Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day Weekend,Racing..Solvang..AND! Missing Momma

Labor Day weekend doings....
My nephew Bobby Hood (who just turned 13)
I am soo proud of this little man! :)!!
He races these mini dwarf cars...
and he won the points championship at Bakersfield Speedway 2 weeks ago (even tho there is still another race he locked up the Championship)...and his race at Santa Maria on the Labor day weekend  determined whether or not he won the points championship there as well....
There was No Way (since the race was on Sunday) that I could miss this one :)...So I made up a gaggle of "Bobby fan" jewelry...booked a room @ Price-match---hubby and I invited my son ,daughter in law ,and grandbaby---and we were there:)!!!!

Here is the glass tile jewelry I made to take with me (and wore some of course )and gave the rest away :)

I got several compliments on these "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!"  Feather Earrings :)
So Bobby drove a heck of a race and Won HOLLAH!...I had tears in my eyes..I am  sooo dang proud of this little dude for winning 2 points championships and what a great race it was!

So for the trip ---I had booked a room in Buellton (a few miles from Solvang)...AND!...we left waaaay early and had our map quest in hand--the plans were to check into the room and then arrive at the track for qualifying---but for some reason the map quest told us to turn right when we were actually supposed to turn left and it delayed our plans about 2 hours behind LOL!  We were calling the hotel for over an hour and no-one was answering.  So of course I was telling myself
"Great ! I freaking reserved a hotel room on Price Match from a place that is obviously out of business!"
When we finally find the dang place we walk in and instantly my hubby calls the number we had been dialing and we hear no phone ringing----we get to the counter and he asks the clerk what the  # is----she verifies that we had the right #--he tells her we have been trying to call it and she says "Oh..I shut off the phone lines for a bit because someone was harrassing me." LOL..Just my luck :) We are lost in the middle of bumchuck nowhere and the gal at the desk has the phone turned off!
This was at "Days Inn" by the way and I wouldn't mention the name at all cuz the room was nice but if anyone out there is booking a room there and relies on Map Quest---I would say just have a few "Back-up" plans in case the hotel clerk decides to shut the phone off :) Or maybe this kinda stuff only happens when I am lost LOL....Yah.. it's funny now but hubby didn't think so when I was chewing his arse out :) Hee-hee was all good in the end :)...We spent Labor Day in Solvang,Ca.   And it is a lovely quaint Danish town with lots of shops and restaurants and I had such a relaxing time and smiled over and over...the shop keepers were so nice and friendly...the weather was beautiful and we had a great time.  Here are some pics of our day at Solvang...

Chloe enjoying green beans for breakfast instead of an Aebleskiver
AKA Danish Pancake :)
outside "The Little Mermaid"

                                         There are so many cool buildings houses and shops here!
Me and Mojo  happy to be vertical LOL!

                                               Inside some of the shops------

                               A Car on the street-----
                     Chloe trying on a couple of hats :)

                                                Dang it! ! You know I hate carrots!!!!!

So really was a nice weekend. :)   Those of you who know me know that Sept 5th last year was a terrible day for me (my momma's birthday and the first one I spent without her) I still miss her soooooo much but on this birthday weekend of hers--This year---I really think it was more of a celebration of life...and yes.. I still had some tears (mainly knowing how much she would have loved to have held Chloe and smothered her with kisses)..but I smiled a lot of times on Sept 5th 2011, this year and I know that my heart is healing :)
                                 It was a great weekend <3 even tho We miss you momma and always will!!!
                                                           RIP Linda Darlene Hood


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