Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hooray Sunshine today in some stuff ready for Rose Bowl Pasedena next week!

Nice to have a bit of sunshine today....hands were warm enough outside to actually do something for an extended period of time LOL!
Hubby and I were getting some stuff ready for the Rosebowl Pasadena Swap next week....
here's a couple of old tables I found a few months ago that just needed some sanding and a little TLC...
I love the lion head knob on the side table stand!

Here's a table we covered with a tarp but it got wet with the recent heavy rains....has a real marble top but is made of pressed wood mixed with real wood on top...and the bottom was jacked up pretty badly after getting wet...the easiest fix I could think of was a layer of glazes on top of chalk paint and I think the piece will survive for a few more years :)
here's an old pic that had a faded brown plastic frame....
while I had out the cream chalk paint I added a quick layer to the plastic to give it a fresh new look.
Am working on another dining set....hope to finish it up tomorrow if the weather permits.
Will get some more pics up.
Cheers to a productive 2015 ya'll
refurbish refab piece at a time :=)

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