Thursday, July 19, 2012

Blue Lunulae and Marie at nearly 57 musings as a post note to my not being concerned about a certain person anymore.....
We still exist in some of the same places so it is really quite difficult NOT to cross each others' paths :)
seriously....after seeing the real pics of her hands....the 'blue lunulae’ and really swollen looking finger
features that I could only assume were a sign of obesity or lack of oxygen....I mean even tho the pics
look obviously touched up....the blue lunulae is still so obvious.....I was just like telling myself..
" now we are finally seeing the real person???"....And honestly...I started getting to like her
even though I came from a place of not ever thinking I would ever be able to say that :)  And I
also want to give her some props here even though she has often stated that she doesn't read anything
I write
.....she has finally started showing some newer images of herself...and IMO  she really looks more
beautiful in them than the false images that she thought she had to portray...
we do not have to be or look young to be hip...or looked up to..and I think she may have
finally realized that....I can only speculate on that as it looks as tho she is now more comfortable in her own skin......
I myself am dealing with medical issues that have contributed to the fact that I am not the same
"Hottie" that I was even 3 years ago but hey--that's just what happens when we pass the age of 50....! LOL!
but I know that my own self esteem value now in myself  is not for the way I once
....but for all of the wonderful things that I can still offer....if I live to be 80 and people in my life still
think I am "cool" and there are still a few friends left to help me remember the crazy thing so far that I call
my's all good:)

And honestly..I have called the person out a few times after she said some things about me...but am
seriously happy to see that she is now more comfortable in her own true skin.  We will never be friends
but I truly wish her the best :)

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