Monday, March 17, 2014

Cat Lady Decoupage Table and Nugget in the Sunday Shade

Yesterday we went to the Antique Mall to tidy things up a bit and take a few more pieces.  I tend to cringe before entering my little spot waiting to see if anything is broken.  This trip the only damage  was the glass in an altered picture frame. I don't understand how parents let their children run around unattended in Antique Stores or any store for that matter....would tar and feathering be out of the question here? LOL!  
Seriously though even at the furniture store I can't begin to count the times when parents walk in and their kids are eating ice cream cones or the dreaded Cheetos. Can you imagine how much damage those orange fingers can do to for instance a cream colored sofa? Even the signs on the doors with "No Food Or Drinks Allowed" does not seem to deter some of them. I would imagine if I ever showed up knocking on the front door of their house with a butt load of chocolate covered ice cream cones and a party size bag of Cheetos and said "Hey let's have a party on your sofa!" ... it might be a different story indeed. :=)
So I finally finished up the Cat Lady decoupage table that I had started on a couple of months ago.  It just didn't seem to be going in the direction that I was happy with so it just sat there on the back patio and yesterday morning I decided to simply finish it and move it on out.  I added some gold glitter wash to the final surface and it does have a nice little glow when it catches the sun light.... not sure if the pics show the glow though..

I also finished this little embellished chalk painted mirror

When we got home the weather was so nice that I spent most of the rest of the day out in the front yard pulling weeds and planting seeds. I love to relax out in my little garden/front yard.  Nugget had the right idea though...he found him a nice little spot in the shade and was just chillaxin' in the breeze....

I could learn a lot from our dogs.  Sometimes I do wonder what the heck are they thinking when they pester and won't leave me alone.  Water? check----food? check-----scratched your belly for the umpteenth time? check. Instead of the Dog Whisperer sometimes I think a dog psychic would come in handy.  Wouldn't that make a nice reality show?  I can picture it now.... 
"Hey lady he's trying to tell you that Doggy Biscuits give him a bad case of GAS." 

Hope you are having a Fab St. Patty's Day and that ya'll have a wonderful week!

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