Friday, October 21, 2011

About The Final value Fees That eBay Charges Sellers On Shipping As Well

So I have posted a few of my thoughts on the new (now getting old) eBay that I continue to fall un-in-luv-with...
The deal about adding $ to the final value fee and charging sellers more $ from their shipping fees as well---I haven't really said anything about it because if you want to sell there you simply go along with the flow and accept that you will obey!!  LOL!
Anyways---ya'll know I don't sell or list or spend much time there anymore but tonight--I listed an antique book--and I tried to list it as "Flat rate priority envelope" @ $5.99 (.99 cents over--to cover the additional eBay $ that they are going to take from me)--but lo and behold! I got a prompt that eBay has placed a $4.00 flat rate fee in the book category (on an envelope that costs me $5.00 WTH?)--so I had to change my shipping to cover my costs to the parcel post and "weight" category--and now the "calculated shipping fee" if I simply ship locally is more than $7.00--
Imagine that? eBay said they did this to protect "buyers" from overpriced shipping---but their new rules in this case ends up costing potential buyers more $.... All smoke and mirrors---
another Greedy seedy corporate way of changing it up to make more $ for themselves and trying to make excuses about why they did it ! LOL---eBay wants FREE shipping---how about if they pay the shipping costs for all items sold on the sight....??? They own Pay Pal...they could do this----they could make the "free shipping" really FREE----LOL----NOTgonna happen!...
I am just venting because this new deal means that in certain categories---I am not allowed to offer buyers shipping options that would save them money----SIMPLY SUX---IMHO!

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