Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Last Sunday At The Great Kern County Fair

Awweeee..Fall...and good ole Fair days here in Bakersfield...
We took a little trip out there last Sunday (and I am sure it will not be our only one this year)... and I just kept saying over and over what a beautiful day it was to be out at the fair :)!!! .... SOOOOO----
When we first entered the gates...I almost thought I was stuck in one of those "People of Wal-Mart" time warps...AND I had to capture this on film cuz I thought how ironic is this?????
Notice the arrow ----------------------------------------------
Obviously people do not get offended out at the Great Kern County Fair for the not-so-politically correct choice of words on this huge sign ---"BIG FAT SAUSAGES"--(For some reason I myself wasn't quite hungry enough to jump in the line and get me one of those big-uns tho)..hee-hee----I had just entered the gate after all and had to muster up my appetite :)
Anyways----my niece Heather, my son,my daughter-in-law,my grandkids, and my hubby had a lovely time----
here are a few pics of our first day at the fair this year---
My favorite thing about the Fair is seeing people you haven't seen in a long time---seeing people you just saw recently---and yep---seeing people you hope you will never see AGAIN until  possibly the next year at the Great Kern County Fair LOL!
I was really happy Heather got the day off and got to go out and spend it with us!
WITH Some of my FAVE girls Heather,Lexi ,and Sarah :)

Lexi with her Hello Kitty Face

Riding the Elephant

Heather with her bro Kyle...my awesome nephew who was showing his pig out there
Hubby and "Lick" a family friend since he was just a little tot---teasing my man about his "bald spot":)

My favorite pic of Chloe on Sunday just kickin' back and having a good time :)

                                  Chloe keeping an eye out for her "Sista" on the rides
            WHOO HOOOOOO! WE LUV THE FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)  
It was definitely a beautiful day in the neighborhood and it was so nice to see so many people I hadn't seen in quite awhile-----
We will more than likely go a couple more times this year---but our first day was so wonderful----I can't see how the next trip could get any better :)
Memories of my Fair days gone by---..cotton candy, corn dogs, gold fishes, a cameleon lizzard to wear on my shirt ,scary rides ,the house of mirrors, FFA ,sheep chit, baby pigs ,RODEO days ,pitching dimes ,carnies,clowns both real and paid performers,...etc. etc.----
The things kids will always remember --- me thinks :)
The County Fair----what a fabulous family orientated tradition-----!
<3 <3 <3~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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