Monday, October 3, 2011

Some Of The Things I Scored In Solvang

I posted a few weeks ago about our little trip to Solvang ,Ca.  and I wanted to share a few of the things that I bought there.  It is a good thing we don't live closer to that little town because I know I would be buying waaaaay tooooo much stuff that I don't need! LOL!
                                                             Queen of Hearts Decanter

                                                        "Talk to the hand" porcelain hand 
                           Little vase that I haven't researched to find out what it actually says yet :)

My "Joan Ruth" photo and this is absolutely my favorite!  It was only $8 and I think it was a steal!  The only thing I could find out about her on a google is that she made her operatic debut in "Carmen" in Nov. 1924 at the Metropolitan Opera House.  The work it took me to end up with this picture was pretty funny.  I was walking around the store and I saw a lady holding the pic and then she sat it down but just kept standing there.  I was telling myself "Ooooh I really want that picture... I hope she walks away!". So I was just kind of mingling in the background and looking at other things while keeping one eye on her and the pic and I told hubby what was going on.  All of a sudden I see her walking out the front door and the picture wasn't anywhere near and she hadn't went to the check-out counter.  So I was thinking "OMG..the biscchhh just stole my picture!"  I run and tell my hubby and he says "No, she handed it to her husband over there". So a bit later my  husband comes up to me with the pic and says "Do you still want this?"  He said the guy laid it down and walked away so he grabbed it ! :)  The photo is stuck to the glass in the bottom corner so the condition is not all that great...but I love the pose and now have to find a spot on one of my walls for her to shine!  Dearest Joan was a bit of work nabbing you..but hubby and I were quite the team that day LOL!

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