Monday, March 24, 2014

They Miss Her Spark and others only wish they had a spark to speak of

So there is currently a thread going on @ Zibbet

A lot of good conversation and a lot of bad conversation especially from the one posting her personal opinion about someone (and yes we all have opinions and many out here in "craft/hand made land" also have opinions about some of those Artfire Mavens as well)
.... but I don't think many have been so boldly bitchy as to call out someone who is not there any more to answer to whatever "allegations" one chooses to make.

To me and many others reading this..... certainly a bad reflection upon the one posting their own quote "I've always liked her but" kind of views.

What is left of the Zibbet forums these days seems to be many who were Zupporters waking up and realizing that until the promises made when they kicked in their yearly fees are indeed met that they are tired of simply donating more time there.
And no amount of picture taking or retaking or rephrasing or re-marketing will ever work until Zibbet itself fixes what is clearly wrong from ground ZERO.  Picture clarity and visibility immediately gets downgraded once you upload your pics to the venue.... it has been well noted and proven that a sellers' images do show and load much more clearer on the other selling sites for instance and for one of the CEO's to now come into the "DISAPPOINTED" thread and tell others that the main thing they need to work on is their images and photos was just another WOW JUST WOW moment for me today......
as most who have been there for a long time were clearly hoping that Zibbet would address the problem first and foremost that already good images were immediately looking worse and waaay more fuzzy when they were loaded onto the Zibbet selling venue
so for the CEO to recently say to peeps who are complaining about no traffic and little to no sales on the venue....the CEO says something to the effect of "WORK ON YOUR IMAGES" ..... is almost laughable if it wasn't indeed so sad.
To look at all of the hours and time and yes $ that so many sellers have invested into that venue with hopes and convictions that this is where they do indeed belong.....
and I know how you feel
I have been there and done all of that.
And to see that they mute people at whim and yet let others make BS statements about members who are no longer in the forums is very telling of what the site has now become
and why so many are waking up and realizing that they no longer believe in the Zibbet difference.

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