Sunday, October 5, 2014

WTF about the old "NEW" lifetime offer @Zibbet

Come on it all that hard to answer the few who are still there Zupporting you?
Key phrase....
  What about all the issues on the regular site? Where does fixing all of those bugs stand? Can we please have an update?

Permalink Reply by All Earrings and Supplies (Toni) 8 hours ago
I see by the ad banners in the shop that the lifetime deal is being offered again, and those who enrolled in it the first time already have access to their stand alones. What about all the issues on the regular site? Where does fixing all of those bugs stand? Can we please have an update?
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Permalink Reply by All Earrings and Supplies (Toni) 7 hours ago
Still an error with in shop search. The search box retains the previous search terms, and clicking on a new section just brings the same results back up again from the previous search. Requires a complete refresh of page to return to shop front.

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Permalink Reply by Mary Zadrozny 6 hours ago
I agree Toni. Thank you for saying this. Very disappointing to see resources and focus shift somewhere else before the regular site issues are fixed.

Permalink Reply by All Earrings and Supplies (Toni) 6 hours ago
Just edited an item on my shop front page by opening it in a new tab to do the edits. When I returned to the shop front page to double check the edits, it gave me the Whoops! screen again. This has been happening frequently since I need to correct all the back links in my listings since the relaunch made the old obsolete.
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Permalink Reply by Sweet2Spicy (Elsie) 6 hours ago
I believe Toni is expressing how a lot of us are feeling right now.

Permalink Reply by Denise McGuire 5 hours ago
The timing is impeccable. Today my shop downgraded to 'free' from 'premium'. This was when I, and many others who joined on to Zibbet last fall, paid for an annual subscription. Seeing the shift in focus from the Zibbet collective to stand-alones was not what I was hoping for. I believe it will take much longer to recoup the lost momentum (if that was ever possible) because things will feel even more disconnected. The forums not being part of the site is already an obstacle in being able to connect with other sellers here. There will need to be money and manpower to focus on the standalones and getting them up and running.
When they said the bugs would be worked out of Zibbet, I naturally assumed that would take priority. Clearly it has not. And for the premium sellers who are about to have expired memberships, with 10 free listings, no stats, 1 photo each...the cleaner, much better designed stand alone template would have possibly kept some people a bit longer. But no, instead that will roll out in January. Remember January of last year? Yeh, me too. That's when Zibbet's momentum really shifted in a not good direction.
I didn't think I'd feel so sad when my premium status expired. I said I would give it a solid year. I went an entire year with zero sales. None. I thought it might be slow for me, but never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have not even a single sale at the year's end. In that same time I had 481 orders on Etsy - not items - orders. I was clinging to the hope that there was, well, hope for me here. I would do things very differently, but it's not my ship to steer. All the best to everyone!

Permalink Reply by LMRPhotography (Lynne) 4 hours ago
Denise I understand how you feel.
I bought a lifetime many years ago so I will not leave but, my 2nd shop is a yearly and I have to think about whether I want to continue with it or not.
I think there are a lot of us wondering why the stand alone sites seem to be the main focus instead of the site itself.
Kind of makes me wonder why.

Permalink Reply by All Earrings and Supplies (Toni) 4 hours ago
I'm honestly not trying to stir up crap here, I'm not angry at all, but I think this a very fair question to ask. Aside from the actual 'bug' issues that still exist here, so many of the things that you don't consider bugs, but usability issues, are costing me and others a ton of work. It really needs to be more reasonably usable, it's not hard stuff to fix either, pretty standard. It's sort of like if I insisted my customers go through the checkout one item at a time, having to go back and forth, paying individually for each item they want. That's how much work this is turning out to be for me. I can't possibly be the only one, even of those who participate here in the forum, let alone sitewide.
We've been told no one has to use the stand alones, so it's not like the shop site is going away and doesn't need to be fixed, and we're more than two months out from relaunch and almost everyone has been patient and supportive through the entire process, honestly the least complaining of any systems launch I've ever seen on any of these sites. Lots of really good things came out of the relaunch, even though some unanticipated things like the back link and very important search issues that are still ongoing, along with others.
I realize it isn't easy without major injections of investor capital, but I'd really like to believe you'd like to prove Zibbet is better than this, that you are concerned about the things your customers are still struggling with, and do the right thing by everyone. Not to mention we are still paying customers.
I am asking you politely to please finish the relaunch for the rest of us. Please?

Permalink Reply by Renate Simone 4 hours ago

Toni, this is exactly how I feel. I am really happy you brought the issue up and am really looking forward to hearing something from Jonathan beyond the usual as soon as we can line. I haven't said anything up until now because I decided to wait and give them a chance to fix all the bugs. But it looks like they aren't even working in that direction. The stand-alone sites should have been a totally different team leaving the original developers to fix their bugs. There is no way I am going to try to drive traffic to my Zibbet shop when everything on that page works against keeping customers in my shop. Fixing the white space issues and putting a link back to our shop front in a prominent place on item pages is not rocket science. Those things are necessary and should have been done long ago. Search should never have been released as it. As a Z customer with 2 premium shops, I feel totally neglected and unappreciated. My 2 premium shops still run till after the holidays, but I've pretty much lost faith.

Permalink Reply by Sweet2Spicy (Elsie) 3 hours ago
I'm not angry either. Just disappointed and really puzzled as to what is going on with Zibbet. I had so much faith in Andrew and Jonathan's goal of "building the best handmade site on the web". It really doesn't seem like it's going in that direction and that makes me sad - especially after I recently spent $300 on a bronze lifetime membership. I bought this membership in good faith believing that Zibbet would shortly be restored to a properly functioning site. Now I'm worried that this may not happen - and that this new Zibbet is what we have to live with.

Permalink Reply by All Earrings and Supplies (Toni) 2 hours ago
Oh, I do hope not. :0'
I'm left to surmise that there is no money, hence the new offer for the lifetime deal. And I think there are only a couple of programmers so not enough people to work on both. It always makes me hesitant to give someone more money when they haven't delivered on their initial promises, as it should anyone. That's not mean or angry, that's just plain common business sense. I wish it were different. :shrug:

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