Friday, March 28, 2014

A Few thoughts About Andrew's Reply On The Zibbet Disappointed thread

I've been hearing a few discussions regarding what Andrew had to say about the disappointment on that "Disappointed" thread.  And here's my take on the deal.
First of all..... and let's just make this one simple.....
 because to quote a quote from one of his threads 
 I do recall him saying something like "It's That Simple".  
Okay when a statement like this is made....

Zibbet, unlike some other online marketplaces, has not been funded by millions of dollars, making it easy to build a huge engineering team. No, Zibbet has been built from basically nothing, with a very small team that works extremely hard.

I do believe that many people get that..... the investors did not invest....something happened during that momentum phase where Zibbet did have lot's of attention and should have been able to Capitalize on some sort of funding--( as a matter of fact there was one article that many referred to at the time where you were talking about your Angel Investors)....
but it seems as though the potential investors weren't impressed with what they saw....or maybe they are like everyone else out here..... still waiting for the elusive rebuild that is still just right around the corner.
But consider this for just a minute.....
how long would it actually take for ya'll to change that Gawd-awful template on the front page where despite current odds..."hopefully" potential new buyers might land?.... You know---the one that looks so outdated at the top? simple would it be to simply pretty that up for starters? (Seriously...isn't it time for that gal in the 80's striped shirt to retire?)   Does it really take a big team of experts or millions of dollars to simply do something that simple? ( Change a couple of your pics at the top of the page?)  One who has been there for any amount of time might begin to wonder just how hard is it to do some of the simple things that just keep getting pushed on the back burner.  
To simply state that you are fiercely trying every day to improve while at the same time no one can see whatever it is that ya'll are fiercely doing.... simply makes even the most die-hard believers start to question 
Not---- "What is REALLY going on?"
but instead "What is REALLY NOT going on?"
Forgive me for stating that so simply.

Next the statement that said this 
To those who have criticised constructively (large majority), thank you. We listen to what you say, and we want you to keep on talking to us about your needs.

A lot of people are evidently learning that they are wasting time talking about it....... lot's of talk and no apparent action on the head honcho end. And here's the simple bottom line on that one..... the Premium sellers actually have very simple needs.... to list things and work hard on a venue where they can actually sell things and make a profit for their time spent there.  Their job is not to keep promoting a venue and selling those yearly Premiums for you.  Your job Andrew and Co. is to make it worthwhile for your members to keep promoting your venue so that you can sell more of those Premium accounts.  Simply wanting to be something does not make it happen.... I know that I have witnessed a lot of sellers on that venue who have indeed worked very hard just like you stated ya'll are doing..... but let's face it---the site is getting more like a ghost town with tumble weeds rolling around.

This following statement is really the one that caught my attention and inspired me to comment here.....

To those who have criticised destructively (small minority), thank you also. Your opposition and disbelief in our ability to deliver has become like a red rag, and drives us to prove you wrong.

now to me....this is a bit of BS in my book at least. (And if he was a female I might think maybe he was evidently on the rag when he sounded so childish and pouty with this statement ) Why would what Andrew calls a "small minority" indeed be the driving force to prove the "small minority" wrong?  
To me the driving force should have been there from the get go... to make the site the best that it can be.  Sad to see that this type of "CEO think from the top"......a "small minority"  is what get's them truly motivated. ???? hmnnnnn...
Well.... I guess all I can say about that one is that if a "so called" few naysayers is in fact the thing that finally has gotten ya'll to actually do something instead of just talking about what's gonna happen one of these days.....

I'd say Cheers to red rags 
and many sellers on Zibbet out there should be thanking those RED RAGS  as well if this is what has finally put Zibbet in some sort of forward drive mode.
Instead of trying to prove someone else wrong.... wouldn't the first step in the right direction be to simply prove yourself right? I mean it really is that simple.  One would think so at least.

Actions do speak louder than words though don't they?


  1. Someone sent me a link to that juvenile comment. What a scary business model. Basically, "I only work when you bitch.. Just to prove you wrong!" This is a perfect example of why Zibbet doesn't work and will never work. The owners are killing it.

  2. are killing it ? or already did is what some might be wondering... :D
    and totally agree on the juvenile high jinks.....they simply do not know how to deal with any one who does not constantly tell them how fab they are....
    yes they get their feelings hurt but come on...if you are really now in a fierce at all can just do it Zibbet head honchos...
    put on some CEO big panties and deal with it in a big business like manner if you ever plan on doing big business there ---EVER
    might be a big step forward.