Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Rittle Grass Chloe

I think I've talked a bit about the first thing I ever started ceramic dog collection.  I used to enter them in the Fair when I was a kid and was oh so gosh darn proud of my little blue ribbons :)  I have carted that collection around and around and awhile back hubby got the boxes down from the rafters in the garage and a lot of my little collection is looking a bit sadder as the years have gone by.  Many of my chalkware pieces are in crumbles.... a lot of the finishes on them have begun to crackle.... and there are so many more nicks and bumps and crazing on them now.  Nonetheless.... I keep hanging onto them and someday will pass what's left of them on to the grand kids.
So I was on eBay awhile back and saw this little dog figurine with a blond haired girl and her two dogs and it really reminded me of little Chloe.  At the last Fishing Derby we went to she was pulling and tugging at Nugget and Brownie on their rope leashes and kept telling them "Come on!" and "Hurry up!"  I laughed and laughed at her "Walking the dogs"  until I had tears in my eyes. I ended up buying the figurine and when I gave it to her I told her that I had found a "Vintage old Chloe" that looked just like her and also had two dogs just like she does.  When I took it out it just so happened that she was wearing this big bow in her hair that day and she said "Look Gamma...old grass (glass) Chloe has a bow just like mine!"  and she kept telling hubby "Be vewwy vewwy Careful Papa...old Chloe is grass"  I think she has developed an early liking to old things just like Gamma did a long time ago hee-hee.
Here's a few pics of the figurine and Chloe that day :)

Cheers to bows and old grass :)

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