Saturday, October 15, 2011

Does Phony Baloney Smell Better When It Is New? Pondering the on-line image

I went to bed last night thinking about this and this morning when I woke up I am still thinking about it so I thought I would share a bit of my thinkering......
When I think about the "On-line image" I immediately think of trust and that trust is a must and absolutely paramount. 
I realize that  myself... sometimes I should simply stick a sock in my mouth or sit on my hands for a bit instead of madly keying away at the keyboard.....but over all I think that peops who come across my path on the net pretty much meet the real deal when they deal with me.
I remember several years ago...when even after I had placed ye old "parental controls" on my sons' net doings....I would still catch him chatting up in different places and his profile would say things like he was 22 and drove a porsche and was an entrepreneur etc.etc.--(quite the life for a 13 yr old kid :) ) So I would tell him things like "That's not nice--be honest" yada yada and he would say things like that if people believed him it was their own fault and that is what made "making it all up" so much fun. the internet is also a huge shopping adventure and you go to a new site and buy things and you simply have to trust that you will receive what you think is there etc.etc.---and I can see why brick and mortars have the advantage because people want to see and feel the real thing without a clause for deception.
You meet people on-line and will probably never see them face to face and you don't really know if their avatar is actually them or if any of the things they say are remotely close to being the truth----you just have to place some sort of blind trust in the whole situation or simply hit the "escape" key.
Recently on a site that I sell a few of my handcrafted and vintage items on--- a person was in the chat rooms starting discussions and talking about "branding" herself and getting her name out there.  And granted she seems like a really nice person.  Then last night when I was looking at some of her items and links---it became evident that on a former sight she has a complete different name and is now calling herself something else and I was just like "WTH?"  I  mean---getting out there and branding herself but which self is she ? I mean I know that actresses change their names and so on and so forth but HELLO?!!... this venue is not a movie. And I kind of felt like I had been duped yet now I know that I will not waste my time joining in any more conversations with or even caring what this person has to say. There may be an explanation or a good excuse for her doing this but all I know is we really do enter into this on-line experience with a lot of blind faith and when your eyes are opened every now and then---by deceptive peops and fabricators--- it makes you realize that there are many more productive things you could be doing in your spare time LOL! But no.....instead I shall keep dredging along with my baloney detector in my pocket :)

Happy surfing and hope ya'll are having a great weekend :)!

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