Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Chloe Girl my little Christmas angel baking helper

Chloe came over bright and early this morning and was so eager to get some baking and making done....I cracked up and smiled so many times throughout the day with her eagerness to help and also her impatience to get-er-done.
When she told me that she needed an apron because I always wear one when I am cooking special things...I went out into the closet --found a small one---and tied it on her LOL!
Really gave me flash backs to the days I spent with Mamaw helping her with the Holiday baking...
Chloe kept chiming in how much she loved me and it was such a wonderful day...
then we got some family news that was not so happy.... but being with Chloe....just kind of got me right through it....and when she told me that she loves me bigger than 3 universes that haven't even happened yet----
that just about made my day :) and I knew that any bad news....
in the future we would ever receive-we can always know we are so lucky to have what is right in front of us and this would also make us so happy to realize how blessed we are to have so many good loving things right here in our life each and every day---
this little munchkin told me about 50 times today how much she loves me...and I guess I trumped her on that one :D

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