Monday, September 8, 2014

#Zibbet people and some certain sheeples Can We Talk?

First of all because I used the "Can We Talk?" I am going to do a little upfront Joan Rivers Hollah ! with this little Rhonda ramble can we just talk here?
I almost hate to mention Joan Rivers in the same sentence as Zibbet because Joan is and was the Bomb.....and Zibbet could only wish to be the Bomb....instead of what I think is a huge B-U-S-T at this point.
Back in the 70's/80' younger bro had a Go-Kart shop and I used to announce the races and some of the tracks would have me travel around to announce the I.K.F. circuit races. In one of their magazines I was referred to as "The Joan Rivers of the I.K.F. Circuit" and I was really honored to be compared to this wonderful talented comedian. I guess I have always had this rather strange gift of finding ways to laugh about the worst of situations. Sometimes we just have to call a spade a spade and see where the card lands.
Joan was/is an American Icon. Will truly miss seeing what she has to say next.
So enough said about that splanation I suppose.
What I want to talk about (yes again) is the Zibbet "you just couldn't make this stuff up even if you tried."
Okay.... so most people out there are of the same "Consensus" that being one---that most feel that the long awaited and anticipated and overblown talked about "Rebuild" has so far been a huge failure and B-U-S-T.... and they also agree with the fact that this "inappropriate TIMING" of announcing their new "Lifetime--get it while it lasts once in a lifetime offers" was almost a slap in the face to those who have patiently waited for so long for Zibbet to get this ball rolling.
We know that Zibbet powers that be removed all links to the Hub in the rebuild and any actual "sales links" --YEP---basically all links to finding how successful any sellers might be there.
What is really sad to me is that even though the Hub is a ghost town these days as was long ago predicted.....
Can we talk for just a minute here about one of the forum handmaidens who in my opinion has gotten waaaay toooo dad gum big for her britches?
Now just as a #ZibbetFlash for me.....
I recall this one certain poster who once went to a thread I posted about the fact that Zibbet Cheerleaders come in many shapes and forms.
This person went into the thread and thanked me and certain others and then went back and removed her posts because that is what you could do in those old forums....not sure if you can do it now.....
but seeing her do that made me realize just how wishy washy she was and is.
And that was waaaaay before I had my Zibbet Epiphany that it was time for me to get the Hell out of Dodge.
All I know is that from my own experience with this person that I actually used to respect....once I saw her actions on that one thread alone-----
I lost all respect for one who in my opinion is so wishy washy.
And that is my opinion and I am sticking to it here LOL!
Sad thing to me is that she is still there passing so much "judgment" about anyone in that hub these days who has a different opinion than hers.....
and I know from viewing her profile pics that she is a big gal ---(but shut the front door she has definitely grown some mighty Bossy Britches over there.) yes Indeedy! Amen!
And her "accusation" about some who follow others to other venues? Well must certainly hope that this Big-UN  will some day look in the mirror and call it for what it really is LOL!
I am posting this tonight because I know that many of the so called "Bad Humans" posts and threads and opinions now come up every time anyone might happen to Google Zibbet (if by some miracle they have actually heard of the venue LOL) Her lies alone in my opinion need to be kept in check. And yep that is why we are having this "Talk" here.
For example....the thread over in that Hub regarding the crappy arsed Zibbet font.
Bottom line.... you do not have to have any sort of an eye handicap or illness whatsoever.
The fact is that most people who can see actually "SAW" that the font did not get "darker"...the Z boyzz did not fix that yet. I still have 20-20 vision with the help from my Optometrist Hee-hee.....
but the fact that the Zibbet font still sucks is not a Fanflamer issue.
It is not even a topic that needs to cause so much drama in those forums.
It is simply a fact and it needs to be fixed.
And it still hasn't.
That's a FACT.
And here's an even harder fact if anyone in that Hub chooses to look outside of that "Box"....most people in Cyberville are never gonna find Zibbet because at this point...
there's not a lot of advertisement or even unified effort from all of those so called "creatives" to share the #ZibbetLove.
The fact is that less than 20 people "Flashing" in that hub are not going to grow any venue any time soon.
And hate to break this to ya......
but if anyone new out there happens to for some unknown "miracle" land on the new Zibbet....if they can not read the font....they are gonna walk away and Pasadena quicker than ya'll can say "P-A-S-A-D-E-N-A"
And finally here's one last those of ya'll still in that Hub who are acting as formerly predicted a group of Piranha's just waiting to take a nibble on anyone who offers up a different opinion than yours....wake up!!!! ( the very few still left there......)
you are chewing and eating away at whatever lifeline you think you still have there.
The Zibbet Flash group that is what? How many members weak? at this point is in my opinion.....still killing any chance for Zibbet to become something better and grow.
And if you would just let the small group of people still in that Hub simply talk about it without being accused of being some sort of #badhuman or equated to being some sort of workplace #massmurderers........
maybe just maybe.....
some still there spending lots and lots of time still trying to get their shops to work and load properly and to have their pictures look okay......
maybe some of ya'll wearing those Grand Poohbah hats if you would just shut up and offer some kind of support to everyone there.....
ya'll just might get a lifeline on that ship that is rapidly sinking more and more each day.
hint-hint :=)

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