Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Dog Days Of Summer...2 many dogs or what? LOL!

I don't think I have shared my "dog family story here" LOL..(but my friends and family) know about how much me and my hubby are crazy about our doggies!
trying to make a long story short here..
When my son was 19...and we had no dogs in the house (he had bad alllergies as a child and we never had a gaggle of pets) anyways----he rescued a "weiner dog" who had been dumpster diving--and named him "Bill Dance" after his then most recent hero (my son "the fishing dude"... often got in trouble for skipping classes to go fishing).
So we loved Bill Dance and gave him a good home..but when we took him to the vet we found out the reason he had been abandoned...he had liver and intestinal problems that were too far advanced to be operated on-- but we wanted to give him a good loving home in the time he had left here---and OMG! he puked a lot..but damn! He was sooo happy that someone was treating him good and his freaking tail wagging made it worth all the extra baggage that he came with! 
About 3 months later Mother's Day rolled around and my hubby surprised me with "Brownie Boy" (cuz I had been saying that I thought old Bill could use some company. )  Naturally I fell in love at first sight and I can honestly say that my Brownie Boy is the best present that I have ever received in my lifetime :)

Bill Dance was a happy camper with little Brownie...he actually got a lot friskier for awhile and Brownie licked and loved on this old guy all the time :)! and then came the day when we had to put Bill to sleep to put him out of his pain .

My son was sooo depressed and cried sooo really shocked me about how attached he had become to this old weiner dog!  So I searched high and low..and then found a puppy for sale who looked like a little "Mini-me Bill"..I bought him and brought him home...and his heart was suddenly healed from losing old Bill---Kevin named the new puppy "Bill Dance Jr."
And seriously...we were all "good in the Hood"...two dogs...Kevin was happy and I was happy lol!....
So then one day my mom tells me that she is getting rid of 2 of her dogs because they were being mean to her new "little dogs"..and I was all "No! You can't give Molly and Candy to strangers! Let me have them!"
And guess what? We had two weiner dogs..and now we had two chihuahuas :) hee-hee
And then ...Candy was preggers and I simply had to keep one of her babies  (our "Nugget" who I have posted on here about his subsequent  disc operation)
Then Molly had a litter and I simply  had to keep "Hairy Puffy Potter" cuz we took him to the bowling alley one night after giving the other pups to friends and no-one at the bowling alley took him home.....! I told the little guy that night "Don't worry..we will love you always!"..Am I crazy or what????.. I think my problem was naming all of them as soon as they came out of the womb :)!!!
So at this point I tell hubby..."We have to get the dogs fixed before I end up like that hoarder lady who has all those dogs " LOL!
So now  we have 2 daschunds, 2 chihuahuas, and 2 chiweenies...although I sometimes call them weiner-wah-wahs :)!!
And then guess what? My mom dies...and in the letter she wrote me with her specific instructions to be followed out..she says "promise me you will take care of Cookie and Muffin"
So in the dad tells me he thinks he is going to find a home for Cookie and Muffin because he is going traveling and does not want them to end up locked up in his RV all the time with no-where to roam..and I was all "OMG!!! NO!!! can't let someone else have them! Let us dog-sit them for you and if you can't care for them when you get and Mike will take care of them always...
Hello!  We now have 8 dogs lol!!!... But God!!!---I can't say how much these 2 little ones have touched my heart and have given me sooo many smiles!  Dad is back now and in a few weeks his baby girl doggies  are gonna go live with him again..and all I can say is I am so happy they were with us and are now a part of our doggie family! feels like every time they "kiss" me that momma is smiling:)...they know we love them and they really blended in well after a couple of days adjusting with the other dogs here....
my dog days of summer brought me many many smiles..and yet I will be soo happy to know that these little girls will soon be back with dad and giving him the love that they have shared with me and my hubster :) are some pics of them out in the yard last  Sunday when I was sitting on the porch enjoying a cup of coffee---
This is mom and dads' Cookie
And here is Muffin
And it is sooo funny to me that "Muffin" who was always such a "scaredy cat" ended up hanging out mostly with Bill Dance Jr...our 30 lb biggest dog who watches out for Muffin and treats her like the toy that he doesn't chew on:)

here are all the pics I took on Sunday of my crazy eclectic dog family and I smile because it fits me to a TEE LOL!

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  1. I just added your blog to my reading list because I have work to do, but I see many stories here I want to read. Just can't right now. Great blog!