Monday, March 5, 2012

How High Is The High Road ?

So awhile back I posted my thoughts about how for everyone you don't like...there is someone out there who loves them so you really should try to keep that in mind when saying anything. I guess that I am still struggling with looking the other way, taking the high road,turning the other cheek,yada yada.
I recently had a situation where someone said some lies about me, then I said what I felt about the situation and later removed it because I was trying to take the high road.
But couldn't be left at that because the person is still in forums lying about me. And I guess in this situation that the high road is too high for me to climb because I am fed up with the pot stirring and drama.  It is a rotten situation and I really don't care how many people read the blog.  The important thing is to have a place to set the record straight.  And now that I have had my say about this I am done with it once again unless she keeps creating even more drama. Life is too short to concentrate on the negative things. And I can't say that I have really learned anything from this other than sometimes there are situations that do not fall in line with the way you normally treat people. And this is one of them. And now I am gonna get off of this low road once again and be done with this situation. Hopefully she will find another pot to stir...or find a bigger stick----hee-hee

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