Friday, November 27, 2015

Christmas Dress Form with Tulle Reindeer and pinecones

I've been admiring the dress form and mannequin Christmas trees for quite some time. I decided to make one last night and first looked in the garage for an old Christmas tree to use for the skirt but only had a couple of small ones lurking about. So I ended up using tulle instead. We took it and some more Christmas goodies to the Antique Mall today. The last pic is of another mannequin that I pinned a bunch of Christmas ornaments on.

The dress form was actually pretty easy to do. I turned it upside down and added some Christmas bulbs and then looped some ribbon across the middle so they would stay up on top. Next came the tulle. I looped it around the bottom in an up and down pattern and the top layers I looped sideways. I used fishing line to sew on the pine cones and small ornaments and tied on the reindeer and star ornaments.   I made her necklace out of a piece of vintage star chain, a vintage rhinestone brooch and a star ornament. Then added the ribbon belt . 
Man I can't believe it is almost December.  This year has gone by so fast, I haven't done a post in ages..Hope ya'll have a wonderful Holiday Season!

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