Sunday, December 30, 2012

Gamma still found Disneyland here in Bako LOL!

Okay....first of all....I realize right now how grateful I am that my grand baby Chloe and my step grand baby Lexie have such a wonderful "other grandma"  in their life.   It's good does it feel to know that someone is doing such a great job loving and caring for those in your life that you love so much?
I still work full time at this point in my life....and my daughter in law has a wonderful mom who watches these babies most of the time when Sarah and Kev are at work...and Julie does such a great job of loving these girls and taking care of them !   They are both so smart and so loving and so sweet!  And I can't say enough of how I know that Grandma Julie has played a big part in this :)
Anyhooo....we picked up Chloe at Gamma Julies' house..after work last Sat....after Kev and Sarah took Lexie to Disneyland for the weekend in celebration of her 6th birthday.....
and here are a few pics of my fun weekend.....

 Every time I see these little girls smile or hear them heart's like I have finally gotten to the point in my life of knowing that days like these are the reason we are here LOL!

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