Monday, December 15, 2014

Upcycled kids play wardrobe closet from old TV Stand

Haven't been doing much painting lately with the wet weather and all but almost finished this project today and got a couple of pics before the rain comes in again. 
Sarah had sent me a link from Pinterest awhile back with a chest of drawers that had been turned into a kids play wardrobe closet and asked if I could do something similar for the girls for Christmas..
hubby and I found this old TV stand at a thrift store recently for $19.....
So after a bit of pink and purple chalk paint..some gold glaze and a bit of glitter...some paper and fabric decoupage and some watercolors and sharpies...
I think it's coming along pretty well...

Now all that's left is for Gamma to fill it up with the rest of the goodies....
my friend Mary has this awesome shop called
she recently sent me some Monster High stuff for the girls that I am going to add in some baskets---so I plan on making this a place for the girls to do some doll make-overs as well :) I think they'll be pleased with it.

gheez just had a flash back from days gone by when the older bro decided to give me a makeover and suddenly turned into some sort of Vidal Sassoon wannabe  and he cut off a bunch of my curls on one side of my poor little head Hah!
Momma wasn't too pleased with that no-sir-ee
Hope ya'll are having a stress free holiday season so far....
only 10 more days till Christmas and then onto a New Year. 
cheers to dat!

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