Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My ricky RiCaRdO redone red chair

So I started on this chair awhile back and had it sitting under the patio until a few days ago when I finally finished painting it.   When I bought it the seat was thrashed and some of the wood on the chair looked kind of like a beaver had been chewing on it.  I still loved the style though and it reminded me of something from "I Love Lucy"....if you are as old as me you may remember watching that show and I can remember asking my mom why Lucy and Ricky slept in twin beds and she went into some kind of big 'splanation that Ricky probably snored too loud :)  Gosh that was a great show !
Okay so here's how the chair looked....
I decided I was going to use it to replace my desk chair for awhile and if I end up keeping it there I will probably end up putting some kind of casters on it.   Here it is how it turned out.   Vintage fabric on the seat and red and cream paint added after a bit of sanding.
It's pretty comfy and I have been calling it my Ricky Ricardo chair :)

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