Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Presto Peace OOAK Statement Necklace Zibbet Trash To Treasure Challenge

Zibbet is having a summer trash to treasure challenge going on....here is what I made for the challenge.....hope you'll go and check it out!  I love seeing all of the entries in these challenges :)!

------------------------------------------------------ Presto Peace OOAK Statement Necklace Zibbet Trash To Treasure Challenge


My inspiration for this necklace was the yellow "peace" piece. It was on an empty tea can that I had been unable to simply throw in the trash...and thus it has been sitting on one of my craft shelves for a few months :). Yesterday I cut out the image and soldered it up a bit. Then I added some glitter and a bit of resin to the front surface. On the back I then decoupaged a piece of floral fabric from a recycled tee shirt. I added a vintage 3 cent stamp and a cut out from a Priority mail cardboard box that was sitting on the table. I also added an image from a vintage 1956 magazine of women working in the assembly plant @ Douglas California depicting what became known as "Rosie the riveters". The words about "Man's new way of life" also came from this 1956 Life magazine.
Next I cut out another piece of the iced tea can and added some hand dried flowers from my garden. I also added two vintage stamps and one of them came off of an air mail envelope that was sent from a soldier to the U.S. from Vietnam 1968...and the postmark attached is from this envelope. I also added a vintage cigar label depicting a soldier out there somewhere. Then I twisted up the foil packages from two of my packs of "Wrigleys" Doublemint gum ..and made a border as well as a few paper rosettes. I then glued some rhinestones on top from an old 1950's vintage broken necklace and then added some resin to seal the piece.
I then made a charm out of an old "Presto" key....and thus...the phrase "Presto Peace". LOL! If only it was that easy :)
I happen to love Converse tennies and bought a new pair yesterday....and the card board tag with the word "one star" seemed like it belonged on the piece I was creating because you must be a star in order to keep the peace some days LOL! I also added a star that I punched out from the tin can and poured more resin on this piece.
Next I created a piece using a sea fossil and some old vintage buttons and a vintage bead and some wire. I myself happen to find the greatest peace these days when I am at the ocean and also when digging thru things like an old can of buttons....so I had to add a bit of my own "peace" to the piece LOL!
I then opened up a drawer of my old vintage ink pens and made some links and charms from the springs inside of some of the "broken " pens and also the metal tubular pieces that are on the old pens where they screw together. On these pieces I added old beads and buttons and new wire.
Next I made some paper beads out of a "Carls Jr." fast food flyer because the "STAR" is their logo..(and it happened to be hanging on the fridge LOL ) I also added some vintage beads from broken necklaces to these paper beads.
I then hammered out a "Peace sign" and wire wrapped it onto a vintage beaded charm dangler and added this to a couple of other vintage charm danglers.
Next came a very old "milk tab" from inside of a bottle of milk back in the day when the milk man used to deliver to your door step. I thought that the word "Cream" was very fitting because the creams of the crop seem to indeed be the peace keepers in most given situations :) I added some vintage buttons and resin and then finally....
I attached the pieces to a vintage piece of gold tone chain.
This one of a kind statement necklace is 24" long and please keep in mind that all of the ephemera pieces on this necklace are original pieces...they are not photocopied images....
I had a lot of fun creating this necklace inspired by an empty ice tea can that I thought was simply too gosh darn cool to throw away in the trash can :)
I wish you peace wherever you may be...and I thank you for looking :)

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