Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December doings

So hubby started a new job not long ago and last Saturday was the Christmas Party.  I deal with talking to strangers on an everyday basis in my day job and most who know me would admit that I am not exactly a shy person hee-hee.... but I have to admit that I wasn't exactly looking forward to this Christmas festivity.  Meeting new people in a party type of atmosphere normally means that you have to deal with a few snooty snoots here and there.  Imagine my surprise to find out how much fun we had and what a truly enjoyable group of people were there.  Hubby really likes the new job and I can see why.  They had a casino nite at the party and it was a lot of fun gambling with pretend free money but the top prize was $500.... so not chump change in play...LOL!  Needless to say.. we had a fantastic time but the only thing we "won" was a table centerpiece and I smile when I look at it because it makes me think of all the nice people behind this pot of flowers:)
So Sunday we stopped by to see Heather Matt and Kolbe bears.....they are doing well and I can't say how happy I am to see my Hedders so content and happy. :) Kolbe is 3 weeks old now and he reminds me of a little doll.
Here's a pic of him wearing a little hand made bear hat.....Heather had looked on Etsy but actually found one here locally.... isn't he the sweetest little thang?... my heart melts every time I look at him :)

Monday was Kev's birthday and we went to dinner at a Teppanyaki restaurant and it was really good.
Lexie enjoyed it so much she says that instead of Chuckie Cheese... she wants to come back to this restaurant on her birthday.   Chloe was scared of the flames and jumped out of her chair over into my lap and was afraid that "the fire was going to get her"... but once the chef started juggling and spinning eggs around and performing his cooking magic.... she seemed to enjoy herself :)

We got home pretty early and had some time to wrap some more presents.  Brownie pesters me so much trying to crawl up my leg when I am not holding him on my lap that I just decided to put him up on the bed and let him help.  It's weird that sometimes when I take pics of the dogs and use a flash.... their eyes are this eerie green..... maybe I am hosting some aliens in my little casa.....bring on the chimney patrol :)
Hope ya'll are staying nice and warm and are having a sweet December so far. :=)

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