Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Enjoying The Nice Warm Bako Weather While Stumbling Upon The Fall Finds On Zibbet

So the weather here in Bakersfield is still in the 80's and I'm not quite feeling the Fall yet but enjoying the heck out of this still awesome warm weather and wondering if I will be wearing shorts on Halloween :)  Seriously tho with my arthritis I have to say I function a lot better in the warm bones are just tons "happier".
I bought a tanning bed on eBay a few years ago and in the winter instead of curling up with a hot cup of cocoa I tend to curl up in the tanning bed.  (Yes I tend to be lots tanner in the winter than the summer LOL!)  And I know those UV rays aren't doing me any good but the warmth that creeps way down into my bones and really relaxes me makes it all worth it :) Nonetheless I still love the Fall and hope we don't go from warm weather straight into the wintery cold stuff.
Here are some pics I took in my little garden this Morning Glories are still thriving all over the place and I even  have a few Hollyhocks still in bloom------

So of course I am still feeling rather "Summery" instead of "Fallery"...but then I got to work and we have this guy called "Jimeny Pumpkin Patch" out in our parking lot with butt-loads of pumpkins and hay all over the place so I suddenly got blasted into the "Fall Mood" Hee-hee-----anyways ---I want to share some of the great Fall Finds I found on Zibbet today....

If you haven't checked out the Zibbet should mosey on over sometime-----or take a hay ride or something :)
Or be like me some days and just creep on over---- but hey! What better time to be CREEPY than it's almost Halloween? :)
Hope your October has been Fallistically fantastic so far!

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