Friday, July 19, 2013

More succulents....

I kind of feel like my "crafty bug" has been on a bit of a vacay.... haven't been doing much besides the day job and taking what feels like much needed "breaks" at home :)  And even though it seems pretty relaxing I also feel like I am not getting anything done...YOLO right?
We went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market again last Sunday and had a great's some of my "stash"..
I got a great deal on that ward robe trunk.....and it's in really good shape inside considering how old it is .
So of course I couldn't turn down another flat of succulents while we were there......
and I planted a few more of them yesterday on my day off....I used an old cake pan and a couple of old watering cans for planters....but didn't drill holes in the watering cans.....instead I put some small rocks in the bottom for some "drainage"...
hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend :)
#succulents #succulent city #how does your garden grow?

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