Wednesday, January 7, 2015

About the Zibbet still closed forums

Yes...many of us have moved on...and have left a lot of time sucked wasted promoting energy behind us. Many however do have Zibbet to thank for bringing so many of us together in conversations and long lasting friendships that never would have happened had it not been for the failures up to this point of CEO's Jono and Andy.
When the forums were became quite evident that the Ning venue that the Zibbet community is hosted on actually had a much more likelihood of postings being crawled by Google. I used to tell members that posting their images in the Ning community gave them much more likelihood of being noticed on-line.
Myself---no SEO expert....just knew that postings in the Zibbet Ning Community showed up when googling....and yet items from shop members that had been shared and tweeted over and over were not showing up. There was something posted about the way the shop listings in the links showed up and why they were not being crawled. Back then I was darned determined that a pretty large group of us could promote share and get Zibbet on the map.
I didn't have a crap load of sales for all the time spent listing and promoting...but considering that I did not have an on-line built in customer base and sold something like 200 plus items....I did a heck of a lot of sharing and getting my items shared----but big difference--- Zibbet had an open Community.
well people all have different sides of the story...but my opinion is that Pastor Andy pretty much reeked havoc in that community and stirred up a lot of problems behind the scenes in his little hidey holes....and jono knew what was going on but he was off doing another start up at his new day job and didn't have time to pay attention is all I can figure. flash forward to 2015 when the few die hards in the community are simply asking that the forums be made public again---they have pretty much come to the realization that their efforts are for naught so to speak unless they can get crawled from the Ning hosting site.
Jono busts in and says this----
Permalink Reply by Jonathan Peacock (Zibbet's CEO) yesterday
Hi all,

I understand the desire to make the forums public again. Unfortunately at this point in time, we aren't able to honor this request. As many of you know, the forums became uncontrollable and brought a lot of negativity to our members and our team a while back. We simply don't have the resources to dedicate the time needed to cultivate and manage an open forum community. 

We see the benefit of it and look forward to be able to do this in the future. 

We're sorry to disappoint.

well here's my 2015 2 cents to add to yer statement Jono---
1st of all........IMO the forums became uncontrollable because the site is very poorly managed...and Andy had too big of an ego to just relax and let it be a real forum of people discussing ideas and all----
being that he is a pastor and having everyone agree with him most of the time "Oh yes Pastor Andy" kind of deal---I can see now where he might have had an inflated ego and uber control type of issues....and just because your religion is in the business of "planting" really doesn't have to carry over into your need to fertilize and "cultivate" a forum----but the social monitoring that ya'll did outside of that community before you closed it down---went waaaaaaaaaaaay beyond what was natural for any type of selling venue. Ya'll were like control freaks on Acid or something...I mean really..what good for your overall community did you expect to come from your actions?
You had crap loads of time to dedicate to monitoring your sellers actions outside of that little community....but now-------
No time to let them have an open forum.
Your downfall then..was trying to control too many things.
Your downfall is still that you are very nice people as long as people are kissing your arse and telling you just how fabulous you are.
reality C-H-E-C-K--....grow up---
let the community be a community.
You don't have to control everything.
The only thing you controlled when you muted booted lied about sellers and members of your community---
is that Zibbet lost the momentum that was building.
You killed it.
Jono and Andy----
don't be sorry to disappoint-------
crimeny---ya'll own that badge a thousand times over already don't cha?
wink wink.
Your die hard natives are getting restless---
and the fact that you do nothing about it---
might mean that ya'll have already moved on and just raking in whatever $ is still tinkering in without any effort on your part.
You still owe those sellers who have stuck beside you all this time some sort of effort to help them make money.
They won't keep promoting forever and ever with no real views or sales to compensate them for their efforts.

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