Sunday, March 2, 2014

Zibbet Community... the gift that keeps on giving

I don't quite know what to say here....yah sometimes silence is indeed Golden
truly understandable
and I don't desire to keep on bagging on my fellow on-line-sellers
but some of ya'll in that Community are like this never ending story.
Why keep on hating and exclusionary kind of being yourselves  and all of that kind of stuff?
Is it a C3 kind of thing or what?
Still trying to figure that one out.....
Some of ya'll are just still being so good at being you over there.
And even that certain  CEO who has gone into "hiding"?
people all over the place are still talking about the  G poohbahs' actions and words in that "hidey retreat hole".
key phrase hash tagged #Zibbet cached
wake up and smell some nice coffee
or try not to be nasty and not so nice
or something
let's move forward and really make some sort of a difference?

"One person can make a difference and every person should try." 
--John Fitzgerald Kennedy
#makeadifference #teamzibbet #thezibbetdifference #zibbet

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