Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lot's of Speakulation still going on in the ole Zibbet Hub not much of a mystery why that is still happening

Yes....some out there are still watching the falling listings at Zibbet and are obviously realizing that the number of listings are not falling due to humongous amounts of items being sold there....many people are still realizing that the venue is in fact not at this time for them and perhaps never will be.
The elusive rebuild is still ...well....for lack of a better word...elusive.
One of the recent newsletters had a link for Zibbet sellers to purchase a "light box" in order to improve their photos...while at the same time Zibbet has done nothing with the fact that the minute you upload your photos to the venue that they get more fuzzy and are not nearly as nice looking.
I was telling a friend awhile back that I thought it would be easy to copy and paste some of my Zibbet listings over to eBay in order to try and strum up a bit more traffic. Well imagine my surprise (not) yes nothing about Zibbet really surprises me anymore.... I am past the point of that... (I think)....but when I tried to simply right click the images from the Zibbet venue and upload them to eBay....I got the message that the images were too poor to load...they would in fact not load and I tried several times.....
then I went back to find the images in my files...and I have a ton of images and I seriously felt like I was playing some sort of strange "Where's Waldo?" frustrating game in looking for the pic that went along with the listing ...but guess what?  When I managed (after a long time I might add) to find my original images....they immediately uploaded to the eBay venue.
It was then that I finally realized that there really was something to the talk that the images on the Zibbet venue look very poor and blurred and so much talk that the pages look ancient and way behind the times really does have merit from anyone out there with on line experience.
But they keep saying that it will all be fixed in the rebuild and even if the pics when loaded on their venue currently are not so top worries....
keep working on better pictures because that will lead to more sales there.
And it really is a joke....
albeit one that may leave a bad taste in so many seller's mouths who put so much time and wasted energy into the venue so far.
But never say never....
they have a Pastor as one of the Ceo's and hey...what better person than a bonafide Pastor to bring some miracles to the venue? I mean really...things and people can always change...and maybe this elusive rebuild will be the end all save all redemption that many are looking for now that they have seen whatever is happening there is not quite up to par.
All we know so far is that when the mass exodus last Fall happened and so many newbies purchased those $79 yearly premium accounts....many are waiting and wondering just how many of those are willing to shell out another $79 or more when their premium is up for renewal..unless they actually see some sort of improvement and rebuilding going on over there. (I myself paid over $200 for a life time account...after paying yearly premiums and remember seeing something when I got in on that "last round" of lifetimes that there would be a refund on the yearly premium already paid....and honestly never checked to see if that had happened(a refund on what I had already paid that year)  but I really should check to see if I did get that refund on my Pay Pal account...because it was something that had been promised there right?)
The thing STILL going on in the forums these days is still something that is in no way shape or form in my opinion making newbies want to stick around and spend some hard earned money and take their account from freebie to premium. Especially when you have conversations like this in a thread titled "Respect" someone said this...

"Yes, a number of folks were banned for swearing and personal attacks on others.  The violations were clearly seen by many in the Forum.  It is no mystery as to why some people were banned -- they failed to show respect."

an obvious speakulative LIE----^^^^  (to so many out there )....many see the one who made this statement as being one of the big problems in the forums...if there was a so called "respect" kind of rule...the person who made this statement and the others there who speak this kind of lying speculative slanderous speak ---would have surely been banned long ago had they not had the pat on the back and encouragement from Andy---wink wink....
thank goodness there are still some people there who are not afraid to speak up and are still not totally censored...this reply to the lie above is what many out there truly believe..

It actually is still a mystery to me why some were banned and others were not. I saw a minimum amount of profanity ( other than one here recently) but did see a number of personal attacks and people told to leave if they weren't happy. The people left and the attackers are still here.

yep....this poster was spot on.....too many of the attackers are still there. Maybe Zibbet plans on fixing this in the elusive rebuild that is just around the corner as well?

Kool-aid.....cupcakes.....glitter...anyone? Or would it be in your best interests to take advice from the wiser ones who have been there and done that....keep your mouth closed and your eyes and ears wide open....wink wink ... and yes...Respect has always been the key.  In my opinion... some out there simply have no idea how to use that key to unlock the door. And they might indeed always be out there knocking but you can't come in. Respect will indeed get you in the door. And honesty plus integrity will keep you inside once they let you in. That's how it works in reputable proven places..... sadly.... Zibbet in my opinion so far has not proven anything --other than saying that they will fix that in the rebuild.

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  1. Nicely put,Spanky. Yes, the ones driven away were the truth speakers and the questioners. The ones left are the bullies and the deniers. When the bullies are backed up and patted on the head by the head honchos, why would any one want to try to build a business at an unfriendly backstabbing site that has zero internet traffic and is run by two guys who would rather party than work on a site that has obvious glitches? Zibbet was a great idea, unfortunately, it was thought up on a whim and neither of the two men had any idea how to make it happen. It would have been better had they kept it as an idea and let someone else actually put forth a workable, profitable alternative to sites like Etsy and Ebay.