Sunday, November 10, 2013

White bubbles sometimes makes me think I farted in the bathtub...

A Bubbly White Winter Wonderland on Etsy


2 hours ago
Check out the wonderland of white bubbles on Etsy. With the winter season close at hand, this treasury may help you locate these hard-to-find and trendy accessories.


These are all so unique! I love it! What a stunning treasury!
Monika from QuiltLover says:
Love all the choices….let me see, which one am I gonna buy?
Good choices for winter...a good group....mildred
Thanks for such a great selection. Can't decide if it like the $5 or $30 one better.
Madi from OnceUponAGem says:
Very unique! Just like snowflakes ;)
MerlinMN from MerlinMN says:
Who'da thunk it?
Such a wonderful collective...I mean collection! Super! Goodness I wish I had the talent to make such beautiful jewelry. Stunning winter treasury!
Jan from melanger says:
Such a variety to choose from! And the price range is phenomenal! Thanks for a lovely winter inspired collection.
Makes me think of Dean Martin, " Tiny Bubbles....."
Guess that dates me.
OMG! @ "Tiny Bubbles" brushy!
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas in a snowflakes and cupcakes and tiny bubbles in the wine kind of thing ...
does being dated mean we must
get one of these to impress our dates??.....
decisions decisions....the $5 0r the $30?
oh wait.
is it okay to wear white after Labor Day ?
eh it's just too confusing
Wow, its soooo hard to choose which one to buy!!!

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