Wednesday, October 1, 2014

More Lessons from Chloe and mind over matter kind of things

Had the little munchkin for a couple of days and of course Chloe was in her element as usual. This week her fave new saying was "That kind of creeps me out!"  Gamma has lots of dolls and things with eyeballs all over the place and I kept telling Chloe that they were just pretend and she was letting me know that her mind was saying something to her brain about maybe these things were really looking at her. I figured that one of the bigger kids had taught her the new "creeps me out" concept but then when we were watching cartoons later on~ a commercial break had a monster saying that he was creeped out :=)
When we woke up Sunday morning she told me that she had kind of had a bad dream. I said "Oh my goodness what was it about?"
and she told me "I was dreaming that I was falling into a bunch of strange holes here on the bed."  So I told her that I had had a wonderful dream about a beautiful garden with butterflies and fairies and two little adorable pixies. She then tells me that "Oh yah I had that dream too."  I said "I thought you had a sort of bad dream?"  So then she informs me that all you have to do is think real hard and your brain will change your bad dreams to good ones.
When we went to the Antique Mall she was not minding very well and really quite unusual for her when she is with me. Papa told her that he was gonna spank her butt if she didn't behave. So then I told Chloe that Papa must be pretty serious cuz we don't do no butt whippin' round here. She tells him "Papa I'm trying to be good...I'm just not in a good mood right now okay?" And of course Gamma is busting up laughing.
We were reading a book and her reading "routine" is that I read it then she reads it then we take turns reading the pages. (and then we start all over LOL) She gets to a page with a pic of the Eiffel Tower and says "And then the snail went to Paris." I ask her how she knew that the Eiffel Tower was in Paris (as Paris was not mentioned in the book) and she says "Gamma I have a brain between my ears that lets me learn things you know."
Then she lets me know that she saw a TV program at her house and that she learned about Paris there. :=)
Well one thing I learned at my house this weekend.....
all you have to do is to think real hard and you can change bad things into good ones. 
I think she nailed that one :=)
Hope ya'll are having a nice week so far!
October already.....wowzaa.

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