Monday, March 5, 2012

Zibbet Is A Cult? Not! Why I luv Zibbet Zibbet Zensation

So a friend of mine sends me a link to a thread yesterday where a certain Zibbet hater and fabricator made the statement that Zibbet is a cult.  Good gawd! No wonder many  ignore her comments and do not pay attention to her snarkwads. 
Dang if Zibbet is a cult I am just so gosh dern glad I drank the Kool-aid :=).  hee-hee.
I have met so many wonderful people there, the admins are wonderful and very active in the Community, and people are actually having success at selling their items.  I really believe that the site will continue to grow and that sellers do have a bright future there. 
I am happy to be a part of a positive group of people who support one another and are happy with the success of fellow sellers. If that makes Zibbet a cult.........HOORAAAYYYYY For Zibbet! Hee-hee.
Just another reason why I love Zibbet ......spread the luv, spread the luv!!!!!!


  1. Oh my really?! I personally LOVE zibbet too and I have no problems selling there. The admin ARE terrific and I have also met alot of wonderful people in the community on zibbet.

    I think some people get on a selling site and don't give themselves enough time to allow sells to come or promote enough. Even if a market is flooded with a certain type of items you should liven yours up or make something different to warrant folks to take a look at what you have to offer.

    I have discovered there are some folks that are negative no matter what. Shame really. It really hurts them in the long run when they are bad mouthing other venues or sellers when they are trying to promote themselves. Would you want a potential customer to see you being nasty about some place or someone? What kind of mesg. does that send, I mean really.

    I have learned the past couple of years that I have been selling online that it IS work, but work I LOVE! I am thankful every day for my customers and fellow sellers for their gratitude and knowledge of buying handmade not only starts with the customer buying the item, but the person that made it...and if you make something with love.. you get love in return. :)
    So I agree... zibbet does rock and to think.. it is just a baby site right now..imagine when it gets bigger! wooohooo count me in!

  2. Why is there always a sour grape?
    I am glad I drank to Kool-Aide too.

  3. Rebecca..I'm also glad you drank it...maybe we could make some Kool-Aide out of sour grapes hee-hee :=)

  4. My KoolAid is mixed with that okay?!