wrapped around my star

my five pointed pointy thing

buried between the soaring

sheets flapping in the wind


glisten glisten

For I


shall listen

Planet 13

now that I have found you....

Spankyluvs a dream 2011


I used a beautiful vintage wire wrapped bead and suspended it in the center of an old vintage MOP carved ring. I placed it on a vintage gold tone 28" chain. The pendant is 1 1/2" diameter.

Thanks for looking!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Flower hair clips for the girls

Here are some of the flower hair clips I made for my nieces and daughter-in-law last month.  I like to recycle vintage pieces on them.  They can also be used to add some bling to  a purse or a plain tee.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Political Correctness

My thoughts about being politically correct ? (And not offending anyone out there at all if we can possibly avoid it----???)
To attribute this term and link it to Politics? ..It needs to be named something else I think  and maybe others will get on the band wagon of doing what is right
Bad Idea I think :) to jump in bed with crooks and thieves and THEN TRY and  call ourselves "Politically Correct"--hmnnnn.... What  EXACTLY
In my way of thinking--most politicians are crooks and have been corrupted by the lobbyers and big-uns before or after  they came in office---(if they originally had good intentions--it is all tossed out the window after the "BIG DEAL" slime-fest  rolls in----)
Okay I am supposed to always try to be quote " politically correct " ??????
but AS I SEE IT--
the politcians in my opinion are part of the most un-correct-ness group in our lives today
and it makes me think that  LITERALLY being  "politically correct" should constantly get moved to the BOTTOM of my list of "Things I want To Be Someday"
What do you think about this type of correct-ness?
Shouldn't it have a new real name?

Dealing With The New Bargain-istas In A Bad Economy

My Mother WasThe Supreme Bargaining QueenYes my mom-ster was never afraid to speak up and try to get a better deal. I used to think it was her biggest hobby. (She was 15 and my dad was 17 when they got married, so they were basically kids raising kids for many years.) Yet we always had a great meal on the table and always had nice clothes and always had a lot of friends and I know now that a big deal of that is because my dad was such a hard worker and my mom knew how to drive a hard bargain. When I was a kid I have to admit it used to get a little embarrassing

I remember When Sears Had this Photography Special

And Maybe They Still Do....

It used to be something like $9.99 and they took all these photos and then when you went to get your $9.99 somehow always turned out to be the worst one of the bunch.( The one where your kid had that "Walley-eyed" look or had a booger on his face or the red demon eyes-- etc. ) The really good pics and poses were somehow always included in the "upgraded" package and you had to purchase the entire package to get the ones that you REALLY wanted. mom somehow ALWAYS ended up getting the whole package for $9.99. I remember her starting out with the line of "Look if I don't buy these you're just going to throw them away. Why waste these beautiful pictures? And the money I don't spend on these pictures I can go out in your store and spend to get my kids some new's really a WIN-WIN.. you can give them to me or throw them away..but if you throw them away..I may not spend any more money while I am here today in your store"...Yada Yada LOL.! But she'd kill them with kindness..and somehow it worked year after year :)

And yet in the long run..I really think that Sears knew they were the winner winner chicken dinner!---YES! they gave my mom some pics that they would have just thrown away..but every school year..she bought clothes for all 3 of her children--- Christmas gifts for everyone were often ONLY bought there --- and they bought many appliances and tools there for years and years--mom was a repeat customer because Sears "gave" her something that they would have simply thrown away if she didn't purchase it ..and it ended up making them a lot more $ :)

Yes! I Have Been Around The Bargaining Block( A Time or 2 LOL!)

And being in a larger ticket retail business for over 30 years...I have dealt with many "offers" and Bargain-istas. I used to actually enjoy it!
I love a retail challenge--"Don't try to threaten me with a sale !!!" lol!
But in the past year...I keep coming into contact with what I call the "NEW BREED of BARGAINERS" who are simply down right rude, have no manners, and have let their expectations on what they are willing to spend VS. what they expect to RECEIVE for handing over their all-mighty dollars---become so AMAZINGLY UNBALANCED
that it often makes me think
What planet are they FROM?
It is still hard for me to believe what some people truly expect and ACTUALLY still believe that they will get anything worthwhile by being rude and demanding
( and I keep thinking there is some sort of a page missing here....)
For instance----
A few days ago on an item I have marked on a "clearance tag" at $299.00---a man (and I would have said a gentleman but he didn't come anywhere close to falling into that category ) anyways---he says to me "I'll give you a hundred bucks cash and load it up right now." So I politely tell him "Thank you for your offer, I really appreciate it..but the item is a marked-down clearance piece...I can't do any better than $299.00 plus sales tax." So then he kind of growls and he gives me this look like I am the Stupidest person who ever ATTEMPTED to walk the face of this planet and then he says "I don't think you understand-- I'm giving you $100 cash and I'm gonna take it now." So at this point I told him "I don't think you understand...I see you have a truck outside..I'll tell you what---go buy 20 of these at other stores today for $100---bring them all back to me and I will give you $200.00 each-----you'll make $2 THOUSAND BUCKS  and then we'll both be happy " :)
So of course he stormed out---
but this and several other instances have left me wondering where the " bargaining bully syndrome " originated?
is it a result from giving our children everything?

and wanting them to have a better easier life?
And now are some of these children who never learned to appreciate and never actually grew up and always learned to blame everyone else for whatever problem they might have...
Are they------
waking up in this new world of ours and having to struggle for the first time because mom and pops lost 50% of their life savings in the aftermath of this economic fiasco....and are not able to
bail them out anymore and give them everything they ask for?
And now are these indeed the bullies who are out there thinking that I should be giving them something for nothing?
I am sorry..I really am...but I am not running a charity.... I am still trying to run a small American business..and trying to stay in business...
You can ALWAYS make Ridiculous offers I will glady listen to those with open ears.....but don't be rude and act I like I owe you something
because that will never lead us to meeting somewhere in the middle :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Getting a good deal during and so-called "After" the recession ?

Okay momma taught me well..I am all about getting a good deal and the thrill of finding it to me was always the reason for the search..
( I had this in me years before this economy crap went down the bucket faster than a turd down the toilet)
and NOW getting a "good deal" suddenly became the new Chic for many more out there...
but myself---as someone who has been involved in a retail business that involves products
(that used to be mainly from American workers most of my adult life)
this is the problem as I see it today for those in the same furniture circles that I belong to---
since 2008 (in my area but it hit much earlier in other areas)--customers enter your store and say  for instance "What is your cheapest sofa set?"
And as a now have the Chinese imports that have put sooo many American manufacturers
AND workers out of business--but the product you are selling is now being sold at the same price point that you used to have to pay for the product.... so you don't lose that sale because you have the cheapest thing they are looking for...but guess what? 3 months later and they realize the sofa set they bought is a huge piece of inferior junk and they are unsatisfied with the purchase---but the warranty on Chinese imports is basically for 60 days?---I mean in my opinion they didn't give a crap about putting poison in dog food--why do they really care if your sofa set breaks after a few months?
So what then happens is that you lose this customer who bought the cheapest thing you could sell them...yes they will never buy from you again--but they will probably go to another store and ask for the "cheapest" thing they can buy there--because maybe your "cheap" stuff was crap---and maybe someone elses cheap stuff is "cream"...who knows the mind set of the struggling  American consumer these days?
All I can say is that if anyone out there is looking for furniture here in the would be getting a much better bargain to spend $200-$300 more and buy American made---to get a decent quality product---but do your research--just because the company is based here in America--does not mean that they are selling you better quality products----in many instances---the  BIG American company you bought that product from--(just got that item out of a container shipped from Asia---)
I say anyone out there who still cares---ask for made in America--spend a bit more--and get a better deal in the long run..

Ever walked the streets of Bakersfield?

I started making these rings awhile back ...and the different things you could place inside of them  are endless..they are so easy to make..and are unique one of a kind items...
Using maps you can highlight where someone is living, a place where one grew up, somewhere the kids are going to school, or even a dream destination on the map--the possibilities are never ending for these rings---
and every one I have gifted them to are so thrilled that a "piece" of their life  is captured behind the glass!

You can find the supplies to make them all over the net, on Ebay, on Etsy, on Zibbet, and numerous craft sites out there.!

Huge sucking sound

For anyone out there old enough to remember the Ross Perot debate---
damn! ...I had tears in my eyes and was hollering "Ross! Ross! Right on Ross!"
(At that time I think I was so patriotic that I even had red white and blue farts
leaking out of my arse!  I so believed in the integrity of my country and the American dream)
This dude would have changed the direction of the
entire course of our country..I still believe that today---and the points he made
back then are very much the reason that Americans are where they are today.
I agreed with him then and 110%  believe he is indeed the modern day
  nostradamus  of what happened to the American dream ...

My mom is a good cook ♥

One of my sweet cousins sent me this little joke today and for all of us out there who love to cook...
I think this would be one of our greatest rewards as a cook if this was our child saying this :)----

The Sunday School Teacher asks,
"Now, Johnny, tell me frankly do you say prayers before eating?"
"No ma'am," little Johnny replies, I don't have to.
My mom is a good cook."

(¯` '•.¸ \ / ¸.•'´¯) wishing many Happy Meals at home instead of at the drive thru for all the Janes and Johnnys in the world out there!  I know in this fast paced world it is a challenge for mother's to do it all..but when they can---- a child knowing that mom is a better cook than Ronald McDonald is indeed a huge accomplishment :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Taking a break from Facebook

A few days ago I disabled my Facebook account. There was just too much drama added to my life

specifically because I was there--

and for some reason the down falls started to suddenly outweigh the benefits.

My account was under my actual  name ...not a fan page ..and I made it public... which is probably what I did wrong in the first place... but my thoughts are that if this is TRULY  the new social venue and yet you make your settings PRIVATE..that your time would be better spent personally interacting with those you choose to privately interact with on Facebook.
Anyways I basically feel like I have nothing to hide..I always speak what's on my mind..and yah some times it gets me in a little hot water..but a few days ago I knew it was either go private on a social venue or not be there at all...and I am still thinking this over...but after a few days I seriously haven't had any withdrawal symptoms that I am aware of...
I got into the Farmville deal when I first joined..I came I plowed  and then..I suddenly left my fields barren.. and even tho we have world hunger..I knew my farming days were done--but I still had lots of goodies in my "gift" basket---it was all kind of fun to me until I realized that in a weeks' time  I was spending more time giving people VIRTUAL cows than I spend buying beef at the grocery store.  I stopped planting and harvesting and almost felt guilty that so many people were sending me gifts and I wasn't accepting them and returning them..but I can't spend an hour a day pretending on Farmville...I have a full time job and my cup runneth over....( if I ever  found a first wish I think would be to grant me a bigger cup) LOL!
So last week was kinda the proverbial straw so to speak...

in one week----this is what I experienced...and granted I just might have waaaay more drama in my life than most but I usually don't tend to think so :)

#1. A friend of mine RAGING because his  recently ex-wife is on there posting that she is "SO HAPPY" and posting pics of her with the young stud (of course he acts like he doesn't care what she is doing but he still links onto other people to see what his ex is doing) and he is still pretty butt-hurt about this he gets his knickers all a wad every time he "peeks" at her page---and yah! This could totally be prevented..
but it's like Adam and Eve and the Apple--the temptation gets to him and he has to look---BUT if he wasn't on Face book he could save himself a lot of misery I think.

#2. I kept noticing that when I left Face Book and got onto other links my comp would either kick into granny gear or totally stall-out...and it wasn't happening any where else when I went from one page to another except for Face I kept wondering if maybe my cookies were getting baked or had my account been compromised? Or did it have nothing to do with my account? Still wondering but haven't experienced a crawl since I left.

#3 My hubby and I actually got into an argument because he asked  "who are you talking to"? kind of deal..and yet he has several divorced and single women who are friends of friends or are  his friends from his past that I don't even know but I never had a problem with his "Friends" on Face Book because I trust him..and why am I even arguing about friends on Face Book with him? If you can't trust someone you don't need to be together...people who can't be trusted will indeed hook-up with people anywhere--it doesn't have to be on Face Book.. (It was a very short argument by the way but nonetheless a problem that would have never happened if we weren't on Face Book socializing )  :)

#4 A friend of mine whom I had "removed" quite awhile ago from my friend list because I was tired of her getting so involved in my drama and creating more drama---anyways--she calls me crying "Why aren't you my friend on Face Book?"  And I was thinking if I wasn't on Face Book I wouldn't have even had this drama with her or at least wouldn't have known about it LOL!

#5 I got some messages from 3 different guys that I haven't a clue as to how they found me. They were saying things like "I saw your profile and want a chance to love you" kind of B.S. And I was thinking "How are these random people finding me and messaging me these things? " I mean I'm not all that hot where I popped up at the top of some list or something. So it got me to thinking that maybe someone has posted my pics on some other site and linking it to my Face Book? Not sure.

#6 Some one in my "inner" circle has a sister who found her first true love on Face Book. So she left her husband  2 weeks ago to find those greener pastures. Granted.. she and her husband have not had the best of a relationship but they worked it out for for 20 years..and were still working on staying together until she hooked up with an ex-lover on Face Book. So now the two of them are on there going back and forth like two kids in High School..I mean it would almost be funny if it wasn't so pathetic! Erma Bombeck  said something like "The grass is always greener over the septic tank!" And I wish that all people will eventually find their true happiness but I think a lot of people will find even more disappointment  by believing that their knight in shining armour is out there just waiting to be found on Face Book  AND  all they have to do is re-unite and re-kindle that old flame :)

#7 The time spent there..the older I get I am thinking I need to utilize my time better and try to be more productive. So maybe a "fan" page to link business venues and a "private" page to link only the closest friends might be the one that will work for me if I re-activate there.

So here I am getting into this "Blog" thing instead....but breathing a sigh of relief..feeling like I left the drama behind
♥ ♥

Cold Weather Warm Wishes

With all this crazy weather lately I have been thinking a lot about warm weather and the fishing season in Trinidad Ca. Isn't it funny that when it is cold we wish for warmer weather but when it gets warm we find ourselves escaping away to cooler climates?

My parents have been going to Trinidad for several years during the warm months.  Great cool weather, fantastic fishing, and wonderful friends. It is a lovely little community! We lost my mother in May of 2010  and  last summer was dads' first trip up there without her. I was so happy to be able to see him start smiling again :)
He is quite the fisherman. They call him the "Halibut King" and this year he got 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the Halibut contest. They say no one has ever done this before. I am going to post a few pics from the week my husband and I were able to get away and spend with him up there.
We still have lots of frozen halibut in the freezer. This is some of the best tasting fish I have ever eaten! Every time I am cooking it I have fond memories of my sweet momma reeling those huge fish in :)

 This was the catch on day one. My parents 2 doggies Muffin and Cookie are in the back ground checking things out :)

 baby bear, momma bear, and poppa bear

 It's a little bit scary when you get the big ones inside of the boat. You bleed them and finally they stop flopping around but it gets a little messy !

Thank you DAD!! I love you so much and will forever appreciate all the things that you have taught me :)