Monday, January 30, 2012

Sometimes Totally Unrelated Things Lead To Other Actions

So we had a wonderful Sunday brunch yesterday with Kevie and the girls.  Little Chloe is 9 months old and such a joy to be around and her big sis Lexie is such a "crack-up".  Anyways when Kev gave me his usual hug and said "I really love you Mom" I can't think of better moments in a persons' life than ones like these...where you really know that you have done something good :=)
So I get home and check my blog and see a post I made a few days ago. Now it wasn't malicious or slanderous or anything like that..I was simply stating the truths as I knew them from my experiences with this person..and actually she was the one who started the whole deal with her blog post about her "suspicions" and my bad karma yada yada.  Anyways..I removed the post.
And it wasn't like I suddenly had an epiphany or have gone super Holly Roller now or anything like that------ I just started thinking that for everyone out there that you don't like and for everyone out there who you think has done something wrong----there are also people out there who love this person and think they are great. (This gal is a mom and I'm sure her kids think she is great ya know?) And it's not like I will never again call-out someone who does something wrong to me or will never try to set the record straight when someone lies about me----I just think I will try to keep it in my mind more often that little fact "Someone out there loves this person it's just not me"
And I doubt if she even read the post but if she did maybe in the future she will think twice before stating "suspicions" about people and maybe she will simply try to be more "real".  And maybe not------:=)
Hope ya'll have a great week!

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